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Direct Messaging on Instagram is a communication tool that you can use to talk to your internet business Followers.

If you run an online business, utilizing this tool will help you to enhance your relationship with your customer’s persona!

But why is it so essential to establish a relationship with your business audience? The answer is simple!

Communicating with users & providing answers to their questions means that you value your users & customers.

instagram-grow-icon Answering their questions will greatly increase their trust in your online business, and the more users trust you, the more they will use your business products & services.

The main objectives of Internet business can be summed up in two goals; increasing the number of audiences and increasing revenue & income!

One of the useful features of Instagram in the Direct Messaging section is the possibility of using Quick Reply.

In the Direct Messaging section, users may send you similar messages, and responding to all such messages is very time-consuming!

Also, if you don’t react to your users’ messages, they will eventually lose trust, and from the viewpoint of users, this means that you are ignoring them and their messages and that they don’t mean much to your business.

In this article, we are going to take a thorough look at the possibility to send instant messages on Instagram so that you can respond to all the similar messages that you have received from users without spending a lot of time.

Quick Reply Feature in the Instagram Message

Assessing the Quick Replies Feature in the Instagram Direct Messaging

Quick Replies is a very practical & useful feature in Instagram Direct Messaging that allows you to reply to users’ messages without wasting much time.

But why is this feature so important for Internet businesses?

On business pages, user interaction is usually about your services & business activities!

For instance, users may have inquiries about the services that your online business provides to users & they may need to ask for advice.

Some of these user questions & messages are very similar & naturally, your answer to such messages will be similar!

If you want to take the time to respond similarly to these users, you will definitely waste a lot of time.

Instagram has added the Quick Reply feature to its App which you can make use of in order to add a number of existing answers to your account.

Private accounts usually don’t need such a feature. Thus, the Quick Replies feature is only accessible through Business Instagram Accounts!

You must know that Instagram’s Quick Replies in the Direct Messaging is NOT a robot that automatically responds to specified messages!

To use these answers, you must have access to & read the messages in the directory.

Then, with the aid of your Quick Response list, you can select a pre-written message & send it to users.

So your interaction with users is not artificial & you still have to pay a lot of attention to your users! This tool merely saves the time it takes to write a message to users.

Why Should We Use the Quick Replies Feature in Instagram’s Direct Messaging?

If you run a small, start-up Internet business, you may NOT have a large number of users!

So this may not be a question for you; what is the reason for using a Quick Reply in the Direct Messaging?

However, you must know that responding to all the user’s messages in a more significant business is no easy task!

Suppose you receive 100 messages a day in your Direct Messaging & do not have time to respond to them for only two days; on the third day, you will have over 300 messages in the directory, which is very difficult to answer.

Thus, using ready-made responses will help you respond to many user messages in a short time.

If you look at the users’ questions, you’ll find that they have some questions in common!

For instance, they ask for advice in Direct Messaging, which cannot be fully answered. You can ask them to call the numbers provided for user advice!

All you have to do is send a message reading, “Call X for advice.”

 Have this message ready & send it to a large number of users in merely a few seconds.

Quick Reply in the Instagram

Some of the reasons for using Instagram’s Quick Replies feature are:

  • Outsourcing the Responsibility of Responding to all Direct Messages;

Your company may NOT have enough human resources to respond to all user messages!

This being the case, outsourcing is the right way to respond to users’ messages in the shortest time possible.

If the person in charge does not have the ability to answer all users’ questions, using the Quick Reply feature is a great solution!

You can provide answers to users’ common questions & ask the person to answer the users’ questions by means of ready-made answers.

  • Managing an Instagram Account by a Number of People;

If your Instagram business page is managed with the help of a few employees, the answers may not have the necessary coherence!

Because each employee may respond to users’ questions based on their personal liking, & each person’s content writing is different which is NOT good for an Internet business that seeks to grow & develop its dominance.

Using ready-made answers, you can prepare coherent answers in advance, and if you need these answers, you can respond to all users with the same content & text.

  • A Mishap Occurring as the Result of Providing a Wrong Answer in a Technical Business;

Technical businesses are so precise that if the answering expert makes a small mistake, the consequences can be catastrophic!

Financial losses, and more importantly, loss of life, are among the most important of these consequences.

What is the solution? If you are running a technical business, I suggest that you use ready-made responses to prevent users from experiencing potential damage.

Prepare your answers in consultation with several experts & employees of your business and use them as ready answers in the Direct Messaging of your Instagram account.

instagram-grow-iconIf you are also managing an online business, even one of the 3 reasons mentioned above should be enough to make you want to use a ready-made response on Instagram.

In addition to these reasons, using a Quick Reply will help you better manage your online services & store!

According to Instagram reports, over 150 million people use Direct Messaging on Instagram each month, and about a third of those messages are sent through users’ responses to Instagram Stories.

How to Create a Ready-Made Reply for the Direct Messaging on Instagram?

You must follow some steps in order to create ready-made replies for your Direct Messaging.

Your steps start with doing research & continue until you are ready to use the ready-made reply.

