Jarad Higgins Ex-girlfriend reveals his secrets on Instagram

Jarad Anthony Higgins  was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter that he  died at age 21 ( Sunday- 8 December 2019) of a brain hemorrhage. He got off the plane at Chicago Midway International Airport, after a little while his mouth was full of blood because of cerebral hemorrhage. He was still awake when she was transferred to the hospital but he died shortly thereafter.

Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld’s  Ex-girlfriend (Alexia Smith) reveals His private Instagram Account

In the wake of  his tragic death, his Ex-girlfriend (Alexia Smith) reveals his dependence on lean and Percocet  (took up to three Percocet pills a day!!!). Alexia Smith told details about how much of Juice WRLD’s drug use was real and claims that Jarad mixed drugs with cough syrup. Alexia also Reveals His private Instagram Account and provides images posted. Higgins  constantly posted about being depressed and using drugs to deal with it. the posts and captions showing how he used vices to help him get by.

She talked to The Daily Mail : “It was really messed up. Someone took 20 fake Xanax and threw it at him on stage,” she said. “He was up there singing about Peep and X, and someone just throws him pills the same exact way Peep died. I realized it was a problem. I realized it wasn’t OK. He never took Xanax again after that. That’s when he decided to get completely clean, but he couldn’t.” and “Seven days away from me, he ended up in the hospital,” she told. “When he was away from me for seven days, he ended up hospitalized from collapsing on stage. One year away from me, and he’s dead.”



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