Everything about the Instagram ShadowBan

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The algorithms of any social networking website are constantly looking for ways to ensure the safety and convenience of users; the most critical factor in creating user security is to restrict users who cause inconveniences.

One of the important limitations that Instagram pages face is the Instagram Shadow Ban!

The Shadow Ban restriction on Instagram is a limitation that makes your page less visible and dramatically reduces your Instagram page views.

If you are the administrator of a significant Instagram page, imagine that your few hundred thousand page views are reduced to less than 10,000 views in the space of less than a week!

This is certainly a nuisance and a great disappointment, and the only way to avoid the Shadow Ban on Instagram is to keep in mind a few essential tips.

In this article, we will discuss the Shadow Ban restriction on Instagram and give you some tips on how to prevent your Instagram page from being limited. If you’re ready, follow us along.

instagram shadow ban

What is Instagram ShadowBan and how does it reduce the number of views of a page?

As we said, the Instagram Shadow Ban is one of the limitations that this social network’s algorithms apply to some pages.

Pages that are restricted by Shadow Ban will no longer be seen in the Explorer section or Hashtags, and users who follow your Posts through hashtags will no longer be able to see your posts in the hashtags section.

The Shadow Ban on Instagram was first tracked by a photographer’s page! This photographer noticed that his Posts were not displayed in the hashtags section and was searching for the reason behind the matter.

Because regular users are not well aware of Instagram algorithms, the reason is still unclear to many users.

This photographer noticed that a limitation had been applied to his Instagram page as a result of Instagram algorithms; this restriction was called the Instagram Shadow Ban.

For instance, the simplest limitation of Shadow Ban is that if you use hashtags in your Posts, that Post should appear in the relevant hashtag but actually, users will not be able to see it!

Of course, Instagram’s ShadowBan is also effective in other ways and reduces the number of page views through other means.

This restriction is very annoying and is sometimes applied for so long that the page administrator gets frustrated and loses hope with his / her Instagram page.

To avoid this limitation, we recommend that you follow the factors we review below to keep your Instagram page away from Shadow Ban.

The following are 5 spam methods used by users; get to know them and try to avoid them on your own page!

unfollow instagram users

1. Following and Unfollowing users; The most important reason behind Instagram’s Shadow Ban!

If you are the administrator of a business page on Instagram, you must surely follow them to introduce your business, and once they follow you, you unfollow them!

It’s interesting to know that Instagram has set a limit on the number of people you can follow, and you can’t follow more than 7500 people.

Instagram has implemented such a limitation because you can’t truly interact with a large number of users.

Even if you only have 1000 followers and all of them are active, you can’t easily interact or communicate with them!

For instance, if each of the posts one Post each week, you must Like 1000 Posts per week and leave comments which is very difficult indeed!

So Instagram has created this restriction so that you can interact with most of your followers.

Of course, this restriction is for the benefit of users and also does not lead to being ShadowBanned, and only after reaching the 7500 limits of followings will you receive a warnings message telling you that you have to unfollow some of your cults to be able to follow new users.

shadowbanned iconAnother limitation that Instagram applies on its pages is the number of people you follow in a given period, though not much information is available on this matter.

Many social media activists have been experimenting with this, and you can find many different reports on the issue.

One of the most useful websites that have carried out experiments on this case has reported the number of users you can follow without being Shadow Banned to be 30 in an hour.

This website has also mentioned that you can only follow up to 800 users daily, and if you follow more than 800 profiles a day, you are likely to be ShadowBanned on Instagram.

A Note! Some users who use Instagram robots to increase the number of their followers aren’t aware of these restrictions and don’t know about them! If you are using an Instagram Robot, keep in mind that the number of profiles you follow per hour must be less than 30 and less than 800 a day or else you will face being Shadow Banned. For instance, in your robot settings, you can limit the number of follows to 25 profiles per hour and 600 per day to eliminate the chance of becoming Shadow Banned on Instagram. Some users think that a higher number means a faster growth rate for their page, but keep in mind that if you get limited, your page will become virtually inactive for a few days and sometimes up to a few weeks, and you won’t be able to follow anyone.

