The famous University Accounts On Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform established in 2010 in the base of iOS and 2012 for Android.

Over the years, Instagram changes to a visual content platform with so many followers in various fields.

Nowadays, Instagram is used for entertainment and is a place to start business and education.

Today some famous and prominent universities have Instagram accounts and activate there to attract their special followers.

There are lots of photos and videos shared on Instagram by your followers that you can find your favorite university by these posts.

instagram universities

The universities must present the view about the world, and this is a strategy to force the students of schools and universities to participate in Instagram.

By the researches, about 53 percent of young people from 18 up to 29 ages use this platform. We can say that they use it daily, which is why universities start to use Instagram.

Suppose you decide to have an Instagram account for your university, and you need to get inspiration to do it.

In that case, we collect the best and famous university accounts worldwide for you to follow and learn everything you need.

The universities in the world that use Instagram to post information in different styles



instagram universities

At first, Liberty University must focus on the people.

The Instagram feed of this university contains large and small photos of the persons in the area.

These photos are not only the selfies taken by people. They can be the different groups of this university or whom that has honoring for university.

These posts can attract everyone to follow the page and connect them to the university as they are there.



instagram universities

In Colorado State, the Instagram page has its especial by itself.

The Colorado State University university is famous for showing portrait scenes, quotes, and advertising campaigns on its Instagram accounts.

This university wants to show that all photos and videos are not suitable for everyone.

This strategy can help attract most students to follow them and is very important in an Instagram account.



instagram universities

The Arizona State University Instagram account is full of the honoring of this university.

This university is famous for its Track and Field.

The photos of this university contain the information and motivation for those who want to do these actions, such as the details about exercises.

The most special feature of Arizona University is the combination of photos and captions of its posts.

So be careful that giving motivation and eagerness to the people is one of the important factors in attracting them to follow Instagram.



instagram universities

The Instagram page of Duke University is about its details, especially those that are invisible for students.

Presenting these details and every event has important effects in creating trust among students in university and those who will be joined in the future.

Do not worry, sometimes be frank and clear and talk about everything that attracts your students to your university.



instagram universities

The posts of this university are a combination of the campaigns and quotes that use to show the distinctive personality of the whole university campus.

The fun and silly caption and presenting them are two ways this university chooses to show different personalities.

This distinction can attract most students to the university’s Instagram accounts.



instagram universities

Western virgin university use art in its Instagram account that has an amazing view in university.

The fantastic photos that taken from near in an interesting time or a new angle.

The professional and attractive visual content causes an exciting in the audience, and they follow the account.

As a result, the high-quality photos and videos that are shared can attract the most like, comment, and share and create good interaction among followers.



instagram universities

As everyone knows today, there is just one way to connect to a university with a focus on technology, and it is to share the photo of this center on an Instagram platform that has lots of followers that use it.

They take these so interesting and high-quality photos by Drone that have a special place among the students and followers of this university.



instagram universities

At Nottingham University, the combination of history and life with each other.

The photos and videos of this university show the history of the buildings of this university.

So this historical place attracts so many people interested in this topic and helps them understand completely and easily.



instagram universities

At Boston University, the whole focus is on students.

Every Tuesday, one student talks about him or herself and explains what makes them a special person in Boston University society and shares it on Instagram with the hashtag # TerrierTuesdays.

This action causes the students to know each other better and also the students that want to join this university can know this wonderful area.



instagram universities

In this university, the focus is on videos more than photos.

Making short videos about the events and activities done by students can change the Instagram accounts to the best and effective one among students and followers worldwide.



instagram universities

Binghamton University focuses on narrative on its Instagram account.

In this method, start to share the life story of the students and how they enter the university.


As we said in the examples above, Instagram is a platform for narrating everything you see.

By sharing the relating and high-quality photos about your university, explain and introduce them to everyone that wants to join that place.

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