The Best & Amazing Content Ideas for Instagram

Don’t know what to post on Instagram now or plan for the coming season on Instagram?

It’s happened to all of us!

You’re looking for something, anything, in your photostream, but all you discover are around a million photographs of your dog/cat/baby/food.

Not exactly what you’d want to see on your Instagram feed!

instagram content idea

To increase your Instagram impact and stand out, you must continuously share high concentration consistent with your brand’s style and personality.

There’s no disputing that our creative thoughts hit a wall from time to time or that our schedules get so crazy that we don’t have time to think out what to share on Instagram on the spur of the moment!

The good news is that numerous tools can assist you with scheduling Instagram photos and preparing descriptions and hashtags.

They also ensure that you constantly have something new for your fans to like and share with their friends.

When you’re confused about what to post on Instagram, here are ideas.

Here are 40 fantastic Instagram post ideas to keep in mind if you’re having trouble coming up with new ideas.

Do you want to jump ahead to the most relevant article idea for you?

Here’s a rundown of things you should post on Instagram:

A tutorial

insta tutorial

  • In a nutshell, what could you tell your audience?
  • Are you, for example, a beauty blogger?

The importance of brows cannot be overstated. Ask any female who doesn’t have flawlessly groomed yet bushy brows about the importance of mastering the art of brow makeup.

To engage with your audience on a practical level, provide your ideas on using your favorite products, whatever they may be.

Encourage your followers to go outside and get some exercise.

Did you realize that physical activity has a significant impact on the human brain?

Just 30 minutes a day can promote cognitive performance, reduce stress, enhance cognitively, and boost your health, yeow!

Nowadays, technology is an essential part of our daily lives, which implies more time spent with computers and smartphones for most people.

Choose an excellent example for others and encourage them to incorporate it into their everyday routine.

Holidays that you adore

insta holidays ideas

Relive one of your best holiday memories. When you’re stuck for ideas about what to post on Instagram, take a series of photos of your favorite places to visit.

It’s a terrific method to repurpose existing content and an excellent excuse to revisit your vacation photos!

Because Instagram is mainly about a way of life, pick a location that makes you happy.

Have you gone on a trip recently? Get on the road!

Why not organize a trip to the beach? There’s something about the water that always makes people happy!

Ocean shots are well-known for their popularity as engagement photos!

What’s in your purse should be displayed?

instagram ideas for content

A beautifully or untidy, if that’s your thing! The ordered perspective of what’s in your bag, often called The Bag-Spill, gives tremendous insight into your character, your must-haves, and your life generally.

We’re thinking of your work bag, gym bag, purse, clutch, artist bag, beauty bag, or even what’s in your new carrier bag to spark your ideas!

Flatlays are an easy and efficient Instagram go-to.

The way you start your day.

Many people realize they have to emphasize self-care better, and seeing others do so will inspire them to do so as well.

Do you get up in the morning and have some ‘me time and spend time with yourself, or do you immediately check your Instagram Direct messages on your phone?

Tell your followers how you establish your day’s purpose — you’ll either encourage them or, if you’re a workaholic like us, you’ll provide insight into what you aim to alter.

It’s fantastic for fostering communal cohesion.

Your Breakfast delicacies

instagram ideas for content

Breakfast dishes are not only good to eat but great to look at, mainly if you photograph them like a professional!

The secret to this photo is a great design, composition, and lighting, and if you can get your hands in the frame as well, we’ve found that they get more interaction — the power of human connection!

A great tip is to take a snapshot from a bird’s eye view, so get prepared to start climbing on that chair!!

You have the option of working from home.

instagram ideas

If you post a snapshot of your workplace with a pleasant caption, your fans will be less likely to despise Mondays.

Your choice of clothing is perfect.

We go directly to Instagram and seek #chicoutfits when we have to complete office/business chic.

If you have strong workplace outfit skills, do Instagram a favor and posture and upload your OOTD!

Your flavor of the month.

Do you have a new piece of camera equipment, Pottery Barn home decor, or three pairs of Bonds socks for less than $3 on your mind? YAY! Tell us about the product that has piqued your interest.

Create a cocktail that your company would enjoy

Are you up for a Plannocolada?