The numbers we mentioned above depend on various conditions, but of course, the exact information is not available!

For instance, it may be best for smaller pages to keep to 600 follows a day, but for larger pages, it may be OK to go as high as 1000 follows a day.

Never try to determine the specific number by doing trial and error on your own page, as even a one-time Shadow Ban will greatly reduce your page growth for a few days and you’ll see a large amount of decrease in the number of people who follow your page.

instagram like shadowbanned

2. The Limitation in the Number of Likes Per Hour; An important factor for being Shadow Banned on Instagram

One of the most important ways of interacting with other Instagram pages is to Like their Posts!

If you’ve been using Instagram for a long time, you must know that in the past, Instagram’s capabilities and features were very few and many users only interacted through likes and comments!

For instance, in the past, there was no Instagram Story, and users could only interact with each other through the Instagram messages directory and comments.

One of the awesome features of the Instagram Robot is the automatic Liking of user Posts!

In fact, the robots will Like the Posts of other users totally on its own, depending on the limitations you set.

If you use an Instagram robot, limit the number of Likes it performs. 350 Likes per hour is the best alternative, and if it gets higher than this, Instagram will probably Shadow Ban your page because of using a robot.

The first time that Instagram limits a page because of excessive Likes, it’s at least for 24 hours!

Every time you get Shadow Banned on Instagram, it’s time period will get longer up to the point that you will be identified as a violator of regulations!

If so, your page will be permanently disrupted and under no circumstances will you be able to resolve the issue.

Instagram banned

To see the case a bit more rationally, 350 Likes per hour means 6 Likes per minute or 1 Like every 10 seconds!

No Instagram user can see Posts and Like them all non-stop. So this limitation is perfectly reasonable, and no user can Like Posts this quickly.

Instagram applies this restriction only to pages that use illegal methods such as Instagram robots (which is against the regulations of Instagram!).

So even if you are using an Instagram robot, try to set it to less than 350 Likes per hour to avoid facing Shadow Ban issues with your Instagram account.

Instagram is also sensitive about the number of Comments a single account leaves per day on other accounts!

The exact limitation is not clear, but according to reliable reports, the number is approximately 100 comments per day.

So if you leave more than 100 comments a day, you will face Shadow Ban issues with your Instagram account.

Of course, you should still note that this number varies for each page depending on its features and specifications, but it is best not to leave more comments than this number.

A Note! Instagram is also sensitive about the number of users you mention. You can mention multiple people in a comment on Instagram, but according to Instagram algorithms, if you mention more than 5 people, you are promoting and advertising your page; so don’t mention more than 5 users in each comment! On the other hand, Instagram suspects similar comments that are posted in several different Posts and will Shadow Ban that page after some time. This is often seen frequently with pages that use the Instagram robot and you have to leave your comments manually.

3. DO NOT Send direct messages to more than 15 people!

Sometimes pages on Instagram need to send a Post or a message to a group of users, which is done with the help of direct messages!

If you also need to send a group message in the directs section on Instagram, try not to send your message to more than 15 people or accounts.

Or, if the number of your audience is more than 15 people, create multiple groups and then send your message individually to each group.

Because Instagram believes that if you want to send a message to more than 15 people in one go, you must be sending Spam messages or advertising against Instagram’s regulations.

DO NOT Send direct messages to more than 15 people

Also, the number of characters in the group message is important! If you write more than 500 characters in your message, all of it will not be visible in the Instagram directs.

If your message is long, divide it into 500 character messages and send them to users through multiple messages.

4. The limitation for Hashtags on Instagram Posts is 30!

You’re must already be familiar with Instagram Hashtags, and you probably know that they help a lot with page growth.

The most crucial advantage of Instagram Hashtags is that they are more visible on Instagram and more often seen.

They will also show your Posts on the Hashtags page and thus increase user interaction.

You can only add 30 Hashtags to a single Post; of course, you may have the experience of adding more than 30 Hashtags, but we mean that Instagram only considers the first 30 Hashtags as essential and doesn’t care about the rest.

