New Instagram algorithms 2020

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The new Instagram algorithms, which were mostly updated in 2019, make it very difficult to work on Instagram. So many pages suffered to drop in views posts and stories.

This is because, in new Instagram algorithms, your content will first be displayed for 3 to 5 percent of your followers, if the post is attractive and your users’ response to the content is positive (the post will interact well with the audience) so that they will increase to 10% of the show, and if this behavior is repeated, your followers will eventually see up to 15% of your post.

But why so little?

The new Instagram algorithm 2020 and its related rules and recognition can be a step forward for Instagram activists.

In recent times, it has been observed that many Instagram activists have encountered a drop in user engagement, and have cited various reasons for this, including declining content quality.

But have these changes only happened recently?

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Well, the main thing that has always been the case is the sinusoidal behavior of Instagram users due to changes in the Instagram algorithm, and we’ve always noticed that things have sometimes been going well, and sometimes we’ve seen conflicts like the decline in likes, followers, comments, and so on.

In this article, I am going to tell you some important points in the new Instagram algorithm 2020, how we can benefit from our results by observing these points:

1. The first thing to do in these situations is Don’t stress and think that this is your problem.

I see this very precisely among my users, and many ask me what happened that made my page look like this.

So stay calm and keep working and don’t be discouraged at all.

2. the second way is to increase the quality of the content you publish.

Because algorithms are the main controller of the content of a social network, high quality is definitely very important to them.

So be careful to improve the quality of your content and take the time to help yourself increase user engagement.

What are the Reasons for the Sudden Drop in engagement on Instagram?

Instagram is looking to increase revenue. Increasing your content traffic will definitely bring you more revenue, and Instagram wants to contribute more to that revenue. How?

Users use Instagram ads to show their ads to more audiences.

How does Instagram make money?

By keeping users on this platform. This means that users spend more time on Instagram.

How does Instagram keep users on the platform?

Instagram doesn’t do that, but we keep users on Instagram. So Instagram’s favorite accounts are accounts that keep their followers active and engaged with their account as much as possible.

The easiest ways to attract an audience on Instagram:

  •  Post attractive videos and photos
  •  Publish a story
  •  Play live video
  •  Publish IGTV
  •  Respond directly
  •  Reply to comments

It’s great if you’re doing most of this right now! But the main question is how many times they do it.

As mentioned above, Instagram likes accounts that interact more with their audience.

This means that most of the above should be done every day.  Every day, even if you have 2 minutes to work, respond to directions as quickly as possible and don’t leave your audience’s comments unanswered.

note!If you don’t do these things every day, you won’t grow and you still think the 2020 algorithm is stuck with you.

Now that we understand the logic of Instagram and what awaits you as a user; Let’s tell you about your Instagram growth tactics in the 2020 algorithm:

  • If in the first hour you published the content; Get lots of comments and likes; Your participation and engagement will increase.
    • As a result, Instagram will show your content to more people, and it will probably find its way to Explorer as well.
  • Do not change your location or caption until 24 hours after the content is published.
  • Do not delete your post and republish it if you delete it.
  • Although you can use more than 30 hashtags in your posts; But this is considered spam on Instagram.
    • If Instagram recognizes your behavior as spam, it will block your action. The number of hashtags we offer is between 5 and 11 hashtags.
  • Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again! Change them.
    • Otherwise, it looks like you’re a robot, which means spamming behavior and eventually blocking action and reducing your access.

Instagram-Engage make money

Principles of increasing viewing and engagement on Instagram

So the first algorithm you have to deal with is the content display algorithm on Instagram.

In this regard, we have some suggestions that you can use to Improve your impression:

  1. Create valuable content so that the audience can focus on it.
  2. Create content to engage your audience.
  3. Create content that your audience will like to send to their friends.
  4. Use the right hashtags.
  5. Use the location for local marketing.
  6. Don’t forget the hashtags of the city and the province of life.
  7. Work on your page architecture.
  8. Try to post more stories to be seen more than the post!
  9. Use more video posts.
  10. Use fewer album posts.
  11. Keep your hashtags low (up to 12 hashtags).
  12. Put hashtags related to the content produced.
  13. Always try to keep the reach and impression trend in Instagram statistics positive.
  14. Give a small ad at the same time as you post.
  15. Use Instagram interactive widgets like Yes / No in your stories.

Instagram-Engage make money3

It’s indeed hard to work and increase followers on Instagram algorithm 2020, but you can use other Instagram algorithms that are for page development by following the right pattern and doing a series of things mentioned above.

success iconIf you do the above in a three-month process, you can use the new Instagram algorithms to get to Explorer and get new audiences there, but as I said, it’s hard work and requires high precision and planning.

A key Point in Producing Instagram Content

Publish photos and videos every day! Set a story every day. Make this your top priority. If you have 10,000 real followers, you don’t have to upload up to 1,000 new posts until the final likes arrive.

Of course, the number of likes depends on the subject of the post and its appeal, but usually, the best Instagram pages post one or two posts a week and try to keep their audience with the story.

Important Points for Posting Content on Instagram

  • Use effective captions when trying to post content!
  • Do not edit until one hour after sending the post.
  • Try to create a high level of interaction in the first hour.
  • After submitting a post, comment on the relevant hashtags every 10 minutes for a limited time (maximum 10 comments).

Instagram-Engage make money4

Why Instagram Algorithm is Useful?

Because our content is only shown to a number of our followers. Giving them a reason to follow us has become more important than ever.

With the new algorithm, influencers should try to share the best content and make it available to their followers, respond to them, and interact.

It’s time to personalize and focus more on creating a sense of community.

Say goodbye to the silent influencers and say hello to new friends and more interaction. If you want to have loyal followers and interact with them, try to have a real relationship with them.

Do not reply to their comments in advance. Try to respond to the directions patiently and with human interaction with your audience.


In this article, we tried to talk about Instagram algorithms 2020. If we discover new points, we will definitely send you our service. I hope you enjoy the above.

Well, many people think that Instagram, Google, Linked In, or other platforms and sites disclose their algorithm according to an announcement, which is a misconception.

Algorithms are just like secrets that are always hidden, and you have to go through experiences to discover them.

My good friends, no business reveals its secrets, because by understanding the algorithms, you can start the same business. So all that is said is the result of experiences and predictions.

But what has always been consistent is the production of quality and regular content.

So try to take the time to produce your own content based on each platform and publish the best ones.

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