schedule instagram posts with the Aid of the Creator Studio Tool on Facebook

One of the most significant challenges that social network marketers are faced with is scheduling Instagram Posts, but after reading this article we will witness the delightfulness of those users! But why? Many social media marketers use Facebook and need to use the Creator Studio service in this platform to use this social network in their business marketing. In recent weeks, Facebook has added an excellent and unique feature to the Creator Studio service that allows marketers to easily share Posts on Instagram using their PC. To this day, many users use their computer to share Posts on Instagram and other tools to schedule these Posts; if you are amongst these users, follow along with this article and we’ll teach you how you can do this using Facebook and the Creator Studio tool.

Sharing Posts on Instagram Using a PC with the Aid of the Creator Studio Tool on Facebook

Before this new feature was added to the Creator Studio tool, there were many alternative tools, many of which have numerous fans. The only problem was the cost and users sometimes had to pay a heavy price to be able to update all of their profile pages automatically. The news of the addition of scheduling Posts and posting on Instagram using a PC and with the help of the Creator Studio tool was announced only a few weeks ago, but still, many users have stopped using other tools intended for this purpose and have switched to Facebook instead. An excellent feature of this tool is that you can see a preview of the Posts you are scheduling to be shared on Instagram; just like the Facebook posts you send using the Creator Studio tool!

Sharing Posts on Instagram Using a PC

This is precisely what Instagram Post sharing services on a PC do not have; sometimes, Posts are sent irregularly and this issue causes problems. An important and useful feature that almost no other Instagram Post scheduling tools has is the possibility of scheduling IGTV Instagram videos and Facebook helps you synchronize and schedule these types of Posts too. However, you should note that you are still unable to schedule your stories, but Facebook is likely to implement this feature too in the near future.

How to Use the Scheduling Feature to Share Instagram Posts Available on Facebook?

It’s been about a month since the first release of this feature in Creator Studio and many users have access to it, but there are still users who don’t! If you also don’t have the access to this new feature yet, you must know that Facebook and Instagram enable new features for a limited number of users at first, and if they work properly and obtain adequate results, the new features will be made available for all users in time. So if this feature hasn’t yet been activated for you, be prepared to use it in a few more days’ time. To use this tool, first link to a Creator Studio account to your Instagram account.

How to Use the Scheduling Feature to Share Instagram Posts

After linking the Creator Studio account with Instagram, just log in to the Creator Studio profile page. At the top of the page there are two icons for Facebook and Instagram and you can use them to share Posts on Instagram with your computer just by clicking on the Instagram icon.

Share Instagram Posts Available on Facebook

In the image above, there is an option called Create Post that once clicked on, provides two other options, Instagram Feed and IGTV. By using these two options you can create and schedule Instagram Posts or IGTV videos. We will continue to discuss the use of these two sections in order to share Posts (photo, video or video) and IGTV (video).

  1. Schedule Sharing Posts on Instagram Using Creator Studio

Many users are looking for an easy, free and yet accurate solution to sharing Posts on Instagram using a PC. Many aiding tools have been created so far, some of which are functional and also charge monthly fees from users. In recent weeks, Facebook has added a great tool to its Creator Studio section so users can schedule their Instagram posts just like the Facebook Post scheduling tool. To use this feature, simply go to the Creator Studio section and click on the Instagram icon through the toolbar located on top of the page.

Sharing Posts on Instagram Using Creator Studio

After clicking on this icon, you will see an option on the left side of the page called Create Post which will also provide you with two options. To share Posts to Instagram via a PC, just click the Instagram Feed option to enter the intended page:

Creator Studio Tool on Facebook

On the right side of the page is a window in which you have to select the account you want to post to; if you have only one account, only that account will be displayed to you, but if are managing multiple accounts with Facebook, you should select the intended one. After selecting this option, a new window (Post to Instagram) will open up in which you have to select the information you need to schedule the sharing of your Instagram Post:

Schedule Sharing Posts on Instagram

Several options are available for you to choose from in this section:

  • Your Post: In this section you can enter descriptions or captions for your Post; note that if you are intending to use Hashtags, you must add them in this section. Be aware of the limitation for the number of characters; you are only allowed to add 2200 Characters, 30 Mentions and 30 Hashtags! Of course, just like the Instagram app, there is no obligation for writing a caption, but if you want to obtain a better feedback (especially Comments), be sure to write an excellent caption!
  • Add Location: If you intend on adding a Location to your Instagram Post, add a location to your image through this section. To add a location, simply type in the name of the city or country in question and use the suggestions provided by Instagram; for example, search for the name Paris and click on it after selecting it in the Instagram suggestions section.

Instagram Creator Studio

  • Add Content: In this section, you will need to upload your images or videos so that Instagram can share them on your profile page at the specified time. It’s interesting to know that you can easily post the same images and videos on Facebook at the same time!

A NOTE! Many business pages add hashtags in the comments section in order to create more beautiful Posts. These users should note that this tool does not have a comment feature and if you want to post your hashtag at the same time, you should put it in the same section or immediately after sharing a Post, use the desktop version of the app or its app to put that hashtag in the comment section.

You also need to know that when writing a caption, adding a hashtag or a mention reveals this information to people under the caption box! For instance, you can figure out how many other users you can mention or how many more characters can be written.

Several options are available for you to choose

You can add up to 10 photos and videos in the Add Content section, and if you add more than one photo or movie, Instagram’s multiple Post feature will be used. The important thing is that if you add your post via Facebook, you will no longer be able to upload files, and if you choose this method of uploading files, you will no longer be able to use Facebook images and videos! So if part of the media is on your computer and the other part is on Facebook, you must first save them all on your computer and then upload them as your Post media. Of course, you can add computer Posts to Facebook and then use the Facebook media method, but the problem is that if you upload images and videos to Facebook, they will appear as Posts.

