Using Instagram Hashtags Correctly in Order to Increase Views

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The most important thing that Instagram profile page administrators probably pay attention to is the number of post views!

The more a post is viewed by users and followers, the more users will interact with it and higher interaction means that page followers are satisfied and happy with the posts.

There are various ways to increase the number of post views, some of which will cost you money while others are completely free.

Instagram Hashtags are one of the most important features of this social network and using them will allow you to increase the number of times your posts are viewed!

If you use the Instagram Analysis tool, part of that analysis is related to the user inbound traffic through hashtags, and if you use hashtags correctly, your posts’ inbound traffic will greatly increase.

Using Instagram hashtags correctly means placing hashtags that get searched a lot on posts.

In this article, we intend to teach you how to properly use Instagram Hashtags so that you can multiply the number of times your posts are viewed.

If you agree, follow along as we assess the proper use of Instagram Hashtags.

How do Instagram Hashtags Help Increase the Number of  Views?

You might be wondering how Instagram hashtags help increase posts views! If you visit the search section of Instagram, you will find that a part of it is related to tag search and is named Tag.

If you enter the intended hashtag in this section, posts with that hashtag will be displayed.

Suppose that you enter the hashtag that’s included in one of your posts in this section and your post is displayed in the Top section; millions of users search for that hashtag and click on the posts in that section and enter the profile page for that post.

In this way, your post’s visibility to users will significantly increase, and the more views a post has, the more users interact with it.

If you want to make sure instead of assuming that your posts are available in this section, you must use Instagram hashtags properly.

Here’s how to correctly use Instagram Hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts to a great extent.

Find the Best Instagram Hashtag

Find the Best Possible Instagram Hashtag for Your Posts!

The first important thing to know is which Instagram hashtags are more popular on Instagram and which hashtags won’t help you much!

There may be hundreds of hashtags for each specific topic. You will notice this fact if you do a little search for a specific topic in the hashtag section.

Finding the right hashtags takes time and needs research, and the best way to find them is through the search section on Instagram!

Just search for the main keyword in your topic in the hashtag section for Instagram to show you various hashtags associated with it.

It’s interesting to know that under each hashtag, the number of posts related to it is shown, and this helps you find the most popular and outstanding hashtags; in fact, the more posts a hashtag has, the more popular that hashtag will be and of course, competition in that particular hashtag will be more difficult.

Assessing the Structure of a Suitable Hashtag for Instagram

The first step in choosing a proper hashtag is to identify the appropriate structure for it.

Instagram allows you to place up to 30 hashtags on each individual post, but there’s really no need to use this number of hashtags!

Because there is no competition for all the hashtags for your posts and you can only display your posts in a limited number of hashtags.

To use Instagram hashtags, choose the top 4 topics of your profile page and find the hashtags associated with them by searching in the hashtags search section.

By doing so, you can easily find 18 to 20 suitable hashtags for each of your posts and get views from all of them for your posts.

Generally, using Instagram Hashtags in posts has the features below:

instagram comment hashtag

  1. A) Use 5 to 7 popular and high-profile Hashtags for Each Post; the most popular and high-profile hashtags are hashtags that have from 100,000 to 500,000 posts associated with them.
    Also, keep in mind that hashtags that have more than 500,000 posts associated with them are very popular with users and using them is not recommended!
    Because multiple posts are uploaded every second that include these hashtags, and your post won’t be seen among the thousands of other posts.
  2. B) Identifying 5 to 7 High-Profile Hashtags that Have Low Competition! Some hashtags are very popular on Instagram, but competition in them is far less than in others.
    In fact, these hashtags have less than 100,000 posts associated with them and can easily be found among all other posts.
    Identify these hashtags so that you can get a higher number of viewers for your posts.
  3. C) Use 3 to 5 hashtags that are specific to your business area; each business follows a certain theme, and if its content strategy is right, you will need to generate relevant content.
    There are usually certain hashtags in specialized topics with a post count of less than 10,000!
    These hashtags will also help make your posts more visible to users.
  4. D) Use 1 to 3 Hashtags that are Specific to Your Profile Page; pages that are related to Internet Businesses usually have an exclusive hashtag!
    This will help you to show your posts to your business users & clients and only yours posts on your profile page will be associated with this hashtag.
    To create an exclusive hashtag, keep in mind to make sure that this hashtag has not been used by other users.
    In other words, search for the intended hashtag to make sure that there are no costs associated with it and the number of posts in this hashtag is zero.
    This helps a lot in branding your business and you can easily promote this hashtag among your users’ posts when you are holding an Instagram Competition.

The Advantage of Using Popular Hashtags on Instagram

When you use popular hashtags in your Instagram posts, your posts will appear in the hashtags section within only a few seconds.

Thus, users will see your post and when they interact with the post, Instagram notices that your content is popular with users, and this will increase your post’s ranking; a higher Instagram ranking means that your posts will be displayed in the Top section of those hashtags.

This will help you greatly increase the visibility of your posts and thus, increase your profile page interaction rate.

On the other hand, when your posts are displayed in the Top section, they will be visited over a long period of time, and according to Instagram algorithms, your content will be considered as popular content and your business sales will ultimately increase over time.

The Advantage of Using Exclusive Proprietary Hashtags Related to Your Business on Instagram

Using proprietary hashtags associated with your business helps you showcase your posts to users and followers searching for hashtags in that field.

Users usually cooperatemore with proprietary hashtags, and the more appropriately you can use proprietary hashtags, the more targeted your post viewers will increase.

Also, if user interaction is good, Instagram will display your post in the Top section and this will greatly increase the number of visits to your posts.

The higher your posts are compared to your competitors’ posts, the more views you will get for that post!

