Step-by-Step Instruction on Instagram Video Calling

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Instagram is a social network that had been limited to photo and video sharing for many years but has made significant progress in recent years.

Instagram, which has become one of the most popular social networks among users, has attracted the attention of many users by adding attractive features to its application.

This time, video calling has added to its capabilities.

Features such as Instagram Direct to chat and send private messages and video calls to a maximum of four friends that are easy to use are similar to programs like Skype and Snapshot, has transformed this social network and made it practically one of the main choices for users.

instagram-grow-iconHowever, some users still do not know how to use video calling on Instagram to have an effective conversation with their friends and followers. You do not need to have any contact number to make a video call on Instagram. We only need one account for both parties. In this article, we want to show you briefly how to make a video call on Instagram.

How to Make a Video Call on Instagram

  • Step 1: Download the latest version of Instagram from the Play Store or App Store. Note that Instagram’s video calling feature is only available in the latest version.
  • Step 2:Open the app and click on the Direct icon on the home screen.
  • Step 3:After logging in, touch the paper airplane icon paper airplane, which looks like a paper airplane in the top right corner of the screen. An icon that allows direct messages to be accessed.
  • Step 4: By selecting the desired person, enter the chat page. The selection of the person can be done through the search bar at the top of the interface.
  • Step 5: Touch the video camera icon video camera icon in the top corner of the screen. After selecting the camera icon of the Instagram video chat icon, you will see the Contacting message and your call request will be sent directly to the other person. If the video call request is confirmed by the other party, the call will be made.

video call

By selecting the contract, a notification will be sent to someone who is in the group chat, which will allow them to be present in the video call.

Whenever you decide to end the video call, just touch the red phone icon.

After making the call, as shown in the picture on the top left, it will allow you to make your picture call small or full screen (for example, you are working with the phone and you want to have a video call, you select this option and You make the image smaller).

The next option, which is the camera signal, allows you to not have your image but your voice and send it (for example, you are somewhere or you do not have the right conditions for video calling, but you want to make a call and only your voice is played).

The next sign that is a micron to turn the sound on and off maybe the image you want, but not the sound. This is the option.

To close the video call, just touch the cross icon.

Some Tips for Using Instagram Video Calling

  1. If you enter the person’s chat page and the video call icon is not available, send a message to him/her and then make a video call.
  2. For video calling, the other person must have the new Instagram version installed.
  3. Video calling is currently available with all Instagram users. However, you can even make video calls with people who are not on your follow-up list.
  4. On the contact screen, click on the video icon, your image will be clicked, and by clicking on the microphone icon, your voice will be cut off.
  5. The video call interface can be downsized and accessed while browsing Instagram or other parts of the phone.
  6. Video call notifications such as call requests, successful or unsuccessful calls, etc. will be notified to you directly and will be shown to you via the Direct section.
  7. If you wish, you can use a filter for your image by touching the Effects icon at the bottom of the page.

How to  Place Group Video Chat With Up to 50 Instagram Users

Instagram has been updated to allow users to create group video chats with up to 50 people on the social platform, thanks to an integration with Facebook’s recently announced Messenger Rooms feature.

smart icon To use this service in the Instagram application:

  • enter the direct section
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • Select “Create a Room
  • Click “Create Room as
  • Select the people you want to bring to the group conversation.
  • You can select 49 people.
  • Then tap Send.

Finally, by selecting the Join Room option, your group conversation will begin. This is where you get the messenger app.

Instagram group video call


  • You can also copy the link through the Copy Link option and send it to others
  • In addition, you can prevent strangers from entering your group conversation by locking the created group.
  • To use this feature, be sure to update your Instagram app.Instagram group video call

An important security point to keep in mind is:

  • that this service does not encrypt your conversations. So avoid talking about important things, and use safe encryption tools.

Enable and Disable Instagram Video Calling

Introducing Instagram video calling will definitely be a hassle for some people. People with a lot of followers on Instagram are definitely facing a huge flood of video calls, and ordinary people may not like to receive video calls from some people.

There are 3 ways to solve this problem:

  1. You can disable the ability to make video calls to yourself in general, so you won’t receive any video calls from anyone. All you have to do is log in to your Instagram Options and turn off notification call notifications from the Notifications settings section.Enable and Disable Instagram Video Calling
  2. The second method is to mute the video call for certain people, so you won’t notice it if they make a call. To do this, you need to enter the details of the user’s specifications and activate the Mute Video Chats option light.Enable and Disable Instagram Video Calling
  3. Another solution is to block the person. If you block someone on Instagram, that person will not be able to contact you visually.

Why does Instagram chat video doesn’t work?

There may be several reasons.

  • – If your Instagram is not updated, you will not see the video chat icon.
  • – If your internet connection is not established, you will encounter a connection error message.
  • And…

Are Video Chats “Recorded” or Saved on Instagram?

No. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to save video calls on Instagram, but it is possible to record an Instagram video recorder with the help of a screen recorder.

note!Warning: Capturing a video without the other person’s permission is unethical. You must obtain permission from that person to do so.

Instagram Video Call on PC

Unfortunately, The web version of Instagram does not have this feature to make an Instagram video call.

but you can change the size of your screen to mobile size and check Instagram as your mobile size (which is really small for desktop) and use your DMs or use third-party apps which are really great and easy to use.


In this article, we teach you how to make video calls on Instagram. If you have any questions about this video chat, please comment.

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