What is Instagram Collection? 

After adding the bookmark feature in the Instagram app, now the collection feature has also been added to this app, through which you can categorize and save photos.  It was in late 2016 that Instagram introduced bookmark ability. With this feature, users can save desired post in their home feed by selecting the bookmark button below each post. Instagram stores the desired post in your account, which means that the desired photo is not stored in your device gallery. In this case, if the post publisher’s account deletes it, you will no longer have the image.


Now a new way to categorize saved photos has been added to this feature, and users can save saved posts in a folder or Instagram collection. Users can create as many of these collections as they want.

instagram languageInstagram collection is not only a feature for storing your posts, but it can also allow you to categorize saved posts. Instagram Collection is a bookmark tool that works similarly to the Pinterest version. With the right category, Instagram Collection, in addition to keeping posts, makes it easier for you to access and search for these posts.

It should be noted that to use this feature, you must update your Instagram app. Of course, this feature is not available in the new version change log, but since it is supposed to be provided to all users over time, it has been officially announced.

Are you ready to build your first Instagram collection? In this article you will learn how to make these collections and use them well.

How to Create and Use Instagram Collection

There are two different ways to create an Instagram collection.

Method 1: to create new collection 

  1. Enter your Instagram profile and tap the three small lines at the top of the page menu
  2. Enter the Saved section.
  3. In this section you can see all the posts that you have saved.

Instagram Collection

You can create a new collection by:

  1. Tapping the + sign at the top right of the page
  2. In the next section, you will enter the page of all your saved posts
  3. In this section, you can move any post you want to the mentioned collection
  4. Finally, tap Done.


Add a post to the collection

Method 2: When saving a post, instead of clicking on the bookmark mark and save the post:

  1. Hold on to bookmark sign to open your collection list
  2. In this section, by clicking on the + sign, you can create a new collection
  3. write suitable name
  4. Congratulation! You make a new collection

Instagram-Collection 4

Try to choose the name of your collections in such a way that you can categorize the posts related to each collection correctly. It is very efficient to use general categories for this category. You can set your category by date or any other category that is in line with your Instagram page management policy can be suitable for this.

NOte iconNOTE! Saved posts are displayed in the All tab even after being sorted into a collection. A post can also be saved in multiple collections. As we said before, if a user deletes his post, this post will be deleted from your saved posts and collections as well. It is currently not possible to search among the saved posts of a collection or to search all collections.


According to Instagram statistics, more than 46% of users have used the ability to save posts so far, although it is not clear how many of them accidentally or casually touched the bookmark button at the bottom of photos and videos. However, if you are also interested in collecting content and creating collections, it is better to update your Instagram application to the latest version.

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