All Pet Lovers Should Follow The Famous Dogs & Cats

If you’re the proud owner of a pet, you’ve always wondered how your pet compares to the latest breed of Insta-famous pets.

A sweet face and a cute smile are the best starting points, but you should effort if you want your pet to reach the heights of social media fame.

To find out what it needs, we talked with Rachel Oates, a famous pet photographer who shares photos of Winston, her Pembroke Welsh corgi, with his nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram.

Rachel shares the essential tips below that you should know. So follow us in this article.


Essential Tips About Pets To Be Famous On Social Media

Consistency is necessary

Consistency is necessary, particularly with Instagram’s recent algorithm changes.

Some people plan to post twice a day, and it is fine, but someone prefers to post a photo or video one time on a day with significant and unique captions.

People want to see what you do daily, and it attracts them.

Be aware of your audience.

One of the favorite pets is Corgis, among the top 50 dogs in Asia and the United States, so we have a large following.

When America is awake and Asia is sleeping, I post in the afternoon (UK time).

You should check different times to understand when time is best for interaction with followers.

An Instagram business account helps you because it shows the suitable time for you.”

Try to use relative hashtags.

Using hashtags specific to your pets’ breed, then relate the rest of your photos to the others.

Also, try to use weekly hashtags to post pictures for your pets. That is always a good idea.

Take part in social activities.

We should enter Instagram pages, but we should never involve people in this.

Some Instagram accounts are important and famous, like pet pages, and attract more followers.

You should follow these accounts and comment on their posts; then, they will do the same for you.

We suggest you do it for one or two hours a day.

Move with the switch-off lights.

You should go and visit pop-up pet activities in other social media pet celebrities.

It is like networking; this event causes you and your pets to meet events you weren’t aware of, and vice versa.

It has a benefit for your pet as well. Some of the people riding their pet in streets and this make them famous.

Using the caption is so essential.

Good quality photos are essential, but using cute and good-quality pics to post is not enough.

You cannot expect it to do amazingly well; you should use the caption and the picture simultaneously to attract people to choose them to share as a post.

Maintain your pet’s health.

We should not wash him very much because his body’s natural oils waste.

But we can brush his teeth daily and wash them once a week because some pets are extremely heavy shedders.

Also, we should pay attention to his nails. We also should feed him twice a day with dry pet food.

Providing a good and healthy diet for your pet is essential for keeping him happy, safe, and ready to grape Instagram likes.

Wet and dry food is suitable for your pets’ life cycle. The pet food will nourish your pet’s skin and cause a good situation on Instagram.

Increase your pet’s attitude.

I don’t believe in forcing your pet to do anything they don’t want to do.

For example, Winston down a train carriage saying ‘hello’ to everyone, so I created the hashtag #WinstonTheFlirt to capitalize on that.”

Work with your pet and boost his personality and teach him about daily events that your followers want and like; if your pet is shy, try to teach him about his relations.

Organize your time.

Try to plan to spend time online interacting and spend time with your pet, like drinking coffee in the morning, reading a book in the afternoon, and maybe an outdoor shot or a snooze later on and sharing these moments with your followers.

Millions of Fans Follow The 10 Cutest Dogs On Instagram

Pet influencers change to common and interesting groups on Instagram, like fashion, travel, and fitness, which have a special place in people’s lives.

Instagram’s top dogs have more followers than many people, demonstrating a unique ability to connect with animal lovers of all ages. It’s impossible not to love the most famous Instagram dogs. 

They’ve been featured on calendars and in several New York Times best-selling books. These ten dogs melt the hearts of viewers one post at a time, whether they pursue everyone to adopt a pet or just looking sweet.

We’ve collected a list of the top 10 most famous and cute dogs on Instagram that have the following 22.1 million followers. They have unbelievable power, demonstrating that influencers can be in different shapes, sizes, and species.

@jiffpom 10M followers

With 10 million followers, Jiff Pom, a Pomeranian puppy, has the most followers on Instagram. He has a lot of success and played a role in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video in 2014. One of his talents is his fast running, which affects the world.

