Tiktok or Instagram; which one is winning!

The advertiser industry on Instagram is supposed to be worth more than 1.7 billion dollars.

So far, Instagram has seen more than half a million paid to advertise.

While 89 percent of marketers claim Instagram is the virtual channel for online advertising, TikTok, a relative newcomer, has quickly become one of the world’s most popular sites in less than two years and a growing platform for influencers.

During coronavirus, TikTok downloads soar to 115M.


As a result of the Coronavirus stay-at-home decree, TikTok’s new user growth appears to have accelerated.

With over 115.2 million downloads in March 2020, TikTok became the most popular non-game app in the world.

In contrast, Instagram only had 111.5 million downloads each quarter in 2019.

Chipotle, Mucinex, Walmart, and GymShark have all used Sponsored Hashtag Challenge campaigns on TikTok to promote Gen Z members.

As businesses become more familiar with TikTok as a content marketing site, it’s critical to grasp the main platform differences that set TikTok apart from Instagram.

Depending on uploads and downloads, platform demography, and unique features, we examined App store and Google Play data for firms to better comprehend the two rival social apps.

Which social media platform has the most followers? TikTok vs. Instagram: what’s the difference?

tiktok & instagram

Instagram still has a more significant viewership than TikTok, with over 1.8 billion downloads worldwide.

Sensor Tower revealed in November 2019 that TikTok had hit the 1.5 billion download milestone.

While Instagram has more overall installs than TikTok, the infographic indicates that TikTok’s newly added growth rate is far higher than Instagram’s.

This disparity in new user development is partly attributable to TikTok’s being a newcomer on the scene, while Instagram is growing as a well-established social media platform.

In 2020, Instagram finished its ten years old, while TikTok is still the new kid on the block, enjoying a successful development period.

While 2019 accounted for 28% of Instagram’s all-time downloads, TikTok acquired 738 million new members in a single year, bringing the app’s total number of users to 49 percent.

TikTok’s new user growth continues to rise, and TikTok was the most installed non-game app globally in February 2020, with approximately 113 million downloads.

When compared to the application’s February 2019 downloads and installed, this is a nearly 96.5 percent growth.

According to the “TikTok vs. Instagram” chart, the coronavirus appears to have had a greater impact on TikTok downloading than Instagram downloading.

Instagram Downloads” figures. While TikTok’s user growth was at an all-time high in March, the quarantine resulted in an inflow of TikTok material on Instagram.

Many Instagram influencers created TikTok profiles in search of new methods to entertain due to this shift in content.

Platform demographic: TikTok vs. Instagram.

instagram and tiktok

Instagram is the most popular application for influencer marketing.

Instagram was deemed the most strategically essential social medium for social media influencers by 89 percent of businesses in our 2019 poll.

Instagram is a financial colossus, with an approximate $20 billion valuation and almost 113 times more income than TikTok.

While the age groups of both applications are similar, they vary geographically.

The United States has the most significant proportion of Instagram’s 1.8 billion followers, at 12 percent.

In comparison, India and Brazil continue to be the top two nations for TikTok downloading, with the United States in the third position with over 3%.

The gender ratio in the two applications is likewise different. According to TikTok gender statistics, males account for 55.6 percent of users, and females account for 44.4 percent.

The modest male user predilection on TikTok compares with Instagram’s more robust female user representation, with 65 percent female users to 35 percent male.

Compare the features of TikTok and Instagram.

tiktok vs. instagram

TikTok’s simplicity has enabled it to become the world’s most popular short-form video social networking application.

The basic notion of TikTok is that it concentrates on the tongue, dancing, pranking, and other comic activities.

Instagram has evolved from a photo-focused style to Stories and IGTV in its eleven-year history, becoming the dominant platform for brand social engagement.

While the principles of TikTok and Instagram are identical, they have several features that set them apart.

TikTok does not presently have a long-form video capability; its video capabilities are limited to 15 seconds and can loop for 60 seconds.

IGTV, Instagram’s long-form video feature, permits videos to be up to one hour long.

To profit from creators, IGTV is also in the works. Although both applications allow in-app purchases, TikTok includes a digital currency that fans may grant to artists in the form of virtual presents, similar to how many gaming websites such as Twitch do.

Over $23.1 million has been spent on TikTok’s digital create a cost by American consumers since 2018.

Both of the applications, TikTok and Instagram, offer e-commerce shopping capabilities, but Instagram has had more time to perfect its features and promote itself as an e-commerce service.

Instagram provides an in-app shopping function called “Checkout,” a popular add-on called “Instagram Shopping,” which allows businesses to tag items and send users to a charge time on their site.

TikTok includes a function similar to Instagram’s “Checkout,” where users can make an in-app payment from a retail partner.

Companies can use TikTok’s Sponsored Hashtag Challenge Plus to link products online via a sponsored hashtag campaign.

Conclusion; which is the better option? The verdict and takeaway from TikTok vs. Instagram

These findings show that, in addition to gaining more users than Instagram, TikTok is drawing the attention of high-profile individuals.

This tendency is expected to continue, impacting the $1.7 billion Instagram influencer business and influencer marketing.

As more consumers and influencers join TikTok, companies must decide which channel(s) to leverage (Instagram, TikTok, or both)

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