Optimizing an Instagram Profile Page For Business Branding

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The Instagram profile section is one of the most significant parts of an Instagram page; now, if your page is related to your business, your Instagram profile is essential in branding your business online.

Your Instagram profile section is your identity and should give users some good & useful information at first glance.

An Instagram profile section comprises different sections such as username, brand name, profile image, link, etc.

Each of these sections, in turn, is very important in branding a business. This article aims to teach you how to optimize your Instagram profile to help significantly boost your business branding.

Please follow along as we assess five great approaches that help optimize your Instagram profile if you’re ready.

  1. Choosing a suitable profile picture in order to optimize your Instagram profile

Upon entering an Instagram page, the first thing that draws your attention is the profile picture of that page!

The profile image of that page will initially create a sense of value; for instance, you may get a positive or negative impression of that particular Instagram page.

So the first step to optimizing your Instagram profile is to design or choose an attractive and, of course, high-quality image for your Instagram page; if you are the administrator of a business page, you can use your business logo for this purpose.

The importance of using a symbol is when you use the same logo in all of your marketing channels like the business website, Instagram page, telegram account, etc.

This brings about a type of branding, and users will remember your logo. Also, if you are the administrator of a personal page, you can use your photo, take a beautiful and professional image of yourself, and put it on your profile.

For instance, if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, you can put your photo on your profile, and your followers will remember your face.

See the following image as an example:

Alex Strohl instagram

This profile belongs to Alex Strohl who is active in the field of photography; anyone who sees his profile for the first time, even without going through the content of the page, can guess that the page belongs to a photographer and that his page contains photographic content.

So if you intend on using a personal photo for your profile, remember that your photo should clearly reflect your fields of interest & work as much as possible.

See the image below:

Kori Nikkonen instagram

This Instagram page belongs to Kori Nikkonen who is active in the field of fitness and training!

This profile image, just like the one mentioned before, clearly shows this person’s field of activity, and both images have been able to demonstrate to the users their owner’s field of activity.

You must also be aware that your profile image is quite high in quality and larger than usual Instagram photos!

Also, to better optimize your Instagram profile, keep in mind that Instagram displays 100* 110-pixel images on mobile but the dimensions change when you switch to the desktop version.

You should also try to make your image a bit larger so that it would be displayed well on other devices such as laptops or tablets.

  1. Put Your Business Keyword in the Username Section!

One of the most important things that help optimize your Instagram profile is optimizing the page for user searches!

Meaning that, if users search for your Instagram page, your page will appear at the top of the search results.

One of the most important factors of Instagram, which is considered as almost a basic but fundamental factor, is your name on Instagram.

Whatever your name is, Instagram displays your account based on that same name in the results for searches.

You should note, however, that we do not mean a username, but the name that is displayed to users and followers.

aniahimsa instagram

When you join Instagram, your username will be chosen as the displayed name by default!

So, the first step you need to take is to change your name; if your page is related to your brand, you must enter your brand name alongside your business keyword!

For instance, if you are a mobile phone salesperson and your brand name is Alibaba, you can use the phrase Alibaba.

If your users are searching for mobile sales and your page is optimized, Instagram will show you at the top of the results, and if users search for your brand name, which is Alibaba, your name will still be at the top of the results.

  1. Mention Your Important Keywords in the Descriptions!

There are important keywords in the different business fields and you can use these keywords to increase the number of your followers!

For instance, if you are into photography and work in this field, words such as photography, modeling, portraits, etc.

will be searched by many users and if you are on top (or very near the top) of the Instagram search results section for these words, you will definitely attract a good amount of visits and thus, greatly boost the number of your followers.

On the other hand, when users enter an Instagram page, they see the profile photo at first glance and read the bio description at second glance.

You need to tell users and followers what content is on your page using keywords related to your field of activity & work!

This will help you attract users in a targeted manner; especially if your page is private, be sure to write about the content of your page in the descriptions section in order to attract users or potential clients & customers.