@itsdougthepug 3M followers

Doug the Pug, the world’s most popular dog, has 3 million Instagram followers. This dog’s popularity on Instagram has resulted in many calendars, a New York Times best-selling novel, and his merchandise. Doug, like Jiff Pom, has a music video, most recently in Fall Out Boy’s Irresistible in 2015. Leslie Mosier, his creator, is a full-time Instagram manager.

@marutaro-2M followers

Maruto, also known as Maru, lives in Tokyo. Maru’s popularity started in Japan, but she is now worldwide famous and has many picture albums. Shinjiro Ono, his creator, decided to this Instagram account to cheer people up after the earthquake and tsunami that shake Japan in 2011. Since then, Maru continues to brighten the lives of millions around the world.

@marniethedog-1M followers

Marnie is an elderly Shih Tzu adopted in Connecticut and is famous for her wide eyes and trademark tongue-out smile. Shirley Braha was searching for her first dog in 2011 and found Marnie at a shelter. Marnie now has her novel, Marnie the Dog I’m a Book, which attracts people to adopt elderly pets. At the age of 15, she has happily retired to California.

@tunameltsmyheart-2M followers

Tuna lives in Los Angeles. At a dog rescue event in 2010, his owner Courtney Dasher fell in love with this cute and adopted him. Dasher’s best thing was posting photos of tuna on Instagram in 2011, and it quickly became famous.

@loki_the_wolfdog-2M followers

Loki, the Wolf Dog, is a gorgeous Husky/Arctic Wolf/Malamute cross that lives just outside of Denver, Colorado. Many of Loki’s Instagram photos feature are his outdoor adventures, as his owner, Kelly Lund, is a photographer and outdoor lover.

Loki caters to attracting an outdoor and animal lovers audience and has collaborated with famous companies such as Toyota, Chaco Footwear, and L.L. Bean. Lund left his work in 2015 to focus solely on Loki’s Instagram. Loki now has 2 million followers, indicating that the risk was well worth it.

@harlowandsage-1M followers

Brittni Vega’s family of dogs includes Harlow, Indiana, and Reese of @harlowandsage. Harlow, a Weimaraner, and Sage, a miniature Dachshund, were the original members of the family, but Sage died in 2013.

Indiana and Reese, two miniature dachshunds, were quickly introduced to the mix to round out the pack. Vega has used the three best online fame to write a New York Times best-selling novel, produce Harlow and Sage-themed apparel, and launch a dog toy line.

@thiswildidea-1M followers

Maddie is a famous featured on Theron Humphrey’s Instagram account @thiswildidea. Humphrey, a filmmaker, adopted her in Georgia as part of a mission to photograph all 50 states of the United States.

Maddie had a great feeling of balance and the ability to keeping a pose, so she quickly became the important point of his photo series. Maddie has her photobook and has collaborated with companies such as Discover Boating, Goose Island, and others.

@manny_the_frenchie-1M followers

Manny the Frenchie is a 1 million Instagram follower French bulldog from Chicago, Illinois. Amber Chavez and Jon Huang shared pictures of him as a puppy with friends initially but quickly realized he had a broad appeal.

@lokistagram-709k followers

Loki, a Corgi from Vancouver, was the original star of @lokistagram. Sadly, he died in 2016, and his owners Tim and Viv, adopted Bear, a rescue dog.

Loki’s Instagram account today is dedicated to both his life and the adoption of the couple’s new puppy. The online popularity of Loki and Bear has resulted in a calendar and several brand collaborations.

Tim and Viv are also animal welfare ambassadors who often share photos of the dogs they foster on Instagram.


Millions of Fans Follow The 10 Cutest Cats On Instagram

@realgrumpycat-2.5M followers

If you like funny photos, and on the internet, you should see a lovely grumpy-looking cat somewhere. When she started in 2012, Grumpy became an Instagram celebrity. All other cats can only be angry about her 12.1 million followers across all social networking sites because she is so famous. 

Grumpy’s bad days are over now that he has such a famous fanbase. Her Instagram followers are mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, with 2.2 million. I doubt I’ll ever come close to this life situation.

