How to Make a Puzzle Photo for Instagram?

Each person’s Instagram profile introduces him to other Instagram users.

Now, beautifully designed photos cause more attraction to the page by users.

Using a puzzle photo for Instagram is one way to organize posts and beautify your Instagram profile.

Instagram puzzle photos are a creative and, at the same time, beautiful method that gives an interesting arrangement to Instagram posts.

But how to puzzle your photo here?

How to upload a puzzle photo on Instagram?

If you are one of the active users of Instagram, you must face Instagram puzzle photos many times. 

An Instagram puzzle photo is a large photo divided into several small pieces of the same size photos.

Because beauty is important to your audience, using Instagram puzzle photos has become one of the most effective ways to grow and increase your Instagram views, brands, businesses, and followers.


Learn how to make a puzzle photo on Instagram

You do not need to cut the images to make an Instagram puzzle photo; just use the puzzle photo software designed for this purpose.

As mentioned, different applications and software are designed to create Instagram puzzle photos for both Android and iOS. 

This article will teach you how to make a puzzle photo on Instagram for Android and two apps for iOS.

Different types of puzzle photo software

There are several programs for making puzzle photos for Instagram, the most popular of which are the following, which we will teach each in the following:

Insta Grid Maker

9square for Instagram 

Insta Grid Maker is one of the puzzle photo-making applications on Instagram that allows you to split a photo into your desired dimensions.

Follow the steps below to make a puzzle photo on Instagram:

  • Download Insta Grid Maker puzzle maker photo software from Google Play and install it on your Android phone.
  • To convert the photo into smaller pieces, enter the application and select the photo you want to convert into a puzzle from your phone’s gallery by touching the choose image option.
  • Now in the bottom bar of the page, select the dimension of the image. (For example, if you want to do a 9-piece square puzzle, the dimension of the image should be 3 × 3.) Then splitting of the image will be started.
  • Now touch the icon at the top of the screen to select the photo into smaller parts after choosing the dimension.
  • Now, by touching the download icon at the top of the page, your puzzle photo will be saved in the memory of your mobile phone.

instagram puzzle

9square software is one of the best applications designed to create puzzle photos on Instagram.

In this application, to convert photos into smaller pieces, your photo needs to be square, or select the square part of the photo that you decide to be a puzzle and cut it.

Also, in this program, you cannot choose different dimensions to be divided, and your photo is divided into nine pieces.

This app is available for free for both Android and iOS operating systems:

  • To convert photos to smaller pieces after installation, open the application and enter the photo from your mobile gallery by touching the gallery icon on the screen.
  • Choosing your desired photo
  • In the next step, select the dimension of the photo to convert the photo into smaller pieces and crop.
  • Finally, save it on your phone’s memory by selecting the save all option or posting the Instagram option, post it directly on Instagram.
  • If you select the Instagram option, the application to posting on Instagram by numbering the photo pieces.
  • Finally, if you publish the photo cuts in order in the Instagram feed, the full image will appear in your user profile.
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