The Most Important Tips for Instagram Advertising

When Instagram merged with Facebook’s platform, Instagram ads become an important factor in developing a business. 

If you have not yet advertised on Instagram, you have certainly missed out on great opportunities.

Instagram is the largest and most active social media globally, with more than 500 million monthly active users.

After that, it is not surprising that businesses are increasingly looking for a successful Instagram advertising program in a short time!

Instagram quickly became one of the top marketing and marketing tools for businesses.

Why ads on Instagram are so effective should be sought in the popularity of photos and videos over other types of content on other virtual social media.


Is Instagram Advertising Suitable For Your Business?

Think about these questions: 

  • Who is on Instagram? 
  • Only teenagers and young adults taking selfies? 
  • Do older people use Instagram?

It is interesting to know that the highest percentage of Instagram users are:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 29 (about 55%)
  • Followed by the ages between 30 and 49 (28%)
  • Other Instagram users are older or younger

Most Instagram users live in cities, and a small number live in the suburbs.

By considering the Instagram users, the product and services you offer, it should be seen if your customers can be found among Instagram users? 

Even if your products are offline or provide services out of the world of the Internet, you still need to use a platform for your branding to be seen and introduced to the audience, and the world of Instagram is a popular place these days.

So, how can your business become successful with the capabilities of this great social media?

Here are some important tips for successful advertising on Instagram to help you to attract advertising companies to this popular social media.

For successful ads on Instagram, be familiar with ad templates.

instagram advertise

If you are new to advertising, you need to know the different advertising available templates for successful Instagram ads.

Photo ad

instagram advertising photos

Photo ads are the most common type of advertising that people see on Instagram.

Ads with multiple photos in one post

instagram multiple photos

Putting multiple photos in one post allows businesses to include multiple photos of an ad in one post. 

This type of advertising is used when the ad owner wants to attract the audience’s attention to the most important aspects of the ad in the form of several multiple images.

Video ads on Instagram

instagram video advertising

Video advertising is a powerful way to attract an audience on Instagram and engage the audience with the video content, and it is the best possible way.

People love to watch short videos. So we suggest you use it this way.

Marquee ads

instagram marquee ads

This advertising is a one-day advertising campaign that has guaranteed effects.

In this method, Instagram places the ad content at the top of the contact page on the suggested posts page.

With this advertising, businesses can use an ad with several different ads three times a day.

Target contacts for successful Instagram ads

instagram target contact

It is most important that your ads attract the people who are your potential customers! 

One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Instagram is that it works seamlessly with Facebook ads.

This means that you use Facebook’s capabilities to find a specific audience to make your ad more visible.

Facebook’s advanced features allow you to select audiences based on culture, resemblance to celebrities, gender, language, age, interests, and more. It causes your post clicks to increase.

Because your ads are sent to people who are probably interested in your business, increasing the number of people who see your post will significantly reduce the cost of click-through ads on Instagram due to the increase in visitors and followers.

Make sure you act carefully and do not hurry to choose the right audience.

 Think about the people you consider as your target customer. Accordingly, prepare a special advertising campaign for them.

Use influential and effective virtual faces for successful Instagram ads.

instagram ads

Using influencers, you can successfully advertise on Instagram, which increases people’s awareness of a brand and attracts fans of that famous face to become your followers on Instagram ‌.

Many professional writers, celebrities on the internet, and social media who have a significant number of followers on Instagram are a good option to work with you to improve your brand position.

Working with influential people, especially celebrities whose audience can be your customer, will quickly increase your brand credibility.

Prepare the ad based on the customs and culture of the audience.

instagram ads

Some of the best advertising functions on Instagram are not achieved by simply doing advertising. 

One of the good things about Instagram is that it places ads in users’ eyes, regardless of the photo or text below the photo.

Instead of creating attractive ads in the form of images, you should create the content of the ads in the form of regular Instagram posts. 

This allows a person to see your post and posts from relatives and friends when they open their Instagram page and pay attention to it.

Remember one important point! Use interesting visual content.

Make sure the quality of the photos and videos used is high. Instagram ads should revolve around inspiring video content.

Use common hashtags for successful Instagram ads.

hashtags for instagram ads

What exactly was the world of social media without hashtags?

It is very important to use hashtags for your post to be seen by your audience on Instagram.

One of the most effective ways to advertise on Instagram is to use popular and related hashtags that fit your brand.

 When people search for hashtags and find out the special popularity, they will find your business.

The following are some common sources of popular hashtags:

  • Hashtagify
  • Keyhole
  • Website
  • org

Another way is to make popular your unique hashtag. This will cause your audience to return to your business.

