The Best & Beneficial Doctor Accounts on Instagram

We have a clear view that Instagram is a social platform not only for entertainment and time-wasting but also an important app to business, education, and health care.

Today’s there are lots of influencers that are active in Social media such as Instagram.

Instagram is the best and important app that everyone in a different field can work online and earn money.

Maybe it is wonderful for you that Instagram is not just for fashion, beauty, business, etc.

The doctor influencer is a new and interesting activity that has today become popular, especially by the prevalence of coronavirus disease.

These doctors try to talk about tips for a healthy life, mental life, and happy life, especially in taking care of the body against disease.

On Instagram, there are many healthy pages that doctors have and help you by looking at those pages, watching the videos, reading the comments, and asking your questions.

In these pages, health experts focus on health and diet programs and ask the followers questions.

Now we choose some of the best doctor influencers for you that are skillful in this field.

So be with us to introduce the best doctor accounts on Instagram and solve your health problems online.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Lisa Long is a psychologist, who lives in New York, and her goal is to help people increase their strength against the barriers and learned to make a high-quality life; and she loves to help people increase their abilities.

We can say that her Instagram feed is full of motivation and best advice.

She is an experienced clinical psychologist and presents mental health services to people.

Dr. Long’s specialties include:

  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Learning Disabilities Testing
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Substance Abuse

An integrated customer-centric approach helps her use the best and new techniques and research to solve the disease’s problems by evidence.

In her idea should not use one method for all diseases. So she uses the one treat for a special person that needs it and is effective.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Myron Rolle is a neurosurgeon that changes his life way from football to doctor.

He was born in Huston. Rolle received his license in sports science from FSU in 2008.

In 2013, Rolle left NFL to study medicine at Florida University. Then in 2017, he decided to study neurosurgeon science.

By looking at his Instagram page, you can find his posts about fitness and education.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Dr. Sandra was born in New York, and after her parent’s migration, she started to lives in California, and her specialty is skin.

She can solve all skin problems, such as blackheads to cysts.

She shares a video and photo from her patients and attracts people to watch them.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Dr. Zubin Damania, known as the ZDoggMD on Instagram, is a doctor in the real and virtual world.

He is a founder of Turntable Health, the clinic for primary care in Los Vegas.

He is famous for his joking and lyric videos. So if you need laughing and entertainment in your life, we advise you to follow this doctor’s page.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Dr. Michelle Henry is a skin surgery who is educated at Harvard and Mount Sinai-trained.

Her Instagram feed is full of skincare tips. Interestingly, famous persons like Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter and respected style blogger Claire Summers.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Dr.Mike is one of the famous men doctors in the social media world.

He has a medical license from New York and also has activity on Instagram and YouTube.

He is one the most handsome man on Instagram, in addition to his medical expert.

He tries to increase his information about the health issues and decrease the cancer dangers and stress.

The hole in his attempt is building a better life for everyone.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

If you have any questions about the long life and prevention from the deadly disease, you can follow dr.

Deepak Chopra; claims that he found these questions answer. He is an American doctor, writer, and socially active.

He also advises meditation because of its energy to create a healthy body.

In this way, he can connect the mind and body to reach the spiritual focus.

His Instagram account is full of quotes about spirituals, answer to questions, and videos about his presence on TV shows.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Dr. Hyman is a family doctor and also the founder and manager of the UltraWellness Center.

He dedicates his life to confrontation with the reasons of chronic disease by using the power of medicine.

By his idea, all of us are deserved a happy and healthy life, and we can make it.

He talks about tips about all beneficial information to help people to live healthy on his Instagram page.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Doctor APA is one of the most important dentistry globally that has a collection of beauty clinics called Apa.

One of the special features of Michael’s work is the tooth crown.

He has the before and after photos of his work, answers different questions, and has some personal photos on his Instagram feed.



the best doctor accounts on instagram

Amanda bisk is a famous physiologist, yoga coach, and pilates coach experienced in teaching how you can live better.

She started to exercise at three years old as a gymnast and participated in a high jump contest.

Exercise is his favorite activity, and she wants to increase its motivation in everyone.

She is a founder of the Fresh Body Fit Mind program and shares all yoga and fitness exercises to create a better and happy life.

If you follow her Instagram page, you can find lots of motivational posts there.

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