All You Need to Know about two-Person Live Streaming Option

Two Live videos on Instagram including two people is a great way to talk to followers! Using this feature, you can communicate live with users and answer their questions. This feature has been available for users for a long time but after a while, Instagram has made some changes to it! This feature, which is now known as the Two Live on Instagram, is a great tool for business executives, managers and people involved with internet marketing.

You can chat with other people live or ask questions online on a variety of subjects, using the Two Live Instagram feature. One of the features of the Two Live on Instagram (which is also active in Single Live) is the ability for users to leave comments during the Live; for instance, if users have questions about your Live video, they can ask you their questions and you can answer them. It is interesting to know that many businesses utilize this feature to answer their clients’ questions. In this article, we are going to take a close look at the Two Live Instagram feature and clarify how this tool can help you develop your business, boost branding and increase your business sales rates. If you agree, let’s take a look at the two Live Instagram feature.

Two Person Live Streaming

Streaming a Two Live Video on Instagram; Communicate Live with Users!

If you intend on using the Two Live feature on Instagram, the first step is to enter your Instagram account; you’ve probably used the Instagram Story feature before and you know how valuable and effective this feature is. You have to enter the Story section in order to use the Instagram Live feature! To do this, on your Instagram profile homepage, click on the Story Icon to enter this section. If you look at the bottom of this section, there are several options available to you which are set to Normal by default. By sliding your finger to the right, set it on Live.

Streaming a Two Live Video on Instagram

In this section you will see an option titled Start Live Video and your Live video streaming will start once you click on it. At this point, you may have to wait for a short while depending on your internet connection speed! If your internet connection speed is high, it will take less than 5 seconds for your Live video to commence, but if your internet speed is slower, it may even take up to 30 seconds; note that if your internet speed is extremely slow, your Live video might not start at all in which case you will be prompted to re-enter the Live.

Wait for Users and Followers to Join Your Live Video!

After you start your Live streaming, you should wait a little for your followers to join you! Sometimes, a large number of your users are online and your Live view is higher, but sometimes (for instance at 4 am) very few of your followers may be online and the Live view will be much lower. So if your Live video is important and you are sharing it for the sake of your business, you have to share it at times when there are many users online! For instance, most users use Instagram between 9 until 11 and this is the best time to go live with your Live video. Once an adequate number of viewers in achieved, go ahead and introduce your Live theme. To do this, just put a message in your Live video and introduce the Live title.

Now, by clicking on that message and selecting the PIN option, can make it visible to all users and start presenting your Live content. This will help users understand your Live theme and figure out what you are going to discuss or assess. Many online businesses use this feature to teach their business and they do so with the help of Live streaming; this technique helps businesses attract more audiences; it is interesting to know that there are businesses that run daily or weekly Live videos, answering users’ questions or exploring & assessing different topics. For this reason, when you PIN your Live theme, users will see the Live theme when they join your Live streaming and can make better use of your Live video.

Also, if you are intending on running a Two Live video on Instagram, you can inform users and followers in a message that you are going to talk to someone else in the Live, which may be very appealing to users.

Invite the Second Person to Participate in the Two Live Video on Instagram!

Now is the time to invite the person you want to hold the Two Live with to your Live chat; note that only those users who have joined you Live video can be invited as a guest, and if someone is offline or has not yet joined your Live, Instagram will not allow you to run a Two Live video with that person.

Communicate Live with Users

At the bottom of your live page, there is an icon featuring two faces (bottom right of the image above). You can click on it to see the list of people who have joined in your Live.

Two Live Video on Instagram

By selecting any of these users, they will be added to the Two Live video on Instagram and you can easily talk to them. Recent updates to Instagram have provided privacy settings for users; this feature was unavailable during implementation for some users, but now, all Instagram users have access to this feature. This list has that person’s username, and by choosing it, you will be provided with several options:

Two Live Video on Instagram

  • Pin Comment: By selecting this option, you will be able to pin an intended comment in your Live video.
  • Go Live: By selecting this option, you can start a Two Live on Instagram with an intended user.
  • Report Comment: If a user has posted a comment that you believe to be in violation with regulations or disrespectful to you, simply select the option to report the comment Instagram. Your report is reviewed by Instagram, and if true, Instagram will restrict that person’s account.
  • Hide Live: This option allows you to hide your Live video on Instagram from a certain user; in fact, that user will no longer be able to see your Live. You can override this setting for that user at another time.

Just click on the Go Live With link to invite the intended user to a Two Live on Instagram. Currently, you can only talk to one of your Live viewers, and if you want to talk to 3 or more people, you have to disconnect the Two Live with the initial user and invite the new user.

 Talk to Your Guest!

If you’ve carried out the previous steps correctly, you’re now logged into a Two Live video on Instagram and can talk to the user in question. When in single mode, a Live video on Instagram takes up the entire screen of the users’ devices and they see you in a vertical box. When you stream a Two Live, the page is split vertically into two pages and the users and followers will see both you and the invited guest.

multiple Live Video on Instagram

A Note! Bear in mind that when you stream a Two Live with another user, the users joining your guest’s Live, as well as the comments sent by that guest’s followers will also be visible in your Live! In fact, when users send comments to the Live video of that guest, these comments also appear in your Live. Simply put, when streaming a Two Live video on Instagram, both of you are in one Live and users and comments are commonly shared.