Popular hashtags will be one of the best ways to increase the number of visitors and make them your fans on Instagram.

Note that if the number of people you follow is not large, it will take a long time for your hashtag to become a common hashtag.

Inviting your audience to take action

take an action instagram

Instagram allows you to ask the viewer of a video or story file to visit your page, open a link on the page, or even buy from you.

This simple task is as important as the credibility of your brand.

It is so interesting to see the results of advertising in the form of increasing visitors and followers or sales volume, and with this simple trick, you will be able to do this. Inviting to take action helps your audience connect more with your ad.

Instagram pays a lot of attention to design, phrases, and graphics. Examples of you can persuade your audience to do are:

  • Buy now.
  • Book now.
  • Contact us.
  • Register.
  • Know more.
  • Download now.
  • Install now.
  • Use the application.
  • Listen now.
  • Play.
  • Watch the video.
  • See more.

Make sure you use the right phrase about your activities and that it fits your purpose.

Optimize your performance with trial and error!

instagram trial & error

Trial and error are one of the most important aspects of advertising.

To have a successful ad on Instagram, you can use trial and error to create the best performance in your ads. Change your photo or change the text below the photo.

Also, change the phrase you used to invite the audience to take action and evaluate the feedback of this change.

Rest assured that the result will be different.

Story and post advertising costs on Instagram pages

instagram ads

These days, Instagram has become a money-making source for celebrities and influencers. 

High transaction figures are paid for just a 15-second video for an actor to advertise the use of a product or service in a story.

If you have never encountered the cost of advertising on popular pages, you are probably surprised by what is being said.

Different amounts depend on how long you want a post to stay on a popular page or the type of services you want, such as a story or post.

According to the statistics, the posts tariffs are higher than the stories.

Because they have a higher possibility of publication and increasing user interaction in the form of likes, comments, and sharing, the Instagram platform will explore the post.

As a result, more contacts will see the post.

To start with relatively popular pages, the post starts from 6 million dollars, usually staying on the page for 24 hours.

But when it comes to celebrities, it is a little different. It should be noted that every celebrity has full-fledged fans.

This means that when a famous actor recommends using your services to his audience, many people will listen and will use your services.

The postage tariffs on the page of celebrities are about 5 to 50 million, and it depends on the level of their participation and creativity in the production of your advertising content.

In addition to posts, stories have lower tariffs. To stay on top of their page interaction, celebrities usually post several stories a day and try to keep the page up on Instagram by getting direct contact from their contacts.

For this reason, the importance and views of their stories for viewers are lower than the post.

Another influential category is the length of the stories. Each story has only 15 seconds to promote a product, and usually, several stories together have less feedback than a story.

As a result, story costs start from around 6 million dollars and reach up to 10 million dollars.

Tip: There is a famous saying by the professors of advertising that “we know we are throwing away half of the cost of advertising, but we do not know which half”.

With the advent of the world of internet and internet advertising, monitoring audiences and the result of advertising is much easier than ever before.

Consider identifying your audience and looking at their interests and where they are most present before taking a step and designing and doing ads.

If you go with this view, you will choose the best platform for advertising and choose the most appropriate design.

The importance of content in Instagram ads

instagram content

To have good ads on Instagram, you need to produce good content. Good content requires the right strategy.

Content is the main factor of Instagram’s marketing strategy. In the previous steps, we talked about the target market.

Now we have to tell you that if the content produced on your page is not related to your target market, the chances of your Instagram page succeeding will be less and less.

Content on Instagram pages can be divided into several categories:

Product-Based Content

This type of content tweaking is the most common type of marketing and advertising strategy on Instagram.

In this kind, you will have a page with photos and videos of your products.

In this type of strategy, one thing to keep in mind when publishing photos and videos is that; let’s move our audience to the phrase “Hey, try this product on us, great.”

This drive of the audience towards shopping should never be obvious.

We need to teach how to introduce our products to attract the audience to buy.

Cultural-based content

Sometimes you do not have a product to sell, and you do not want to have a page to sell products.

But you start posting on a specific topic. Following a goal on Instagram and, of course, following the right path will help you to be known.

After attracting the audience and gaining their trust, you can be one of the thousands of bloggers who introduce the products of different brands.


Successful advertising on Instagram requires accurate knowledge of the types of common ad formats.

You also need to use methods such as popularizing a hashtag to promote your advertising campaign. 

Don’t forget that popular Instagram characters can help you with ads, as long as you get the right help from them.

Lastly, remember to include links like “Buy Now!” Or contact us!” Encourage your audience to visit your page.

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