What is Influencer Marketing & Its Importance for Online Businesses?

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Social media platforms are an essential part of media, and their users discuss a variety of topics.

Social media influences people’s decision-making process, and this fact can be observed in online business. If you intend to purchase a product, you first seek the reviews of that product on various websites.

Apart from that, the opinions of friends, acquaintances & people who have used that particular product are valuable to you.

Social media has also grown & expanded in recent years, influencing users’ decisions.

Many users comment on & review a product after having used it. Other users also look through their feedback & make their final decision to purchase that product based on the data.

This is because there is more trust in actual users than in sellers; because real users honestly tell other users about the benefits & disadvantages of that particular product.

These issues have led to the introduction of a new Internet marketing field called Influencer Marketing!

In this article, we intend to take a comprehensive look at Influencer Marketing & its importance for online business.

The first step towards becoming familiar with Influencer Marketing is becoming familiar with the concept of an Influencer, which means you must know who Influencers are & what they do!

Follow along as we discuss the case.

Who is an Influencer?

If you are active on social networks such as Instagram, you must have come across pages with many followers.

This high popularity is that the owner of the page either shares valuable or entertaining content for the audience.

People who post helpful or fun content on social media and have many followers are called Influencers, which means people who influence others.

influencer marketing

One of these people is Brent Rivera with 18.6 MILLION FOLLOWERS, who is very famous and probably saw some of his posts on Instagram, This person has been able to be on the list of the most popular people on Instagram by producing entertaining videos.


Your Instagram following list also includes people or pages that you follow because of their Posts.

Some may be actors or singers, yet others are on your following list because of their entertaining Posts.

Now that you are familiar with the concept of an Influencer, we will follow the concept of Influencer Marketing & its impact on your business so that you can become familiar with its significant effect on your business.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a great approach to achieve this objective if you have a product, service, or even an Instagram page that you want to introduce to users.

You can submit your product or service to the audience of that page & increase the number of your audience based on the amount of trust they have for that page using Influencer Marketing.

The more real audience there is on that page, the more the number of your audience will grow; however, bear in mind that the more famous your Influencer is & the more followers they have, the more expensive the Influencer Marketing procedure will be.

Search Results Web results CARISSA SMART (@designbyaikonik)

The concept of Influencer Marketing has not been on the Digital Marketing list for long, but even in this short-term presence, it has been able to satisfy many users. In order to become more familiar with this concept & use this method to greatly enhance your business, you need to be familiar with the various types of Influencers; below are some types of Influencers so that you can pick one of the types of Influencers according to your business type.

The Various Types of Influencers on Social Media Such as Instagram

instagram-grow-iconThere are many different types of Influencer in the world, and each has become famous in a different way.

Being popular on social media is characterized by one key factor, which is the number of followers on that page.

The higher the number of followers of an Influencer, the more famous that person is, and of course the more difficult it is to communicate with that person!

In this section, we are intending on assessing the various types of Influencers.

  1. Celebrities & Famous People

Perhaps the largest community of Influencers can be attributed to celebrities; celebrities are well-known people who have become famous through other channels such as media, cinema, music, etc.

In other words, actors, etc. are called celebrities. These people have the greatest amount of impact on their audience, & if you can use them for Influencer Marketing, your business will attract a large audience.

Of course, there are two very important & fundamental issues regarding this case:


  • The high cost of Influencer Marketing is based on the number of followers; such people have more than a few million followers, & your advertising is directed at a large number of them. Although you will have access to a very large audience with this method, the cost of advertising on such a page is sometimes not affordable for some businesses.
  • Some celebrities do not accept advertisements; some of these Influencers do not believe in such procedures & you can’t find any advertisements on their page! It is true that they can achieve a great deal of income through this, but they always respect their followers & never share advertisements on their page.

The social media pages of people such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian on Instagram have the highest number of followers, respectively, and this shows that these pages have the most amount of impact on Influencer Marketing.

  1. Virtually Popular People!

If you are active on Instagram, you must have heard of such people by now!

They are people who have increased the number of their followers through media controversies, & many of them do not have the right kind of personality from the point of view of users.

Although they have a large number of followers & most of them accept advertisements, many of the followers of such people are usually inactive.

So placing advertisements on such pages is not very effective, but there are some pages that will be very effective if the advertising is done in accordance with the proper principles of Influencer Marketing.

All this depends on the nature of your business & the principles of Influencer Marketing, and it’s not possible to predict the amount of efficiency for all business types beforehand.

  1. People Who Are Active in the Field of Modeling

Modeling is one of the most popular fields for users on social media, and many people are active in this field.

Photography and Clothing are the two main factors in the success of such people, and the best option for Influencer Marketing advertising for photographers and clothing sellers are such people.


 In fact, such people wear high-quality & stylish clothes and publish high-quality photos of themselves, and there are many people who are interested in them.

One way for clothing sellers for Influencer Marketing is to give attractive & stylish clothes as gifts to these models, and they tag your page after posting a high-quality & attractive photo of themselves wearing the clothes on their page; this process will eventually lead to an increase in the number of your audience.

