Now you can Send Instagram DMs on Desktop

In the past few days, Instagram users  have seen changes and add new features to this popular social network.

Instagram has released DMs feature to the web. This feature allows users to chat with each other without the need for Instagram app. In fact, desktop, laptop, PC, and Mac users are able to chat privately with other Instagram users without the need for an Instagram app on their Android phone or iPhone.

instagram-grow-iconAdding new effects to the boomerang was one of the most important changes to Instagram after a long time; But the addition of new features doesn’t stop there, and Instagram is also thinking of users of the web version. Now they have announced that users be able to send a private message that is popular among users through a browser and web version.

The Facebook chat feature was launched on the web before being released on its mobile version, and later, its independent messenger app was released. WhatsApp also released its desktop version on 2016, so the release DMs feature to the web of Instagram was unexpected.

Why Instagram DMs for WEB version?

DMs of  Instagram in DESKTOP can help pave the way to integrate Facebook Messengers Company.

Needless to say, Instagram has been cautious in releasing news based on features that have been tested by people.
Instagram was very successful in simulating Snapchat’s storied feature and slowed Snapchat’s growth.
For this reason, Snapchat focuses on video and messaging, and Instagram has once again offered users the IGTV feature (ability to upload long videos on Instagram) to compete with the app.
It now looks like DMs feature of Instagram is going to be a serious contender for snapchat.

 Instagram DMs for WEB version

This feature is certainly good news for business Instagram pages and influencers, as these users can easily set up and respond to web directories with the help of a web version.

instagram-grow-iconFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last year that direct messages, stories and groups on Instagram are growing rapidly. According to him, Facebook plans to integrate Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps together so users don’t have to scroll through messages to send messages between apps.

There is no explanation for this merger, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for widespread changes to these apps.

Instagram starts bringing DMs to the web


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