For instance, many users put 30 Hashtags in the Caption and then another 30 Hashtags in the first Comment on the same Post, thinking that the relevant Post will be displayed under all of these Hashtags!

However, their Posts will only appear under the first 30 Hashtags (listed in the Caption), and the Hashtags in the comments section will not benefit that page even the slightest.

The limitation for Hashtags on Instagram Posts is 30

When using Hashtags, you must keep a few important tips in mind. We have discussed these tips in the article titled “ Using Instagram Hashtags Correctly in Order to Increase Views; I suggest reading this article if you are unsure about the importance of Hashtags or how to use them properly.

5. The limitation for Tagging users in Posts is 20 people!

Another limitation that Instagram has imposed for different pages is the limitation of Tagging users in Posts.

You must know that you can Tag some users when sharing Posts! For instance, if you have taken a photo with your friend and want to share it, you can also Tag that user’s page to allow your followers to click on it and be directed to your friend’s profile page.

Instagram has set a limit of 20 people that can be Tagged and you can’t Tag more users than this number.

Some users try to get rid of this limitation by Mentioning their friends in the Caption section, but keep in mind that this will greatly increase the chance of your Instagram account being ShadowBanned; also while Tagging a large number of users lowers the effectiveness of a Post and reduces its appeal.

In the Instagram Story section, you can only Tag up to 10 people, and this limitation allows you to increase the quality of your Stories.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

DO NOT connect your user account to multiple IPs!

For specific reasons, it has been a while since the use of IP switching applications (proxies) has increased.

Brokers change your IP and connect your mobile to an IP from another country. Instagram is very sensitive about this!

If you link to your Instagram account with multiple IPs daily, Instagram will most likely believe that you have a problem with your account, which is one of the problems with different robots on Instagram.

So when using Instagram, turn off your proxies and log in with your original IP so you won’t be blocked or Shadow Banned by Instagram. The reason behind this act by Instagram is also logical!

Some users change their proxies several times a day and connect from one particular country each time!

For instance, they are now connected via an IP from China, and an hour later, they are connected via an IP from the US!

This is unreasonable, and Instagram believes that something illegal is happening.

How can we get rid of an Instagram ShadowBan?

Generally speaking, the Shadow Ban on Instagram is a limitation that can only be resolved over time, and that there is no particular trick to get rid of it.

The problem with the Instagram Shadow Ban is that when the restriction will be removed from a page is usually unclear and you just have to wait and give your profile page a break.

However, there is a way that users find it helpful to resolve the ShadowBan restriction on Instagram.

fix instagram shadowbanned

First Method: Converting an Instagram Business page to a Personal Page helps get rid of a Shadow Ban!

Many users believe that according to Facebook policies after it bought Instagram, as well as the weaknesses of Instagram algorithms in this area, one can help get rid of an Instagram Shadow Ban by converting their Instagram Business Page to a Public (regular) Page.

To do this, simply login to your Business Page, and in the settings section, change it back to a regular page.

Second Method: Logging out of the account on other devices helps resolve the Shadow Ban restriction on Instagram!

Another solution that sometimes helps remove the Shadow Ban restriction is to terminate active devices (or active sessions).

If you go to your Instagram settings and then see the Authorized Apps section, you’ll see all the active devices.

Signing out of these devices and then changing your Instagram account password can increase your chances of being rid of the Shadow Ban restriction for your Instagram account.

charachterHowever, you must bear in mind that the above-mentioned two methods are not guaranteed and have only worked for some users.

If you are having trouble with the Shadow Ban restriction on Instagram, you can easily try your luck using the methods above.


The Shadow Ban on Instagram is a restriction for pages that do not comply with Instagram rules and regulations!

In fact, pages that normally manage their pages and are not looking for rapid growth will never experience an Instagram Shadow Ban restriction.

Many pages also believe that their Instagram page is not growing well due to a large number of competitors and that other methods should be implemented and tried.

So they use methods such as following and then unfollowing or using a lot of Hashtags that greatly increase the risk of a Shadow Ban being imposed on their pages.

Now you tell us! If you are the administrator of your Business Page on Instagram, what techniques do you think are available to help your page grow? Share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the comments section.

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