Make your Instagram Account Private

Are you among the people who don’t like anyone to see your posts? Or don’t you like anyone follow you?
If so You came to the right place! Because in this article we get you the complete and step-by-step guide to make your Instagram account private. Don’t worry because locking your Instagram account doesn’t take more than a minute.

What happens when you make your page private on Instagram?

There are many users who don’t like public account and want to only followers that are approved can see what they share. This means having your own photos and videos and let only your confirm friends to see them.
If so, you need to lock your Instagram page.

Instagram Private


  • Only your friends have access to your account:

Once your Instagram account is privatized, only those who are following you will be able to access the posts on your page (meaning they are among your followers).

  • Anyone who wants to see your posts should send “following request”:

If a new person wants to follow you and view your content, they must submit a “following request” for your page. This will send you a notification  and only after you have approved, he/she will access to account of page. This ensures that no one will have access to the posts outside of your approved range.

As you may have noticed, your current Instagram account will still have access to your Instagram account.
But what if you don’t want these people to have access to your account?
You can simply block them to remove them from your followers.

Note: Given that in Block Mode, they won’t have access to you at all, You can unblock them again after you have blocked them and removed them from your followers list.

Attention: Another thing that happens when you lock (private) your page on Instagram is that you are being removed from the Hashtag search list on Instagram.
For example, suppose you went hiking and posted some fun and beautiful photos with the hashtag #natural.
If your page is public and someone searches for the hashtag # nature_travel, Your post may also be displayed for him. But if you lock your page, you will no longer appear in these searches.

How do I set my Instagram Account to Private?

Now let’s take a look at a few simple steps to lock (private) the Instagram together. As we said, it will take a minute. For your convenience, this tutorial comes with a picture. (This guide applies to both Android and iPhone phones.)

  • Step one: Sign in to your Instagram page!
    To lock your Instagram page, you first need to log in to your own Instagram page. To do this, simply click on the icon like below (at the bottom right of the page).

Make your Instagram account private

  • Step Two: go to your Account Settings
    Now you have to go settings through your personal page. At the top right of the screen, you will see a three-line. If you click on this icon a menu will open.

Make your Instagram account private

The app menu will open after you click on the three-line icon. In this section you need to touch the settings icon.

Note that: these photos are related to the latest Instagram update, and if the environment you see on your phone differs, be sure to update.

In addition, If you remember, the Android operating system Instagram environment was slightly different from the iPhone (ios), but with the new update, the difference is gone. But if you use the previous versions also have no problems! Because you just have to look for “settings“.

Make your Instagram account private!

  • Step Three: After you enter the settings page, if you scroll down that page a little, you’ll see the phrase “Private Account” with a button in front of it.
    If the color of this button is blue it means that your account is personalized and in other words you have done “private your Instagram account”.

Make your Instagram account private

Make your Instagram account private

Make your Instagram account private

Make your Instagram account private

As you can see in the photo, if this option is blue, it means that you have locked your page!


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