The Famous & Practical Instagram Pages For New Moms

Are you a first-time mother? It’s time to freshen up your Instagram account!

 You’re going to enjoy these Instagram pages for young mothers. All of these platforms will keep you updated and linked.

Specialists in health surveys, mental health, newborn care and safety, postnatal fitness, and other professions helped develop this young mother’s Instagram profiles.

instagram mother and baby pages on instagram

You should follow each of these feeds if you’re new to parenthood.

These pages are so enjoyable because they are instructive, instructive, and also a great experience.

They post advice, ideas, exercises, suggestions & ideas, and so much more.

Instagram is no longer merely a place to share beautiful photos.

It’s also a terrific location to learn from specialists, such as these pregnancy and delivery influencers.

These excellent Instagram pages offer insight, comedy, and perspective on everything you’ve ever questioned about pregnancy – and some things you hadn’t ever considered.

It is where our list of the top mom blogs comes in handy. 

These are the moms who are sharing their tales with the world, giving you reasons to laugh, cry, and get up to parent again.

Motherhood accounts on Instagram

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@mommysbundle-10k followers

@mommysbundle is a resource for young mothers who want to conquer their fears and follow their intuition.

She provides valuable advice on motherhood, nursing, and raising a child.

She also discusses subjects that new mothers can connect to, such as isolation, postpartum relations, parenthood worries, and more.

She provides new mothers with a free postnatal mini organizer, a free anxious mom’s guide, and an entire self-care course.

@mommysbundle is informative, relatable, and simply lovely to look at.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@_happyasamother-262k followers

Erica is a mom psychotherapist, and her Instagram page covers all of the challenging themes that come with being a young mum.

Her visuals cover a wide range of issues, including postnatal depression, mother shame, coping methods, grief, emotions, and much more.

You may not connect to every subject, but I’m almost sure she has something for everyone.

Erica also presents the Happy as a Mother Podcasts and provides courses and a parenting coaching program.

@ happyasamother is an account that will cause you to feel seen, heard, and appreciated as a young mum.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@takingcarababies-1.5M followers

More rest is something that every young mum requires. The Instagram profile @takingcarababies is the data on baby rest.

Cara is a qualified pediatric sleep expert and a neonatal nurse. She teaches sleep classes to babies aged 0 to 24 months.

Her Instagram page is chock-full of advice on naps, nocturnal sleep, typical sleep problems, and primary baby care.

Cara’s newsfeed is colorful, lovely, and, most importantly, highly useful.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@healthiest_baby-674k followers

One of my favorite accounts for all things baby is @healthiest baby.

Dr. Cathryn is a physician who offers expert advice during the first year of your baby’s life.

Her infographics cover a variety of topics, including child growth, neonatal care, and baby conversation.

Dr. Cathryn makes each post entertaining and educational. She also has a book called “Play Smart: Month by Month Play Guidelines for Hungry Little Minds,” which she sells as an eBook.

@healthiest baby is a beautiful site to have on hand.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram


Anna is a children’s book and mom, comic artist. Her Instagram account is full of excellent illustrations that wonderfully depict parenthood.

Her posts are hilarious, honest, and incredibly relevant. If you would like to use beneficial your Instagram page, follow @annadenisefloor.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@sharonmazel-143k followers

Sharon is the perfect motherhood and pregnancy author, and her Instagram account is full of helpful advice for young mothers.

She introduces a wide range of topics, including postpartum, newborns, toddlers, play activities, feeding advice, and more.

Her visuals are visually appealing, easy to understand, and chock-full of data you didn’t realize you required!

Sharon co-wrote “What to Believe When you’re Expecting” and many other “What to Expect” publications.

She’s a treasure of information, and her Instagram account is a must-follow for any young parent.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram


Dr. Elyssa Bar bash, a Psychologist, founded the Instagram account @mamaful.

She offers evidence-based postnatal and parenthood techniques and recommendations.

Her stream is highly informational, and it informs new mothers that it’s acceptable if things aren’t going well.

She discusses postpartum depression, personality, feelings, and other issues.

Dr. Elyse offers a freebie titled “11 Strategies for Improving Your Mood in the Moment,” as well as an online class on treating depression and a Premarital Therapy Workbook.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@mamaguide-89.9k followers

@mamaguide is a group dedicated to assisting you in making the most of your parenting experience.

