Latest Instagram Features:Pinning and Deleting Multiple Comments

One of the most difficult tasks for many popular pages is to manage comments. That’s why Instagram is focusing on comments for new updates. Simultaneously deleting multiple comments as well as pinning comments are two new features that will be available on Instagram soon.

Instagram has introduced a new feature to prevent bullying . Instagram has announced that it has introduced new tools to allow users to have more control over their feed and reduce the impact of trolls and abusive actions on the app. In the new Instagram update, you can select and delete multiple comments.

instagram-grow-iconThis new feature of Instagram makes it easier for users to manage comments. The latest reports on these features indicate a new possibility of deleting 25 comments simultaneously, which will also allow you to block or limit multiple accounts at the same time. By doing this, people who have a very high number of followers can manage comments and maintain the positive atmosphere of their page.

An overview of the latest Instagram features

It is often these unique Instagram features that help us have a page with a high number of followers. We all know that in order to have a thriving online business, we need to increase the number of our visitors.
With the latest features and capabilities, you can have the best Instagram page.

Simultaneously Delete multiple Comments on Instagram

Instagram has announced the launch of several new features that will be used to make the platform more positive.
The company says it is possible to delete up to 25 comments at a time, as well as block or limit multiple accounts at once. They also tested these traits and found that they especially helped people with more followers maintain a “positive environment.”

The company now gives people more control over who can tag or mention them. People can choose whether “everyone,” “just the people who followed them,” or “no one” can convey a point, a post, or a story. This tool is available from the Privacy Settings page.

 Simultaneously Delete multiple Comments on Instagram

Instagram said: “We know it’s hard for you to control and delete annoying comments one by one, For this reason, with the new feature, we can delete comments in bulk, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that have sent negative comments; We have tested. The initial feedback from users was encouraging. Especially accounts with higher followers were able to create a positive and healthy environment in their account.”

Delete Multiple Comments and Block Multiple Accounts:

  1. Click on a comment, then select the dotted symbol at the top right.
  2. Select Manage Comments and select up to 25 comments to delete.
  3. Click More Options and restrict or block the desired accounts..

Pin the comment on Instagram

In addition, Instagram is testing the ability to pin comments at the top of a post. People can pin different views, similar to what YouTube allows to be pinned at the top of the comments section below the videos. This allows developers to highlight positive conversations.According to Instagram, “This feature provides a way for people to pin their favorite comments, make their audience’s voices heard, and interact better with them.”

All of these features are likely to be useful for people with large followers who may be exploited by random users, but the company says the tools are also designed to “combat online bullying” that anyone can do. Not only Influencers.

Pin the comment on Instagram

The company also shared data today on its Facebook and Instagram content removal efforts. The report states:

The move was made against 1.5 million Instagram content in the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 due to bullying and harassment. Most content has been reported by users, but has not been discovered by Facebook.

Managing Tag and Mention

As mentioned, this new feature of Instagram can encourage the audience to interact more positively, while also eliminating the negatives.  Finally, Instagram has added a new control over who can tag your account, to prevent it from being used for bullying and bullying.

As you can see here, users will now be able to choose whether they want to allow everyone to tag, or just the people who follow them, or even not allow anyone to tag them in the mail. Users can also select the “Manually approve Tag” option to have more specific control over the tagging process.

Managing Tag and Mention


Bullying continues…
In the case of bullying, Facebook said it had reacted to the 1.5 million annoying content on Instagram in the first quarter of 2020. That’s up from three months ago. That is, despite all the efforts Facebook has made to prevent bullying, it is still a matter of concern. As you can see from these updates, Instagram is working to fix this. Over the past year, Instagram has also added warnings about potentially offensive headlines and comments and new tools to limit how others interact with your posts.

While liking testing is still being used as a way to reduce social anxiety. Anti-bullying prevention has become the center of Instagram, and several features have been created to solve this problem. The new features seem to be in the same direction.

What do you think of Instagram’s efforts in this regard?


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