Removing a Guest User from You Two Live on Instagram

If your conversation with the intended user is over and you want to remove that user from your Two Live video on Instagram, just click the cross icon at the top right of the image. By doing so, that user will be removed from the Two Live video, but will remain in your Live viewers’ list! Your Live video is now back to the first mode and your users and followers will be see in a full, vertical frame.

Removing a Guest User from You Two Live on Instagram

How to Use the Two Live Feature on Instagram for Internet Marketing Purposes?

If you are the manager of an internet business, you must know that internet marketing is one of the most important parts of your business! In fact, internet businesses have products or services to offer and internet marketing helps them to grow the number of their customers. It is interesting to know that the Two Live feature on Instagram is used in internet marketing by businesses! In this section, we are going to discuss five important and practical factors that you can utilize in your Two Live videos on Instagram to boost your business internet marketing.

You must take note that if you use the Live feature on Instagram for no particular purpose, it will only bother users and your followers, and this will not only be unhelpful for you, but will also harm your brand & business. But if you have a certain purpose behind streaming Two Live videos on Instagram, not only will you be helping to develop and grow your business sales, but users will always be looking forward to your next Live video, and you can easily help increase your Instagram audience and followers. If you are unsure what goals can help you, read the following 5 notes carefully! Are you ready? Follow us along.

  • Convey Your Content with the Help of Your Colleague!

Many online businesses are after increasing customer satisfaction, and the greater the involvement of your business partners is, the greater the customer satisfaction rate will be. With Two Live video on Instagram, you can stream a Live video with your coworker and give your coworker the task of delivering half the content! The fact is that delivering a large amount of content to users is a very difficult task indeed and requires a great deal of concentration and skill; but if your co-worker helps you with this task, you can easily increase your focus and deliver a highly effective and impactful Live to users & followers. Of course, you need to coordinate with your coworker and make all necessary arrangements beforehand to make sure you won’t have trouble delivering the content you want.

  • Answer the Questions that Your Customers & Followers Ask!

Users and clients of any business always have questions about the services, products or even content offered and expect to receive answers from you! There are many ways to answer their questions; for instance, they can get in touch with you via email or Instagram direct messages! But visual communication always has a greater impact on users, and Live messaging is very effective with this regard. The Live feature on Instagram helps you answer users’ questions, for instance, you can ask them ask their questions in the comments section and then answer them.

However, sometimes users ask questions that you may not have the answers to, in which case you need to do more research; you can take note of the user’s question and answer it in the next Story or Live video you share.

With the help of Two Lives on Instagram, you can ask users to ask their questions live and then answer their questions. This greatly enhances customer satisfaction with your performance, and you can easily focus on branding your business through obtaining customer satisfaction. The best way to do this is to ask users questions via the Question Sticker in the Story section and using the new Instagram feature, show them the questions in the Live video.

  • Get Feedback on Your Products & Services from Users & Followers!

Many users want to comment on the products or services provided by different businesses and it is interesting to know that in many cases, these opinions (especially criticisms) are productive. If you manage an Internet business and provide users with products or services, you can easily chat with your users and clients and get feedback on your products or services using the Live feature on Instagram. These feedbacks help you improve your products or services and thus increase the user satisfaction rate. These feedbacks, if answered in a rational, logical and honest way, will greatly help your business grow and users will know that they are dealing with a professional business.

video live marketing

  • Provide Users & Followers with Free Education!

One of the uses of the Two Live feature in Instagram is its ability to provide free tutorials to users. Many businesses, especially those with that offer a product, provide excellent training to users. In fact, users need training to use these products or services, but unfortunately, they often do not receive the necessary training! Suppose, for instance, a brand offers a product used for pet care, but provides no training on how to use the product properly! Through the Live feature on Instagram, users and followers can easily learn how to use that product and the business can ultimately increase its audience satisfaction.

Also, in many cases users can be a great option for educating other users; for this purpose, just invite one of your customers or clients who is satisfied with your product or service and ask them to provide practical education on how to use the product or benefit from the service in addition to giving a positive feedback. This will not only help your branding purposes and satisfy other customers, it will also encourage new users to become potential customers who want to use your business products and services.

  • Have More Interaction With Your Users and Followers!

In many businesses, audiences follow the business in a one way manner, the people in charge of the business don’t interact well with them! This may depend on a number of things, such as time restrictions, but sometimes communicating with users can have a great positive impact on your business. On the other hand, you can’t interact with all users and followers! Simply select one of them randomly from time to time and stream a Two Live Instagram video. This allows you to interact directly with one user and tell other users that you value and appreciate them very much. That way, your relationship with users & followers will be much stronger and you can obtain their true and realistic opinions about your business relationship with its customer.


The Two Live on Instagram helps a lot of online businesses to get in touch with customers and followers on Instagram. In this article, we have taught you how to stream a Two Live video on Instagram and provided you with some tips that can help you with your internet marketing goals.

Now You Tell Us! If you use Instagram to market your products or services, what are the goals you aim to achieve by streaming Two Live videos? Please tell us and other users about your opinions and experiences in the Comments section.

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