Make a cocktail (or a drink!) and give it a creative name that reflects your personality (or the personality of your brand!).

Cocktails are an excellent way to communicate about the end of the week, but they’re frequently photographed in dim light with warm colors (slightly orange) that don’t perform as well as we’d like.

When shooting inside, always double-check your lighting.

Spoiler alert: this isn’t the best fit for your Instagram account. How about a boomerang announcing the week’s end festivities? If it’s on-brand, you’ll get bonus points!)

Do you need some assistance with Instagram’s more outcome measures?

Here’s what you should be sharing on Instagram Stories:


insta flower photos

When we don’t know what to post and share on Instagram, this is our go-to – blossoming yes!

Grab a posy, prop it up against a backdrop, and snap away.

See if you can locate blossoms that are on-brand for you! Play around with nail color, arm and hand decorations, and use your imagination to get beyond your obstacle.

Apps you’ve recently discovered.

Spread the message about new programs, technology, or devices that you’ve found helpful or entertaining!

Have you discovered something beneficial and believe that additional people would benefit from knowing about it?

Don’t keep it quiet; tell your audience about it!

The device’s developers may even contact you to thank you for your support.

You are welcome to use any of the pictures on our site or Instagram account to demonstrate how helpful Plann, our active social media management application, is!

Use the hashtag #plannthat to include us in your chat!

Something that makes you feel good.

Highlight someone you respect, attach a photo of their work, and explain why they make you feel good on the inside!

Discuss how they influence and encourage you, as well as why you admire and search up to them.

Even if you haven’t met in person, this is a terrific opportunity to thank someone who has directly affected your life.

It’s ideal for forming strong bonds with others or introducing yourself to new ones.

Your DIY projects

insta photos

Have you been motivated to craft something after browsing Instagram?

You might want to set an Instagram curfew for this one; otherwise, you’ll be browsing for the rest of the day!

Look about integrating it into your Instagram theme, whether it’s a DIY floating bookshelf or a Mason jar vase.

A motivational quote

  • Motivational quotations are a terrific way to demonstrate your goals, but how about making your own?
  • Do you have a favorite quote? Or something you envision the voice of your business saying?

Take out your pens and paper, or go to Canva (thanks to our connection, you can do this without even leaving the Plann application!) and make your graphic to share.

Your morning on Sunday.

What are your Sunday rituals?

  • Do you wake up at 11 a.m.?
  • Do you get up at 6 a.m. to go for a jog?
  • Do you get up at 7 a.m. but remain in bed reading or binge-watching your favorite Netflix show while sipping your latte?

Now and then, show your fans how your Sunday mornings are. #sundaystyleloves is an excellent hashtag to use for this!

Sneak peek.

Have you been working on projects in the shadows but aren’t ready to unveil them yet?

One of our best things to do when thinking about what to post on Instagram is to post a small piece of what’s going on and generate some intrigue.

If you’re planning a new expedition, this may be penning your to-do list or using a few of your resources, or even a map with a few spots circled.

Asking a question.

Ask a strange question to pique your audience’s interest. It might be everything and is intended to be a friendly approach to begin a dialogue.

Organize an on-the-spot giveaway!

There’s nothing like going through Instagram in the afternoon to uncover a little piece of afternoon joy in the shape of a snap giveaway.

If you’re having a bad day, nothing will brighten your spirits, like making someone else’s day by giving something away.

Create a flat lay by dismantling your equipment.

Gather the technology or objects you use regularly and arrange them to make your own flatly.

Explain why each of these items is so essential to you — this is a fun way to explain what your life is like behind the scenes!

If you can do it in a color theme, you get bonus points!

Your adorable pets

Photos of pets on Instagram will improve everyone’s day, whether they’re a fat cat or an adorable tiny dog.

Make some white space

instagarm content ideas

Is your Instagram account getting a touch crowded these days?

Do you have a lot of busy photos on your newsfeed that make it feel a little crowded?

When your feed is complete, your head is full, and you have no time to think about what to post on Instagram!

Take a step back and examine your Instagram album; does it require some white space?

Take a picture of anything simple (but yet in your color theme), like a text message, a sight from inside your favorite coffee, or water at the beach or in swimming.

#photosinbetween is a hashtag dedicated to these kinds of images.