  1. Experts Who Are Active on Social Media

Experts & skilled people have a high status amongst users. The biggest impact of such people is on the audiences who are also active in the same field; such people are also the best choice in the field of Influencer Marketing for businesses that are active in that certain field.

One of the most important sectors in the world is startups, which have gained a great number of fans.

In the meantime, there are people who have gained a lot of fame & attracted the attention of many users.

Many programmers & owners of IT companies have become extremely popular online, and if you own a startup or an online business, such people are the best options for advertising & Influencer Marketing.

  1. Wealthy People

Rich people usually have a higher lifestyle, or in other words, more luxurious than other people, and we sometimes see their Posts on Instagram.

Many Instagram users follow such people to get to know the lifestyle of luxurious people.

Following such people by users has turned them into Influencers & this is one of the options for advertising & Influencer Marketing.

Of course, these people may not need the money they can make through advertising, & placing advertisements on their page can be a bit difficult.

If you need to advertise on the pages of rich people, contact them so that you may be able to publish your ads on their page.

Kylie Jenner

If you are intending on using Influencer Marketing, you need to first become familiar with the types of Influencers on social networks such as Instagram and then launch your advertising campaign depending on your product, service, or page.

3 Important Points Regarding Enhanced Influencer Marketing

Although Influencer Marketing is one of the most useful & effective ways to increase the number of audiences & customers for different businesses, you must be aware that if not implemented properly, Influencer Marketing will cause many problems for your brand.

Here are three key points that you must follow:

  • Use local influencers for local businesses; using Influencers who only have a large number of followers but do NOT live in your local businesses area has a low conversion rate. If you are intending on using an Influencer Marketing approach for advertising a local store, you should select a person who lives in that city or place & has a good reputation amongst social media users, especially Instagram; for instance, in Influencer Marketing for a store in London, using Influencers who live in San Francisco will NOT be of much use. This is exactly like trying to show ads for an advertising campaign to 10 million people in your country only to be seen by 10 thousand people in a certain city which is a total waste! Instead of doing so, you can select influencers who live in that certain city and thus, greatly enhance your Conversion Rate.
  • Influencers’ negative opinions are just as effective as their positive ones; when an influencer slanders your business for any reason & gives a negative opinion, users will acquire a negative view regarding your business. Negative user feedback means that your business brand is in question, and if you can’t find a solution for the problem, it will definitely cause many problems for you in the near future.
  • Analyze Influencer Marketing campaigns! The most important reason behind the significance & popularity of online space is the existence of data. In fact, it is the very same data that helps to run the next advertising campaign & develop the right strategies and you should be able to analyze the data related to your Influencer Marketing campaign. Many commercial or free tools can help you achieve this aim; the simplest of which is the Instagram Insights Tool that provides you with useful & valuable information.


By following the 3 tips mentioned above, you can optimize Influencer Marketing Campaigns with ease and make full use of their effect on your business.

How to Publish Your Product Advertisements on Influencers’ Pages?

Publishing your product or service advertisement can be done in various ways; the most important of which are:

influencer marketing

  • Sending Gifts to Influencers: One of the best ways for having an influence promote a product is to send one of your best products as a gift to that person. If the Influencer is happy with your product, he or she may introduce the product to his or her audience as well!
    Of course, bear in mind that an Influencer won’t necessarily advertise your product, and if he or she has a large audience, they may only be willing to advertise your product or service through a Post or a Story at a cost.
  • Paying an Influencer: High-profile pages usually have an active advertising section, and if you want to introduce your product or service, you can have it published as a Post or Story by the Influencer in which they will introduce your product or service in exchange for money.
    Each page has a different advertising cost depending on the number of active users; if you have a newly established business, use Influencers with fewer audiences at the beginning of your Influencer Marketing strategy.
    Note that if your advertising campaign is carried out properly, Influencers with a smaller audience may have a much greater impact than more popular Influencers; the most important reason behind this is the relevance of the selected Influencer’s background with your field of business and the popularity of that page amongst his or her audience.
  • The Presence of an Influencer for Holding a Contest: One way that has been very successful in recent Influencer Marketing campaigns has been to have several Influencers present together.
    You can gather a number of Influencers in your business field & make a great video of them; then ask them to publish the video on their page and introduce your page in exchange for products, services, or money.
    This will make the advertising side of the content published by Influencers less noticeable to users & brings about a higher Conversion Rate for your campaign.

There are of course other methods but we have only focused on the most important ones; for instance, if your friend is an Influencer, you can ask them to introduce your business on their page.


The use of Influencer Marketing to introduce businesses is one of the most common methods that bring about a high Conversion Rate.

This method is usually convenient for all businesses regarding their budget; for instance, if you own a small business, you can use Influencers with fewer audiences, or if you run a larger business, you can use popular Influencers such as celebrities.

Do you use Influencer Marketing for your business?

If you have any questions regarding this case, ask us in the comments section & we will answer them.

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