Because users tend to trust higher posts more and this is because higher posts are viewed sooner than other posts.

If you offer a product or service and your posts are higher than the posts of other competitors, you can easily do Instagram Marketing for your business products & services and greatly increase your sales rates.

Note that the first step to Instagram Marketing is to increase the visibility of posts so you can attract more users & followers.

If users like your post and that post are deemed useful for users, many other users will follow you, and this will be effective in increasing the overall interaction your Instagram profile page receives.

Related Hashtags to Your Business on Instagram

By producing content related to your services and products, you can target your attention on attracting users!

In fact, when users are following a proprietary hashtag, they need the products or services provided by the business that uses that hashtag.

So by increasing targeted visits to your profile page, you can help increase your business client base and ultimately increase the sales revenue from your services & products.

Getting the Best Results by Using Instagram Hashtags Properly

Instagram hashtags are highly efficient in increasing the number of views for posts but only if they’re used properly.

So far in this article, we have described the structure of Instagram hashtags and how to use them in the posts section.

We are now going to teach you how to use Instagram Hashtags correctly to get the best results regarding post views.

Now it is time for you to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts; the important thing is that all the hashtags used in a post should be relevant to that certain post in the first place and secondly, relevant to your Instagram profile page.

instagram Optimal Hashtag

An Optimal Hashtag Has One of the Following Features:

  • The hashtag used in a post must be closely relevant to that post. These hashtags are known as Content Hashtags.
  • The hashtag used in a post may not be relevant to that post, but it may be relevant to your page hashtag; these hashtags are known as Proprietary Hashtags and they help to attract users of your business who haven’t yet followed you a lot.
  • Business hashtags, which are considered to be the most important Instagram hashtags, are hashtags that greatly help increase your post’s visibility and you can easily and precisely target your target audience.
    For instance, suppose you want to attract users looking for a language course; just use Proprietary Hashtags related to it!
    If so, only users who need it will follow this hashtag, thus, users will be precisely targeted and will start following your profile page.
  • A Proprietary Business hashtag can also greatly help you! The proprietary hashtag for each individual business is completely different and if you follow the hashtag of a business, you’ll only see posts for that certain business.
    This hashtag is useful when users want to share your posts and use that hashtag so other users can have access to those hashtags in addition to you. Note that this hashtag is the most important hashtag for branding that, along with other hashtags, will greatly help develop and expand your business.

To help you better understand this issue, take a look at the following image which shows an Instagram post, and hashtags are well used for it. Various kinds of hashtags are used for this post and their analysis is as follows:

  1. A) The hashtags for the content of this post are as follows:

#bridetobe, #weddingceremony, #weddingflowers, #weddingbouquet

  1. B) The hashtags related to the field of business used in this post are as follows:

#weddingideas, #weddingphotography, #junebugweddings, #weddingphotographer, #instawedding

  1. C) Hashtags related to this type of post are as follows:

#ohioweddingphotographer, #ohioweddingphotography, #daytonweddingphotographer, #cincinnatiweddingphotographer, #columbusweddingphotographer

  1. D) The Proprietary Hashtag of this page also helps users find all of the posts that are shared on this page or other pages. It is:


To generate a proprietary hashtag for your profile page or business, you should keep in mind that this hashtag has not been used by other pages; in fact, when selecting it, the hashtag must include zero posts associated with it so that whatever is to be shared using this hashtag in the future will be related to your profile page.

Some users may want to share posts on your page, and in addition to tagging your page, they may want other users on your Instagram profile page to have access to that post via hashtags.

In this case, if your hashtag has been used by any other pages, your posts will be less frequently visited and viewed and this is very important for Instagram page administrators.

Instagram hashtag increase

Some Important Notes to Keep in Mind about Instagram Hashtags!

You must follow some tips in order to use your Instagram hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts. The tips in the previous section were great for optimally using hashtags, but there are some other tips that will also greatly help you!

These tips are:

  • Content hashtags in each post should be completely different from other posts!
  • Hashtags related to your field of business should be the same in all posts!
  • Hashtags related to a certain part of your business will greatly help to boost the targeted audience of your business!
  • A Proprietary Business hashtag will help organize posts related to your Instagram profile page!

Final Note!

Just enter your competitors’ profile pages to find hashtags for your field of business; usually, competitors that are higher associated with your main business keyword are more optimized for Instagram and may have used hashtags correctly!

So you can go to the Instagram profile page for these businesses and find hashtags for your field of business (your business field is the same as your competitors’ field of business).

Just enter these hashtags and check out the number of posts in each of them; the more Instagram posts a hashtag has, the more popular that hashtag will be among users.

In fact, users are searching for that hashtag more, and given that such hashtags are only targeted by the target audience, you can easily increase your followers and target audience.

According to the note mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can use 3 to 5 hashtags related to your business field, and if you can choose these hashtags correctly, and all of these hashtags get through to the Top section, you can easily boost the number of views for your posts.

The more visit your profile page gets, the higher its interaction rate will be, and you can easily help boost your business customers and deliver your products or services to them.

So by using Instagram Hashtags properly, you can easily increase your business revenue to a great extent.


The proper use of Instagram Hashtags is one of the most important success factors in Instagram marketing.

Instagram hashtags help you increase the visibility and interaction rate of your profile page and ultimately help attract more customers to your business.

In this article, we assessed how to properly use Instagram Hashtags and if you are the administrator of a business profile page, this information will greatly benefit you.

Now You Tell Us! As somebody who is the administrator of a business profile page on Instagram, how many hashtags do you think should be used for Instagram posts and how can you properly use these hashtags?

Please share your opinions and experiences with us and other users in the Comments section.

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