The Perfect Guide to Getting on the Instagram Explore Page

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Each & every business seeks to be recognized. Being seen demands a slight change rather than depending on chance.

The Explore Page on Instagram is one of the sections that helps a lot for a business to be seen.

The Explore Tab, or Explorer Page, is one of the best ways to direct a great deal of inbound user traffic towards your page, and this will ultimately benefit you and your business.

In this article, we’ll explain how the content is picked out to be displayed on this page, how you can stay in touch with your audience, how to increase the Engagement Rate (user interaction rate) on your page, and ultimately gain valuable prospects and objectives.

Then, introducing your business better and become better seen using its features.

Allow us to start the article thus …

What is the Instagram Explore Page?

The Instagram Explore section is a page that will show you Posts from pages on Instagram from all around the world (whether you Follow those pages or not).

These posts are selected based on your past activities and follow algorithms regarding your previous Follow Activity on Instagram, and it can be stated to be the most honest place on the internet.

Of course, this algorithm does NOT only depend on your activity, but it also monitors the activity of your friends.

To access the Explore Page, run the Instagram app. You will see a number of icons at the bottom of the page.

The Magnifying Glass icon which is between the two Home and + (plus) icons is for the Instagram Explorer Page.


To phrase it more simply, it goes without saying that the Posts displayed on the Explore Page are NOT directly related to what pages you have Followed; quite unlike the Instagram homepage which only displays Posts from pages that you have Followed.

The algorithm designated for the Explore Page reflects (quite honestly) the activities you have had on your Instagram account.

instagram-grow-iconThe Explore Page also displays new Posts related to your past activities. Also, the Stories or Live Stories that are shared within your geographic area or which Instagram assumes are interesting for you will also be displayed in the Explore Page.

Now that we have obtained a better understanding regarding this section on Instagram, it is time to focus on how we can have the content on our page displayed in this section.

We are going to go through a number of practical tips that will help you gradually make the necessary changes.


How is the Content Shown on the Explore Page on Instagram Chosen?

When it comes to talking about the content displayed in the Explore Page, data is considered to be very significant.

Instagram tries to make the content displayed for each user unique to them.

This customization (or personalization) happens in the way that Instagram displays the Posts in the Explore Page based on your Likes and the pages that you Follow.

Although the content selection algorithm is not exactly clear to us, they seem to be chosen according to the following rules:

  • The content shown is based on Posts that the user has previously engaged (interacted) with.
  • The content shown is Posts that have managed to attract a large number of Instagram users.
  • The content displayed in the Explore Page is Posts based on the content of the pages that the user has Followed.


As time has gone by, Instagram has identified user activity patterns and since then has been displaying content based on those patterns.

Also, Instagram tries to look at and assess how similar accounts work and puts the results of the assessments into practice.

Note the following statement issued by the “Wired” website:

“Displaying Posts related to user activity demands gathering huge amounts of content.

The more data you have, the easier it is for you to design the pattern & template you want.

The more users you attract and the more data and patterns you have, the better you can combine various content and display it to people.”

4 Simple Tips for Displaying Content on the Explore Page on Instagram

We are now going to introduce 4 methods that you can use in order to have your content displayed on Instagram’s Explore Page.

1 – Get to Know Your Audience

You are NOT intending on selling a Samsonite bag to an infant, right?!

If you want to sell your products, you first need to know to who you are going to sell them.

You have to ask yourself what your audience really needs and how your business can help them.

To get started with the Explore Page on Instagram, you must first think about the following questions:

  • Who are your target customers?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How is their Instagram profile account?
  • Who (and what pages) do they Follow?

Think about the audience that you want your business to be displayed to.

What would your intended person be interested in?

A good idea is to make up the Audience Persona of the target audience. With a better understanding of your target audience, you can interact with them more easily.

2 – Listen to the Audience

Paying attention to the audience can make the difference between your content being shared or ignored.

In order for your content to be relevant to your audience, you need to know what kind of content users are interacting with most.

If you’ve ever followed the business pages related to your business and your target audience, you’ll probably know what kind of content you need to generate in order to be present on Instagram’s Explore Page.

Bearing in mind a few simple tips will get you closer to this section of Instagram:

  • Listen to the General Sense of the Explore Page: What is the overall theme of the Posts that are displayed there? What is their aesthetic factor? What topics are most popular with your audience? These are all the things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Use the Search Feature on Instagram: This feature lets you know what content is more popular in your geographic region. To do this, you can click on the Places Tab in the Instagram search box and give a more detailed tag of your geographic location and note the type of content that is shown.
  • Check Your “Following” and “Followers”: What content have your Following and Followers Liked? Click the Heart Icon at the bottom bar of the app, then select “Following” from the top of the screen. By doing so, you will be able to see what kind of content the people you follow are interacting with.


3 – Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the stuff of social media and they make social media more interesting. Whether people use them or not, Hashtags are very significant to marketers.

The first thing you must do in order for your content to be seen is to use Hashtags and save your content from being lost in a vast stream of content!

Hashtags work around the clock and are shown to anyone who searches for them. Attracting users to your page will make your work easier.

However, it is important to know the proper way of using Hashtags. Remember, do NOT use anything that comes up as a Hashtag and be very specific about your business theme.

4 – Encourage Users to Interact

Do anything and everything you can to increase the amount of user interaction with your content in order to reach out to your target audience.

The more Likes and Comments your Instagram Post receives, the more likely it is for that Post to appear on your target audience’s Explore Page.

When you share a photo or video, think about how you can get more Followers, Likes, or Comments?

instagram-grow-iconFor Instance, if you own an interior design brand & business and have shared a photo of the room where you work, tag all the companies or brands associated with your business so that more people can see you.

You can even tag the accounts of interior decoration bloggers.

If you are sharing a Story on your Instagram page, make sure you specify your location as well.

By registering a location, you increase your chances of being seen amongst the Stories being shared in your area. This trend will introduce your brand name to local users.


Don’t miss out on the Instagram Explore Page, whatever marketing trends you use on social media networks!

Again, as always, knowing the audience is the most significant factor. The Instagram Explore Page has a great impact on audience recognition.

Understanding the audience helps you generate content that suits their taste and thus attracts more people to you. Along with this, you must always keep Hashtags in mind too.

By following the tips mentioned above, you will be seen better than ever before, and the more you are seen, the more audience (users, Followers, and potential customers) will pay attention to you!

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