@Nala_cat-4M followers

Nala Cat is a lovely cat that we all love, and her name alone shows images of her cuteness. She has about 5.9 million followers across all Instagram platforms, with 4 million followers on Instagram, so I guess I’m not the only one who is affected by her cuteness.

The United States has the largest part of its followers, followed by Indonesia and Canada. Nala was separated from her real family at a young age, but she has risen in an amazing home thanks to her new owners. They started to raise awareness about proper animal care on Instagram. She’s also helping people and educates them.

@iamlilbub-2M followers

I would have rolled my eyes if anyone had told me that a cat would one day become a philanthropist. Lil Bub is changed to a famous cat in history. Bub has risen over $300,000 for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals since she became famous.

Bub owns and operates her shop in the United States, where she designs, processes, and delivers all of the store’s merchandise. She raised $105,000 in 2017. 

Her Instagram account has 2 million followers, and her followers love her friendship with her creator.

@hamilton_the_hipster_cat-813k followers

He is a cute, adventurous, and entertaining cat with a white mustache. Hamilton has become an Instagram star as a result of this. 

Hamilton, famous for his beard, lives in the United States and has over 813,000 Instagram followers; the United States and the United Kingdom account for most of his followers.

 @pudgethecat-646k followers

Pudge has several YouTube videos and has large amount followers, with approximately 1 million devoted fans. Also, Pudge beard’s cause her popularity, and her owner deserves credit for seeing her talent and putting her in the spotlight. 

She currently has over 646,000 Instagram followers and has collaborated with different brands, including movies and music artists such as Miley Cyrus. Pudge has a wonderful personality and is constantly entertaining her Instagram followers.

@waffles_the_cat-906k followers

Please don’t get the wrong idea: Waffles didn’t get his name because he likes waffles. Everyone felt he was unattractive, and no one wanted to adopt him. He wasn’t adopted until he was a teenager.

 Waffles were the only cat left in his litter before discovering a family who had come to adopt him and fell in love with him.

Today, those who dismissed Waffles could never have imagined that he would become an Instagram famous pet. Waffles have a sizable Instagram following, with about 906,000 followers, most of which are from the United States.

@fumeancat-1M followers

The Fumeancat is a business brand for a celebrity cat. The name Fumeancats refers to a brand that celebrates cats in general use it. 

The company shows its love for cats by highlighting them as lovable and cute animals. They have 2.2 million followers across different social media platforms, including 470,000 Instagram followers. 

They have fans from Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States.

@oskar_the_blind_cat-450k followers

Oskar has 450,000 Instagram followers, the bulk of which are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 

Oskar and his best friend/owner Klaus spend a lot of time together having a good time and enjoy, and they have a children’s book that is sold all over the world.

@coleandmarmalade-670k followers

Cole and Marmalade are like cool superheroes and interesting names, but these two cats are Instagram influencers, not your typical superheroes. Chris adopted both of them, and they get along swimmingly. 

They have a website where their followers can learn how to care for cats, which they own and operate properly. It is possible to learn how to wash, clean, and feed them properly.

 They have 670,000 Instagram followers, most of whom are females.

@samhaseyebrows-230k followers

Many neglected and unwanted animals have been saved and given new homes, and Sam is one of them. Her former owners left her on the street, and she refused to eat or drink water until she was saved and taken to a new home, where she finally found love again. 

Her new owners then set up an Instagram account for her, and she now has 230 00 followers.


Animals are our friends, employees, eyes, and ears, and food. They can be found in ancient cave paintings as well as on farms and business bases today. Some of them have been domesticated, while others are still wild and are occasionally threatened by our activities. 

They keep us company and, although they can be amusing at times, they are also useful helpers. Keeping Having a pet has many advantages for health. They will increase our chance to some activities such as exercise, learn to have good relationships, and go walking.

Running or playing with pets regularly will help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Companionship from pets will help us leave isolation and depression. Everyone has one pet at home in the United States.

People related to their pets have been shown in studies that cause to improve health, decrease stress, and bring satisfaction to their owners. However, pets can sometimes have some harmful factors that cause our sickness even when they appear healthy.

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