There’s not much that @mamaguide doesn’t address! Meal suggestions, nursing advice, hobbies, and data on baby naps, potty-training advice, car seat security, and much more are available.

A newborn necessities checklist, a guide to baby’s developmental stages in year one, and a guide to language developments are among the freebies offered by @mamaguide.

They also have inexpensive recommendations on baby playtime and pureed foods introduction.

The Instagram page @mamaguide is fantastic for young moms.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram followers

Brooke is a pediatric nurse and the owner of, one of the most incredible baby Instagram profiles.

She started her page to help mothers and improve the interests of babies and toddlers. Her posts are both entertaining and instructive.

She creates a wide range of topics, including babies, nursing, infant rest, and more.

Brooke provides both the best free infant development monitor and a low-cost newborn program.

For young mothers, is a terrific Instagram account to follow.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@postpartum.push-78k followers

@postpartum.push is a service that helps new parents survive after giving birth and prepare for the postnatal.

Courtney and Katie, a doctor and a Certified Nurse Midwife/Health Women’s Nurse Practitioner developed this instructive Instagram page.

On their account, Courtney and Katie speak about all things about pregnancy.

There are no taboo topics, including postpartum sex, postpartum period changes, postpartum mental health, and more.

On their page, Courtney and Katie provide a comprehensive list of postpartum tools, including a postpartum vaginal care kit.

They also present The PUSH Revolution, a podcast.

Give @postpartum.push a follow if you’re looking for some advice throughout the postpartum period.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@mrspatels-113k followers

Although @mrspatels is a firm that creates handmade artisanal nursing and pregnancy goods, their Instagram page is all about new parenting.

They include nursing and pumping advice, as well as baby health, newborn, and postpartum advice.

Throughout a newborn’s first year, @mrspatels answers commonly asked questions and offers helpful hints to make new parenthood easier.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@postpartumnutritlonist-17.8k followers

Alexandra Paetow is a dietitian who helps mothers regain their sense of self after giving birth.

 She teaches postpartum and nursing nutrition through her Instagram account.

Her feed is colorful and lovely, with quotes, simple meal suggestions, and information on the advantages of certain foods for postpartum healing.

Alexandra provides one-on-one nutritional counseling as well as a set of no-prep snack suggestions. 

Follow the page nutritionist on Instagram to discover more about utilizing food to reduce stress and anxiety after having a baby.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@thebalanceafterbaby-36.8k followers

Chelsea is a postpartum health coach that supports new mums to maintain a healthy mental and physical balance throughout their recovery (and beyond).

@thebalanceafterbaby is a positive Instagram account with inspirational quotations, infographics, and an odd glimpse into her parenting journey.

Chelsea provides another postpartum support coaching as well as a private postpartum support group.

Follow @thebalanceafterbaby if you’re a young parent looking for assistance through your health survey.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@rookiemoms-35.4k followers

Nothing compares to the exhaustion and terror of being a young mum.

Is your kid breathing generally through the night? Is there enough food for them?

Will your under-eye circles always go away?

Rookie Moms is an Instagram page for new mothers who are thick, encompassing everything from babies to preschoolers.

You’ll find recommendations for baby goods, suggestions for easing postpartum problems, and heartfelt anecdotes that will make you cry.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@rockinmama-13.1k followers

Rockin Mama began simply sufficiently: a NICU nursing and new mother wanted to record the first year of her son’s life.

However, as her pieces gained popularity, she discovered she liked what she was doing and wanted to extend the site into something more.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@modernmom-10.5k followers

Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt have created the Modern Mom team, a one-stop-shop for mothers who want it all. 

You’ll find articles about balancing work and parenting, recall tips, recipes, and anything else in between.

Above all, you’ll find a network of mothers sharing their tales and connecting over the mutual understanding of parenthood.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@juna.moms-137k followers

Sarah is a mother and Juna creator, a fitness and nutrition application framework just for mothers.

She uses Images to provide workouts, dietary ideas, and essential baby and mom info.

The @juna.moms account is simple, attractive, and full of important information.

