The Cute and Lovely Youngest Influencer on Instagram

A newborn baby has gathered over 16,000 Instagram followers, and it makes him one of the famous youngest influencers.

Natasha Maxwell creates an Instagram account for her son, Parker George, a few exactly before Christmas 2018 and posted four lovely and cute photos of him.

At that time, Parker was eight months old. Natasha Maxwell is a stay-at-home mother and creates an online profile to share the baby’s adorable photos with family and friends.

Parker’s lovely laugh and so beautiful blue eyes win people’s hearts almost immediately.

How can Parker George be a famous influencer on social media?

To find that the ways that this little boy changes into a successful influencer, follow us in this article:

  • Hashtags

After that post, his first haircut and christening day showed by his mother.

Natasha started to mention the barber and the salon name in Parker’s Instagram account and tagged @babymodels1, an Instagram page that allows users to find, tag, and follow it.

Parker’s posts have received lots of hashtags from Natasha. 

There are many high-traffic keywords like #kidsofinstagram, #babiesofinstagram, #kidswear, #smiles, #laughing, #babymodel, #cutebabies, #momsofinstagram, and #love that undeniably helped the baby’s new account became famous.

Parker’s so special clothes were also tagged on Instagram by his clever mother.

  • Organic Reviews

Parker George started to add two or three photos a day in two weeks.

These lovely photos were shared his Halloween outfit, bath time, going to the store, and playtime.

Parker’s sisters, Lilly and Phoebe, and his father, Dan, were frequently in these photos.

 Natasha put specific and suitable tags without going overboard with tags and hashtags where she thought they were appropriate.

Also, Natasha started to tag the creators of Parker’s car seat with a happy face. She also wrote about this creator blow the post.

Maxi-Cosi suggested sharing this cute boy’s photo, and Natasha accepted and became so happy.

The articles about Parker included some organic reviews and tags about other brands. 

We know that he’s stunning!” After that, Natasha tried to connect with Parker’s blanket company.

  • Brand Collaborations

Now it is time that the likes and views started to increase. 

Natasha’s hashtags and photography — and Parker’s cuteness— started to receive the offers for free toy trials and other collaborations.

Parker had his special code for a children’s clothes store to share with his followers 11 days after launching his site.

After that, Natasha received another online suggestion about a children’s clothing store.

  • Top Influencer Advice: Enjoy What You’re Doing

Parker’s posts started to receive 100 likes and gradually more feedback after the New Year.

Parker’s recent posts have received an average of 60 comments and 547 likes.

Sharing her son’s cute smile and her family on Parker’s first birthday, Parker’s first birthday,

April 6, 2019, causes everyone to become happy.

Everyone said that he make Laughs and waves at anyone, is willing to go everywhere, eats everything, and sleeps for 13 hours.

Parker George the little famous

Influencer Campaign Strategy for Nano-Influencers: Gifting

After a few days, the official page of Timberland Europe wanted to Parker’s showed his new Timberland boots on their official channels.

In return, Sea Life Manchester gave these families free tickets to spend the day at the exhibits the following week.

And also, Top brands like River Island have wanted Parker to wear their clothes, aiming to cash in on his celebrity.

But, according to Maxwell, this achievement was never the reason for starting this in the first place.

Natasha’s love of photography and desire to have all of her family’s photos in one place was the important reason for the project.

She did not want to do this to exploiting her children. 

She creates the page because she wanted a special place to share and save all of her photos for her friends and family to see.

According to Social Blade, Parker’s followers increased in May 2019. According to Real Fix, by July, his page followers boosted to 10,000 followers, and he was famous as a toddler to the rank of micro-influencer and has received gifts and sponsorship deals.

By the Daily Mail, he earned $12,000 in merchandise in January 2020.

He has a long list of partnerships, including Thule outdoor goods, Stokke children’s furniture, and Quinny strollers, to name a few.

Getting Started as an Instagram Influencer

On Instagram, Natasha collaborates with influencers to send traffic to each other’s accounts.

She claims she spends nine hours a day on Parker’s Instagram account, which involves share posts and like others’ posts and content, and reacting to comments.

Natasha has turned her hobby into a full-time career, and she says she has always enjoyed sharing her family’s life on social media and Real Fix; some posts have gotten as many as 20,000 views.

Parker’s Instagram account increases from zero to 100 and influencer status in a year, demonstrating the value of employing smart content development strategies.

Above all, enjoy what you’re doing.

Use targeted and related hashtags and tagging to react to comments and offers, use high-quality photos, and keep your content authentic, effective, and organic.

Marketers started to use influencers like Parker and Natasha to advertise their products.

Genuine feedback from influencers is noticed and trusted by their followers.


Maxwell also uses the Instagram page to exchange Important and interesting tips, questioning and connecting with the online parenting community, providing support and assistance to other moms and dads, in addition to growing Parker’s profile.

She also hopes that her Instagram page will encourage other parents to be more adventurous when posting photos of their children online.

Her advice to those starting is not to be envious of others, to work hard, and don’t try to be great or as perfect as someone else; just be yourself.

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