Are you ready to go through the 4 steps together?

Step One

  • Identifying the Common Questions that Users Ask!

Take a look at your Instagram Direct Messaging; some similar questions have been asked by a large number of users, which you should take note of as “common questions.”

You may have given different answers to each user, but all of them have the same content!

Pick out your best & most complete answer in terms of content & writing and transfer it to the notepad on your cell phone.

For instance, if you are working in face design & painting, many users will ask for the cost of the design!

All you have to do is create a message about the cost of the design using different tools & various design sizes, and if a user asks you such a question, you can send them the ready-made message in a fraction of a second.

Common Questions

If you plan to launch a campaign in which users send in their answers through Direct Messaging, ready-made messages can be beneficial indeed!

Just prepare a thank you message & send it to all users in just a few minutes. Remember that your message should be exactly like the caption of the Posts & the responses you send to users manually!

Your audience’s feeling from your message should be the same as the feeling your Posts & Stories provide.

For instance, if you use emojis in captions or Stories, don’t forget to use them in your ready-made messages as well!

Users should not feel as though your reply has been sent by a bot, as this will reduce user interaction & hurt your online business.

Step Two

  • Create the Message in Your Quick Reply!

There are 3 ways for creating Quick Replies in your Instagram Direct Messaging. In the first two methods, you will need to have a conversation with one of your users.

These 3 methods are as follows:

  1. Creating a Quick Reply via the Chat Section in the Instagram Direct Messaging

The first way for creating a Quick Reply is to use the chat window in the Direct Messaging!

Simply enter one of your users’ chats & tap on the icon below:


If you are clicking on this icon for the very first time, a summary of this feature this icon provides will be displayed.

Now, to create a Quick Reply, just tap on New Quick Reply or the + Sign.


In this section, all you need to do is create a Quick Reply for Instagram to display the list of suggested responses.

If you need other Quick Replies, just click on the + Sign to add more replies.


You can also assign a Shortcut for your reply so that by typing it, the message will be sent to users.

After adding your message, just click on the Blue Tick to save your Quick Reply.

  1. Creating a Quick Reply from Existing Messages

If you want to add messages that you have sent to users to your list of ready-made messages, just hold your finger on your sent message and tap the Save Quick Reply tab from the displayed options:

Save Quick Reply

After tapping on this option, a new page will be displayed which allows you to select a Shortcut as well.

  1. Creating a Quick Reply Through Account Settings

If you don’t want to use the two previous methods, there is yet another way to create a Quick Reply in the Direct Messaging on Instagram!

Just enter the Instagram settings and select Quick Reply.

In this section, a list of ready-made Instagram replies & answers that you have added can be seen:


You will have no limitations regarding creating Quick Replies on Instagram, and you can easily add as many Quick Replies as you need to your list.

Step Three

  • Deleting or Editing Ready-Made Replies!

In the previous step, you were able to add your own ready-made replies, but sometimes the created answers need to be edited or deleted for a number of reasons!

How can we edit or delete a ready-made reply? Simple!

Do you remember step two in which you entered the list of ready-made replies through the settings section?

Follow the same path (Setting> Quick Reply) & enter the section related to your ready-made replies:


All you have to do in this section is tap on the Quick Reply you want in order to enter the relevant page!

In this section, you can edit the text of your message or click Delete Quick Reply to delete it completely.

Step Four

  • Using the Ready-Made Replies in the Instagram Direct Messaging

We’re almost done! There are 2 ways to use a ready-made reply:

  1. Use the Auto-reply by Using the Icon in the Instagram Direct Messaging

The first approach is to tap the three-dot icon shown in the image below. After that, all you have to do is select one of your ready-made answers & send it to your intended use.

If you need any other ready-made replies, just add another Quick Reply using the methods in the second step.

  1. Using a Shortcut Related to a Quick Reply

Do you remember how we assigned a shortcut to create a Quick Reply? Now is the time to use that!

If you type your assigned shortcut in the message typing section, the Quick Reply will be displayed by clicking on the Blue Icon.

Just tap on it to have your intended message ready to be sent.


An Important Note! Bear in mind that a Quick Reply is only meant to improve the quality of the response, not automating the procedure! If the reply that is to be sent to users makes users feel that they are dealing with a bot, the interaction rate of users with your page will decrease over time. For instance, if you prepare a message for a specific purpose & use it for another purpose, users will definitely not feel pleasant about your response.


The direct messaging feature on Instagram is one of the tools that will help you increase the relationship you have with your Internet business users!

If you manage a more significant business, this relationship may be more challenging to handle due to the high volume of incoming messages from users.

Using the Quick Reply feature on Instagram will help you establish an effective & constructive relationship without wasting much time.

It’s exciting to be able to have an intimate relationship with your users without wasting any time!

So be sure to use the Quick Reply feature in your Instagram Direct Messaging to witness its positive impact.

Do you make use of Instagram as a means of establishing communication & interaction with your business users? Tell us all about your opinion or experience using the Quick Reply feature on Instagram to communicate effectively with users in the comments section.

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