Sarah presents the Juna Women Podcast, a weekly discussion with mothers on healthcare, work, kids, and managing it all, in addition to the

application. You must follow @juna.moms if you’d like to live a better and healthy lifestyle as a young parent.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram


Andrea is the founder of @babysleep.answers and a baby and mother sleep training expert.

Andrea is the queen of the meme, and her page is simultaneously humorous, relevant, and valuable.

She uses reels, infographics, and, obviously, memes to address all of your pressing sleep training concerns.

She provides a free weekly series of interviews in her tales and individualized sleep programs for tired mothers.

Andrea offers several answers to a common issue that all new moms face: the need for more rest!

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@the.postpartum.doula: Julie, Laguna Family Doulas-1k followers

Julie is a licensed birth and postpartum doula who utilizes Instagram to inspire young moms and educate them on how to flourish in their pregnancy.

Julie’s feed covers postpartum depression, self-care, newborn feeding, mental wellness, and much more.

Julie’s bio includes a link to a completely free consultation, a guide to process your birth, and twenty-minute support sessions.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@southbaymommyandme: Bryana, Perinatal-5Expert-85k followers

Bryana is a mother and the founder of the Instagram account @southbaymommyandme.

She assists mothers in de-stressing and parenting in a more improve the likelihood.

Her feed is all about parenting healthy, lovely children. She offers practical advice on navigating life with newborns.

She offers soothing tantrum seminars, internet seminars, and a podcast.

Anybody who wants to learn everything about how to interact effectively with children should follow @southbabymommyandme on Instagram.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@mommyacademy: Janey, Baby Tips & Info-50.4k followers

The Instagram account @mommyacademy is dedicated to new and expectant mothers.

Janey, a parent, writer, and early literacy specialist run @mommyacademy.

She utilizes Instagram to teach moms how to nurture their baby’s first year conventionally.

 Her blog covers a wide range of topics, including communication, rest, growth, and much more.

A free baby sleeping guide, 25 easy playing ideas, a baby-guided weaned quickstart guide, and more are available via @mommyacademy.

@mommyacademy is an Instagram post for new moms that are both informative and amusing!

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@postpartumtogether: Bestie for Early Motherhood-9k followers

Chelsea is a mother and a qualified professional life coach aiming to change the way people deal with postpartum depression.

She encourages new mothers to understand that postpartum depression is more than a mental health condition and verification.

Her Instagram page is dedicated to all of the little-noticed postpartum signs and sentiments.

To assist in modifying the postpartum story, she uses infographics, reels, and real-life images.

Chelsea provides personal postpartum consultations, tiny minority training, and a free online community.

Join the cause by following @postpartumtogether.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@safebeginnings: Holly Choi baby + toddler safety-37k followers

The most Instagram page for young mothers who would like to educate about newborn and child health is Holly established @safebeginnings.

@safebeginnings to provide parents with simple ideas for keeping their babies and kids safe.

This instructional site will educate you on everything you need to know about first aid, car seat safety, baby proofing, and more!

Holly also teaches infant/child CPR, choking, and preventive care through online classes and live seminars.

@safebeginnings is a beautiful site for new mothers.

instagram motherhood accounts on instagram

@karrie_locher: Karrie Locher RN-262k followers

Karrie Locher is a registered nurse who utilizes Instagram to share her experiences with postpartum, child care, and parenting.

She specializes in postpartum health, breastfeeding advice, and infant care. 

She uses quotations, reels, infographics, and images from her own parenting experience to teach new mothers.

Karrie has created “Karing for Baby,” a set of reference materials, quizzes, and printouts to assist you in troubleshooting all matters baby and pumping.

Follow @karrie locher if you’d like to keep up with all of the most incredible Instagram profiles for young mothers.


We are sure this excellent parenting Instagram accounts entertain and encourage you as you embark on this new adventure.

Being a new mother is challenging, but discovering relevant and instructional content on Instagram may help. 

Knowing that you’re not alone and that there’s a large community of other mothers in your shoes may be reassuring. 

We introduced a new Instagram page and followed all of these mother celebrities to make it easier for you to join each page. 

Tap each of the pages in this article, then select “following” to quickly and easily follow all of these pages.

Please feel free to mention us on any other accounts that you believe should have been included!

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