The Most Famous Beauty & Skincare Accounts On Instagram

The cosmetics industry is expected to grow at a breakneck rate, with a recent valuation of £347 billion.

The emergence of the beauty blogger has greatly helped this expansion. These types of influencers are unfamiliar to consumers.

They bring a sense of realism to the cosmetics industry by expressing a genuine, trustworthy viewpoint distinct from the brands.

Top models and celebrities are no longer the only way for beauty companies to market their products.

The luxury cosmetics industry has exploded on Instagram in recent years. 

Many high-end cosmetics brands have used social media to build a web of interesting content that tells their story.

We’ve rounded up ten of the best luxury beauty Instagram accounts and why we think they’re killing it ahead of the next #TRENDbyVERB on luxury beauty.

Instagram skincare and beauty accounts

@aesopskincare-818K followers

aesopskincare on instagram

The Instagram feed of Aesop is a lovely mix of conceptual painting and product photography.

Color themes allowed for this rare combination of topics, such as art and skincare.

The brand effectively and implicitly shares its narrative, communicates its opinions, and directly connects with its target audience by combining these two topics.

@the_ayu-16k followers

the_ayu on instagram

Ayu is a cosmetics company based in Australia that produces fragranced natural oils to help people relax and unwind.

They’ve taken a creative approach to their social media presence.

Their Instagram is styled after a magazine, with a very well mix of product, project, and fashion material.

It’s the ideal formula for softly selling to customers while still amusing and teaching them about the product.

@Kerastase_official-1M followers

Kerastase_official on instagram

Kerastase’s Instagram campaign focuses on commitment, as shown by its 490,000 followers.

They reuse many browser contents and post influencer videos, so their design isn’t exactly opulent.

It still works, given the brand’s status as a very transparent and affordable brand.

Kerastase, like Aesop, distributes content in “color bursts” – collections of content with a common theme.

@pfeffersal-22K followers

pfeffersal on instagram

Offer Sal is a high-end skincare center in London’s Fitzrovia neighborhood. Their Instagram account is nothing short of spectacular.

The account is beautifully curated with skincare product photos, but the pictures often flow from one color to the next (a recurring theme with professional-looking accounts).

Pink dominates the color scheme, which plays on gender stereotypes. Each Instagram post has been viewed as a blog post, with each adding value to the user.

For example, they talk about the importance of using a sunscreen factor (SPF).

@laprairie-254K followers

laprairie ON INSTAGRAM

La Prairie is a cult lux beauty brand with a classic look that pays homage to its Swedish roots. 

Unlike many other beauty brands, La Prairie uses Instagram more as a product lookbook, only posting high-resolution studio shots.

No new images, bloggers, or user-generated content (UGC) videos have been added.

They benefit from the application of feed because it ensures their exclusivity. They have a good reputation as a top fashion label with such a premium price.

@CreedFragrances-140K followers

CreedFragrances on instagram

Creed Fragrances is a high-end fragrance company that caters to the affluent.

 The family has been creating fragrances for decades and is one of the last fragrance houses to use conventional ingredients and methods.

Creed’s social media networks and Influencer Marketing management by Verb Brands create a bespoke approach for Creed’s social channels and influencer marketing by carefully curating their look and feel with stunning promotional pictures.

In six months, the verb has raised Creed Fragrances’ Instagram followers by 120 percent, Facebook followers by 50%, and Twitter followers by 21%.

We saw an average interaction rate of 5.2 percent across all of their platforms, with a high of 10.6 percent on Facebook.

@marcjacobsbeauty-3M followers

marcjacobsbeauty on instagram

Whoever is in charge of this feed, please accept my gratitude.

Thanks to the color scheme, the product, the inspiration for the product, and the overall brand image are all in complete harmony.

Please excuse us as we head out to buy brown eye shadow.

@lelabofragrances-757K followers


Le Labo is an excellent example of high-end cosmetics craftsmanship.

Their stream is curated in a dark color scheme, with a mix of product photography, a project in progress images, and posts from their sister accounts that give their brand @overheardlelabo a sense of humor.

@narcissist-8M followers


Nars‘ official account is an outstanding example of a cosmetics company that embraces and beautifully curates UGC (User Generated Content).

Their Instagram feed is a vivid burst of color, with product shots mixed in with talented makeup artist shoots highlighting their Nars at their best.

@sarahhillmakeup-80K followers


Sarah Hill is a Scottish cosmetics company that focuses on enhancing natural beauty with its products. 

Their stream includes images from the campaign as well as images of products that are brand-consistent.

They also play around with picture sizes to give their stream a more creative vibe.

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