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Instagram is a popular and famous social media network that we have all known about it.

Instagram is an application with billions of active users all around the world.

But what exactly is this new world that’s been circulating? What exactly is Instagram tourism?

In this essay, We’ll describe what the term “Instatourism” means, how the social media site has become a significant element of the tourism business, and what the potential consequences are.

insta tourism

What is Instagram tourism, exactly?

Instatourism, also known as Instagram tourism, is a new type of tourism that has evolved due to the popularity of the Instagram social media platform.

Every month, over one billion individuals use Instagram to share photos worldwide with their fans.

While some Instagram users share content primarily with their loved ones, others are compensated “Influencers” with tens of thousands of followers.

Users are frequently motivated by photos uploaded on the social network, which has resulted in an increase in tourism to locations included in those photos, especially those uploaded by large-scale Influencers.


Definitions of Instagram tourism

Instatourism, as we previously stated, is a very new notion.

 In reality, there isn’t a single result for the word Instatourism in Google Scholar (as of September 2019)!

That isn’t to imply that someone hasn’t done some preliminary research in this area.

We are sure there are some aspiring persons out there studying the effects of Instagram tourism.

As a frequent Instagram user, Instagram tourism is a topic that piques our curiosity. 

However, the only data we can find on the subject comes from travel blogs or the media, which, despite their wisdom, are not necessarily the most trustworthy or objective resources.

Instatourism writing appears to be divided into two categories:

  • The marketing/promotional potential of Instagram tourism for a tourism destination
  • The negative consequences of Instagram tourism

With this in mind, we have come up with the following explanation for the term Instatourism:

Insta tourism refers to the use of Instagram, a social media service that allows businesses and individuals to promote and study travel options.

Instagram tourism is often connected with social media influencers, but it does not always reflect reality.

What is the impact of Instagram tourism on travel?

Travel and tourism are essential in our visual senses and have.

and romanticized images have helped to sell holidays since the days of the Grand Tour and the rise of Thomas Cook, so it’s no wonder that Instagram is becoming a significant player in the tourist sector.

Instagram today has over one billion monthly users and is still growing.

 In a survey conducted by a UK-based holiday rental property insurance firm, 40% of millennials claimed that a destination country’s Instagram ability was the most critical motivational factor when deciding where to go on vacation, ranking higher than personal growth or tourism.

Almost all international tourists (those born between 1981 and 1996) document their journeys on social media.

In addition, according to a Media Post-study:

  • 48 percent of Instagram users rely on the photographs and videos they see on social media sites to help them make travel decisions,
  • Thirty-five percent utilize the platform to find new areas.

Instagram tourism has grown in lockstep with the popularity of social media.

Thanks to Instagram, vacation destinations that were once only accessible to the most dedicated and motivated travelers are now visible to the rest of the world.

People travel to areas they’ve never heard of before after seeing breathtaking photos on Instagram. 

People flock in great numbers to ‘Instagrammable’ sites, resulting in significant increases in visitor numbers in some locations.

I’ll never forget my trip to Santorini with my hubby.

When we got in the lovely Oia (the mountainside region with many white buildings), we were greeted by crowds of people, all hoping to capture the ideal mid-evening snapshot.

The majority of the participants, including me, were clothed in white.


Influencers’ role in Instagram tourism

Instagram is undeniably essential in the advertising of travel destinations. 

Influencers are frequently hired by Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), tour operators, and tourism organizations to market their products and services.

There are a lot of persons that make a living by advertising travel!

In exchange for advertising on their social media platform, influencers are usually described as all-expense-paid vacations and substantial quantities of cash.

#ad, #given, #sponsored, or another similar comment can generally be used to identify this.

There were some studies on this topic, and publishing them on the importance of intellect, passion, and confidence in internet marketing. 

Also, there was some research into influencers.

Nevertheless, there has been considerable discussion about how trustworthy these influencers and their images are.

Photos were taken at 6 a.m. before the masses arrive, which have been altered with photo filters or have been inadvertently cited in the caption, have been a topic of media criticism.

Instagram tourism has a lot of advantages.

Instatourism has benefited travelers by attracting them to places of the world where they had not before traveled. 

As the number of tourists visiting specific locations has grown, hotels have opened, new tourism firms have been established, and tourism-based industries have become more successful.