Targeted users have the following advantages:

  • They will stay on your page and won’t Unfollow
  • If you are providing a kind of service or selling a product on your Instagram page, these users have a very high potential of becoming customers or clients.

The image below shows Iris Dijkers’ Instagram profile page:

 Iris Dijkers instagram

The description is written in the bio section and if you look closely at it, you’ll notice the contents of this user’s page.

This user has used three words “fashion, travel” and “lifestyle” and with some precision, it can be understood that this user is a blogger and shares content on their travels and everyday lifestyle.

Now if this page was public, users would have been able to see its content and then follow the page!

But if the page is a private one, users will only follow it after seeing this keyword that they are interested in and will then follow the page and become the targeted users.

One of the great new features of Instagram is the possibility of adding Hashtags in the description section!

In the past, if you added a hashtag to your page description, it would not be clickable (in other words, it wasn’t an active link), but now, not only hashtags are displayed in a blue color (yellow color to the image),

But users can click on the hashtags and be directed to that page:

Also, users can follow different hashtags! If you have a proprietary hashtag for your page that includes your page Posts or Posts that are relevant to you, you can easily expand that hashtag.

For instance, some users may share your posts on their own page and may want to use your hashtag instead of mentioning you.

Now, if other users want to see all the images related to you, all they would need to do is follow your hashtag to see all the Posts related to you that are on your Instagram page or other users’ profile pages.

It is also interesting to know that in addition to hashtags, you can easily add another account to the descriptions section to allow users to enter that page by clicking on the link.

To add a Hashtag to the description section of your Instagram bio, simply add the hashtag (using the # character) or the ID of the intended page (using the @ character) in the Edit Profile section of your account.

add username to bio instagram

Using keywords related to your work field is the best option for using Hashtags; there are many hashtags in different working fields, and each hashtag belongs to one certain category.

You must try to use keywords that include your interests and support your benefits and want users to follow that category.

For instance, if you are into photography or work in this field, some users may be interested in street photography and others may like nature photography!

You need to include precisely the keyword in your field of interest or work as a hashtag in your page description so that users can more easily decide whether or not they want to follow your page.

Take a look at your competitor’s profile pages! Many of your competitors also use hashtags, and you have to be careful about what distinguishes you from them.

You really need to look for something that sets you apart from other competitors!

Consider the same factor as a key to your success and make it more vibrant and noticeable for users.

For instance, if you have a ranking in a national or international championship, write it on the bio page of your Instagram profile page.

This is one of the most important things in optimizing your Instagram page and you must pay close attention to it.

  1. Placing Clickable Links on Your Instagram Profile Page

Instagram is a network that intends on attracting a lot of users; to the extent that they don’t want users to leave this social network and use other websites or social networks!

Therefore, it offers very few clickable links. If you are the administrator of a business page with more than 10,000 followers, you can easily include the intended link in your Story section, but if the number of your followers is less than that, the only place where you can put your link is in the bio section.

Using the bio section, you can display the link to your website and redirect users and followers to your business or personal website via your Instagram profile page.

Of course, how many users click on your link depends entirely on the type of marketing approach you have; for instance, you can ask users in all of your Posts to click on the link in the bio section to receive this month’s special offer!

So, the bio link is another important factor in optimizing your Instagram profile and you can easily redirect many users and followers from your Instagram page to your website.

add link to bio instagram

To add a link to your Instagram bio, simply enter the Edit Profile section and enter your website URL in the Website section.

A NOTE! If you want to add link to a Post from your website in the bio section, you can count on it; because you’ve got a great head start. Of course, if you have products or services on your website, you can offer a discount for a product or service every week and add a link to your website. Also, advertise it in your Stories or Posts to let users and followers know the content of the link and sell the product or service you have in mind to users.

  1. Use Emojis, Dashes, and Personal Fonts to Optimize Your Instagram Profile!

Another important thing in optimizing your Instagram profile is to use emojis in the description sec of your Instagram page!

Users usually get tired of reading large volumes of written text, but when emojis are used alongside the text, it is no longer boring for users and followers.