Sunrise or sunset

insta sunset

There is nothing magical about the first light of a new day. Combine it with your goals-setting ideas or focus on your achievements.

Look for an Instagrammable wall.

Some of your favorite people are standing or jumping! Next to bright walls, as you’ve seen all over Instagram.

Why can’t this also be you?

Take a friend for a coffee and go exploring – you’ll find that once you get started taking, you’ll wind up having a lot more photos to spread out over the months if you get stuck again!

Pro Tip: Bring a variety of shirts, caps, and sunglasses, so you’re ready for any color combination!

Do you need some motivation? #walltraveled is our favorite hashtag to use for these.

Tell us about something new you’ve learned and discovered recently

Self-directed education on the internet is a multibillion-dollar business – everybody is learning something.

Is there anything that has recently piqued your interest? Make it relevant to the people with whom you wish to maintain contact!

Your suggestion for a good read

Discuss your significant points and offer your audience something to think about, as well as solve the problem of what to post on Instagram, whether it’s THE BEST BOOK EVER! or the one you just finished.

Let’s get real

Share something that is causing you difficulty right now or a recent hardship.

You never know who might be going through something similar, and reaching out and being open with your society will help you build better bonds.

Your favorite cup of coffee (or tea!)

instagram productive

The importance of hot drinks cannot be overstated. It keeps people active throughout long work hours and provides warmth on a chilly day. We’re confident your fans share our sentiments.

Do you think it’s a touch bland?

These adorable coffee stencils from Amazon are a terrific way to bring personality to your day!

It is an excellent suggestion!

If you’re pairing this shot with a cup of tea, we’ve discovered that milky teas outperform darker drinks like black coffee and black teas! What a fascinating concept!

The pizza you ordered was made especially for you.

We’re going to leave this one alone!

Tips on how to be more productive

With thousands of books, podcasts, and efficiency applications available, efficiency is a hot topic.

Everybody wants to know how to make the most of their time.

Time management is one of the most difficult skills to master.

Make a post about just how you spend your time or the new strategies you’re experimenting with.

Your favorite store’s interior

Give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how your favorite hangout looks from the inside. Scandi-chic simplicity gets extra points.

A photograph of yourself.

It’s contagious, so flash that smile. Post a joyful snapshot of yourself to spread great thoughts to your followers!

For your Instagram account, write about why you’re enthusiastic about what you do, the big WHY behind what motivates you to improve every day, and your interests.

If you broadcast that to the globe, we’ll all fall in love with you.

A pedagogical carousel.

Carousels are having a significant moment on Instagram right now!

These multi-story pieces are a great approach to provide your audience with free content by giving insights and information.

An IGTV about a current issue

instagram IGTV

Get your voice and face out there as soon as possible. Speaking out proudly for a cause you care about.

Make a post on someone who inspires you

Put somebody else in the limelight by mentioning a company or person you’re now smitten with.

You may also use the ‘share company’ badge to cite them in your tales!

Send a link to a work-in-progress

Give your viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a project you’re currently working on.

It’ll catch their interest and make them want to learn more!

Take a poll of your audience

instgram poll

Post a poll to get to understand your customer a little better, whether it’s on a sensitive matter or whether they prefer coffee or tea!

It can help you develop better-personalized content in the future if you do it regularly.

Testimonial/review of a client

Have you finally obtained some encouraging remarks from a service or product?

Please make a picture out of them, post it on your page, or even ask them to shoot a short video!

A photograph of your product or service

It may seem self-evident, but don’t neglect to brag about your fantastic good or service now and then!

It might be a UGC (user-produced content) reshare of a client article, or it might be you utilizing your products.

The last word

You now have some Instagram content ideas to work with. But, how would it seem if you never had to think about what to post on Instagram again?

Thanks to our new content suggestions in the Plann application, this may become a reality!

These have been carefully crafted to cover various topics, including behind-the-scenes, community building, and asking for the sale.

We’ve even color scheme them to match our top-performing themes so you can see how the approach was built specifically for you.

With questions for sectors, we’ll help you develop a well-rounded brand story.

The suggestions will help you create relevant ones for your future comments once you see them live and in action.

More information regarding our content suggestions can be found here.

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