By default, Instagram tourism has a potential health effect on the local area, creating jobs and raising revenue that can be re-invested in the tourism industry or used in other areas like healthcare or education.

It may also have a good effect on the environment. 

Environment (think lovely beach, lush forest, and fresh white snow) is often depicted in vacation photographs, and for people to experience it, it should be preserved.

As a consequence, Instatourism can lead to global recognition and conservation.


Instatourism’s negative consequences

Sadly, most media coverage regarding the topic of Instagram tourism has focused on the negative consequences.

Rises in tourism, statistics can be beneficial to an economy, but they can be detrimental to the natural surroundings and the host population.

Tourism destinations concerns go hand in hand with Instagram tourism.

Regions that were previously unaffected are now confronted with capacity challenges.

Erosion, Littering, local animosity, increases in crime, and hikes in property investment.

The list goes on. However, if not correctly handled, the tourism business has several negative consequences.

In many instances, the issue is that Instagram tourism has developed so rapidly that it has been impossible for tourist planners at all levels to respond promptly.

It makes achieving the principles of sustainable tourism hard.

Furthermore, There have been reports of deaths caused by Insta tourism. 

Over 250 selfie-related deaths have been reported worldwide, according to a Washington Post piece.

Geotagging has been identified as one of the most significant contributors to the harmful effects of Instagram tourism.

Geotagging lets users demonstrate exactly where their photo was taken throughout the world, allowing those who see the Instagram post to go to the same area.

It means that many tourists are looking for small, secluded, and difficult-to-reach spots to take the same photos.

They are visiting an area because of its Instagrammability, and they would not have seen the location if it were not for the Instagram platform.

Many images make it appear as though the person in the snapshot is the only visitor in the area, but what you won’t notice is the line of tourists lined up to take the same Instagram-perfect snap as the photographer.

All of this is in response to photo sharing. Isn’t it bizarre?

So we should say that there is a documentary that shows the harmful effects of Instagram tourism and facts on measures currently taking place around the world to limit tourist numbers.

Follow use in continue to learn more about Instatourism.

instagram tourism

Instagram’s influence

While most people talk about the Instagram influence, they’re talking about the negative effects of Instagram tourism, particularly over-tourism.

Follow on Instagram, the famous travelers if you want to enjoy your travel.

The Instagram famous account of Instatourism

On Instagram, there are probably thousands of travel profiles. Many travel-related organizations, as well as most travel bloggers, will have an Instagram page.

According to Forbes, the following are some of the top accounts to follow:


@alexstrhl- 2M followers

Alex Strohl has one of the greatest Instagram followings in history, with over 2 million followers. 

Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, and Land Rover have all highlighted his work.

This Instagram sensation is headquartered in Whitefish, Montana, but travels the world taking photos.

He doesn’t like to take images of himself. Thus you’ll see a lot of images of nature.

instagram tourism

@ Expertvagabond-144k followers

Matt Karsten left his work as a freelance photographer in 2010 to tour the world.

He has visited over 50 nations and has traveled to every continent.

His photographs primarily depict his adventurous hikes and adventure sports exploits across the world.

As of 2019, Matt has around 144k followers on Instagram.


@leslayannemurphy-399k followers

Lesley Anne Murphy has almost 399k Instagram followers, making her one of the most popular users.

She encourages trendy travel by posting images of herself in various romantic and exotic locations, including tropical paradises, treehouse loft-style hotels, and dangling from the side of a train passenger vehicle.

Instagram travelers

@wanderreds-203k followers

Wander Reds’ Alvaro is on a mission to become the first Spaniard to visit every country in the world.

On Instagram, he has over 203k followers and shares beautiful photographs from his travels.

Beautiful views, jungle excursions, and images of historic buildings and towns are among the subjects of his photographs.

instagram taraveler

@tommy.clarke-62k followers

Tommy Clarke travels the world taking incredible photographs.

His images are aerial views of locations, which he typically captures while hanging out of a helicopter!

The last word

While Instatourism is not yet a widely recognized and comprehended topic, it is quickly a key factor in the tourism sector.

From the marketing possibilities to the concerns of over-tourism, Instagram tourism is just another sort of tourism that must be properly managed to maintain long-term tourism sustainability.

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