A NOTE! When you are uploading your images, the Creator Studio tool crops them into squares. So if you need to edit them differently, just click on your photos and then click on Crop:

Creator Studio crop image

At this stage, you can easily crop your images in a desired shape and share them on Instagram; however, you should also note that Instagram has some limitations for cropping images and you can’t share images of any size! In the next section, you can resize your images to any intended size and select the appropriate section of the photo to post on Instagram. Click on Save after making any changes to save your modifications. Also, if your content is a video, keep in mind that it should be no less than 3 second and no more than 60 seconds long!

A NOTE! In the Instagram app, if you want to share a video, there is a variety of tools available; for instance, you can add a special effect to the video! Unfortunately, there are no video editing tools in Creator Studio. So, before uploading and sharing the video, make sure it is just as you want it to be. If you notice a mistake or problem in the video after it is uploaded, just click on the video and delete it.

Creator Studio facebook

After uploading the video again, when it is fully uploaded, the upload icon turns green and you can move on to the next step. At the top of the page, there is an option labelled Publish that will promptly upload your Post, but if you want to post your video using the Instagram Post scheduling feature, you can easily click the down arrow next to the Publish option. A page like the image below will be displayed to you:

Instagram facebook Creator Studio

In this section, you can specify when your video will be shared and then click on the Schedule option to schedule your Post. After scheduling when your Instagram Post is to be shared, you can see it in your Facebook Creator Studio content section.

schedule instagram video creator studio

A NOTE! Note that Instagram Posts cannot be edited through Creator Studio and you must edit them yourself! Edit your Post after it is shared via the Instagram app.

  • Scheduling Instagram IGTV Posts Using Creator Studio

Another use of the Creator Studio tool is the IGTV Instagram scheduling feature! If you’re also looking for a way to schedule the long videos that you share through IGTV on Instagram, join us here. To do this, log in to Creator Studio and then click on the Instagram icon via the toolbar displayed on top of the page (just like the previous section). There is an option labelled Create Post here that provides you with two options when clicked on: select the IGTV to be presented with the following page:

Scheduling Instagram IGTV

IGTV Video Details

In this section, you must enter the information about the video you intend on sharing.

  • Upload: In this section, you should upload your video or choose one from the content on your Facebook profile page.
  • Title: In this section, you must select a title for your video to be shown to users and followers on your Instagram profile page.
  • Description: In this section, you should include descriptions of your video to be shown below the video when it is posted.
  • Cover Image: In this section, you must select a cover image for your IGTV Post.
  • Vertical: In this section, you have to select the image from the video itself or upload a new image (using the Upload Custom Image option) to see its preview.
  • Choose Where Your Video Will Appear: By checking this option, your IGTV Post will appear in your Instagram feed and profile page in addition to being displayed in the IGTV section. Choosing this option depends entirely on your Instagram profile page management policies!

When you upload an IGTV video, its preview will be shown at the bottom of the page and you can see how much of it has been uploaded! When the upload is complete, the bubble around it will turn green and you can either share or schedule it.

Scheduling Instagram IGTV -Posts Using Creator Studio

A NOTE! Keep in mind that when scheduling your IGTV Instagram Posts, you can include Hashtags, Mentions and even your Website Address link in the Comment section, and you will have no limitation with this regard. Please also note that if your video has no title, you will not be able to schedule or share it.

If you encounter an error when scheduling your IGTV Posts on Instagram, you probably haven’t met the IGTV requirements! So I suggest checking them again and try the posting or scheduling process again. If your video is longer than 1 minute, you can show the first minute to users and followers in the Posts section of your profile page. You can also share it on your Facebook page and display it to your Facebook followers.

IGTV Video Details

Just as in the previous section, if you want your video to be shared immediately, click on Publish, but if you need to schedule your IGTV Instagram Post, just click the down arrow and then specify the time for the IGTV video to be shared. If you have scheduled your Post, just go to the All Content section and see all your IGTV or Scheduled Posts; be aware that there may be a delay of 1 or 2 minutes but you will finally be able to see them.

The most important advantage of sharing Posts on Instagram using a PC and its scheduling feature

Like many other users, you might also think that with so many Instagram posting apps and time scheduling services, why should we use the Creator Studio tool for this purpose? The answer is simple! Many users want to use a desktop version to share their posts, but unfortunately, the web version of Instagram is not capable of publishing Posts. This tool helps you share your Posts without the need of a mobile application.

Another advantage of this tool is that many marketers use Facebook and Instagram alongside each other and want to see all their Posts together. With the Creator Studio tool, you can easily view your IGTV Instagram and Post schedules. However, many other services, which are generally nor free of charge, do not have the ability to schedule IGTV Instagram Posts, and you can take advantage of this feature too. For instance, suppose you have a video app that you want to share on Instagram at a specific time and day! Simply record it and specify the time for it to be shared at that specified time.


The most significant thing in managing an Instagram profile page for businesses is sharing Posts on Instagram using a computer and also scheduling Posts. On the other hand, many profile pages also require the IGTV Instagram scheduling feature and different tools need to be utilized for this purpose. In this article, we’ve taken a look at the Creator Studio tool that can easily schedule your Posts and IGTVs and share them directly on Facebook too. If you have any questions, be sure to ask us through the Comments section and we’ll help you with the issue!

Now You Tell Us! Which tools do you think are suitable for scheduling Posts and IGTV videos on Instagram? Please share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the Comments section.

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