In the description section, you usually include a few half-lines of description, and if you do not use emojis in the text, it will become boring and users will not read the text!

You should also keep in mind to use dashes; do NOT write all the explanations and descriptions one after the other and write each description in a separate line.

Keeping these tips in mind will make your profile look more beautiful and encourage more users to read the content in the description section of your Instagram page.

You can also write a Business Slogan for your business! Slogans are usually perpetuated in the minds of users and your brand will be remembered by that slogan.

lauren bullen instagram

Use a little creativity! In many cases, users are not creative enough and use text rather than applying the clever use of emojis instead.

On many profile pages, we see people using plain text to write about their work or place of living; for instance, they write, City: Landon!

Instead of writing the word “City”, you can use emojis that represent a city and write the name “Landon” in front of it. In many cases, you can use emojis and easily avoid writing extra text.

There are also Android and IOS apps that provide beautiful fonts and you can easily find them in the App Store and Google Play apps.

To add text with custom fonts or emojis, just go to the Edit Profile section and add what you want in the bio section.

Some Important Tips in Way of Optimizing your Instagram Profile

If you use Instagram for your business, you need to consider a few notes in order to act more professionally. These notes include:

  • Turn your profile page into an Instagram Business Page!

If your page is still a regular one, you have been missing out on many features! An Instagram Business Page helps you access important features.

The most important one is using the Instagram Insights tool to help you analyze your Instagram page; the most important advantage of this tool is that you can tailor your content generation strategy based on data and statistics on your Instagram profile!

For instance, you can identify your most visited posts and increase the number of views for your page by generating similar Posts.

Business page clothing instagram

Another feature of Instagram Business pages is that you can easily select a category for your working field!

For instance, if you work in the clothing field or managing a clothing store, you can specify the theme and subject of your page to suit it.

Take, for instance, the ZARA profile page on Instagram:

Business page clothing instagram

This page is dedicated to Clothing and has added the word Clothing as the page subject which represents the brand’s activity in the field of clothing.

There are, of course, different categories in this section and you can easily determine the field of your Instagram page activity.

If you also intend on enabling this feature on Instagram, I suggest that you read the Complete Guide to Using a Business Page on Instagram.

  • Use the Call Keys on Instagram!

Another very useful and, of course, an essential feature for businesses is the use of Instagram Call Keys.

These keys allow your users and followers to get in touch with you with just one click!

Of course, this feature also includes other information such as company address, email address, etc. and you should use one or more of them depending on your needs and taste.

If you have enabled the Instagram Business Page feature, the Call key settings are also available in the Edit Profile section and you can add your contact information there.

instagram contact options

If you are intending on enabling this feature on Instagram, I suggest that you read the article on Call Key Activation on Instagram.

  • Use the Action Buttons!

Now here’s the ultimate and of course, the best Instagram feature for Business Pages!

The Action Buttons on Instagram are a feature that allows you to provide your website links in the form of buttons.

For instance, you can use the Ticket Booking button to add an intended link. Users click on this button and are directed to the Ticket Booking page and thus, you can boost your business sales; but again, you must bear in mind that all of this depends on how the buttons are presented and provided and your sales rates are directly related to your marketing quality in introducing the Action Buttons.

get tickets

In the Instagram Call Key Activation article, we have a complete tutorial on Instagram Action Buttons that you can implement step-by-step on your own Instagram profile page if you need to.


Using the various features available on Instagram is very useful for businesses.

In fact, Instagram capabilities and features help you make your business services and products marketing easier and more professional.

The first step to starting a successful Business Marketing on Instagram is to optimize your Instagram profile so that you can gain users’ trust and attention.

In this article, we looked at methods and capabilities that help optimize your Instagram profile and we hope they will help you improve your business by implementing them.

Optimizing your Instagram page means increasing your business sales and earning more income.

Now You Tell Us! As a person who is in charge of managing an Instagram profile page; in your opinion, what other things are important when it comes to optimizing an Instagram profile?

Please share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the Comments section.

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