Instagram Logo Transformation

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Have you ever noticed the Instagram logo? The rainbow logo that we all touch several times a day.

Of course, this logo was not like this from the beginning. In the following, we have prepared different types of Instagram logos for download.

Of course, we will talk about its history to see what happened, how the logo changed from 2010 to 2020, and how many times it changed.

History of the Instagram

We turn the history of the Instagram logo to the introduction of this social network.

As a matter of habit, before discussing the logo of each brand, we have an overview of the background and how to follow it.

The word Instagram is an abbreviation of the phrase Instant camera telegram”

Initially, the app was a platform for editing and moving photos and applying filters to photos that could be shared on Facebook and Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

In addition to the photo, it also applied these features to videos with a time limit of 60 seconds and shared them on the mentioned social networks.

instagram logo history

Kevin Citron and Mike Krieger were the two people who designed the app.

Thus, the first unveiling of Instagram took place in 2010 and by 2014, it had more than 300 million users.

checkmarkEveryone knows Instagram. One of the most widely used social networks in the world right now is called Instagram. After the introduction of Facebook and its popularity among the people, several applications were quickly designed and presented, each of which could attract the attention of the audience at any age with its various attractions.

These types of apps were new and grew very fast and became part of people’s daily routines.

However, many of these programs were easily discarded with the advent of a newer model with newer features.

As a result, only a handful of applications, mostly designed for mobile, survived; One of them is Instagram, which can be said to be more useful than the others.

History of the Instagram Logo

If you search for the Instagram logo history, you will come across the name Facebook.

The crossover is due to the fact that Facebook, under the management of Mark Zuckerberg, bought the app for $ 1 billion, and now Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook.

Instagram’s profitability in 2013 was 23%, along with Facebook’s 3% profitability!!!

From the beginning of this program until now, major changes have been made in it.

The most important change of this program was that it changed from a platform to apply only filters on photos and videos and became a large social network to which the field of advertising and the possibility of search (as a search engine) was added.

New and attractive features have been added to the main features of this program, and we encounter new changes in each update.


The first logo is in the form of a polarized camera with rainbow stripes.

This logo is the idea of the founder of Instagram, Kevin York Systrom.

You must know that the idea of Instagram was taken from these cameras!

This must have been the reason why Systrom decided to use the camera’s Instagram logo.

There was also a handwritten font on a blue background that played “insta”.

A four-color spectrum was also inscribed on the symbol, evoking a rainbow view.


Given the original use and purpose of designing this application, the logo design was fully compatible with the purposes and services associated with the photo and its editing.

This logo was very well known and popular with Instagram users.

Instagram Logo Transformation

The history of the Instagram logo, although not very old, has changed rapidly.

One of the reasons for the change in the Instagram logo, according to its managers, was the evolution of the logo at the same time as the development of the app, which was done in order to integrate.

The increase in Instagram services and facilities necessitated a change in the logo.

But in less than a decade, Instagram decided to change its logo and introduced a new logo, which was not very popular with its audience and many were not satisfied with this change.

Instagram needed to change the logo by introducing helper apps like Hyperlaps, Layout, and Boomerang that were designed to create attractive videos and photos.

History of the Instagram

The new logo introduced from Instagram is a fantasy symbol that retains the roundness of the camera lens and the rainbow mode from the previous design.

A rainbow that gently grasps the camera’s square background.

The color spectrum selected is based on purple. In the simple design of lens lines, they considered the function of Layout.

A new logo is an abstract form of a real camera, and it shows the balance between reality and abstraction in the evolution of this program.

The choice of black and white background also adds to the simplicity of the new logo and overall helps to see the visual content more prominently.

Although the change of the Instagram logo was controversial and many were not satisfied, now all users have accepted it.

instagram logo designing history

Many of us think that Instagram has only had 2 logos throughout history!

If this is not the case and Instagram has 3 logos.

But many people have a hard time remembering the first logo. We are talking about all 3 logos here.

The Most Famous Instagram Logo

In 2010, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom and his team realized that the nature and function of Instagram had nothing to do with polarized cameras.

So they decided to change its logo. The idea to change the logo came up in 2010. But about 6 months later, in 2011, it was unveiled.

The logo was designed by a person named Cole Rise. He got the idea for the logo from an old camera from 1950 and came up with a new logo for Instagram.

The logo became one of the most famous logos in the world.

The Most Famous Instagram Logo

It is interesting to know that this designer even designed the back of the logo!

Here are some quotes from Cole Rice after the Instagram logo was changed.

Regardless of the fact that the change in its own design was a bit bitter and uncomfortable for him, he thinks the new logo is amazing.

“I’m fascinated by the design of the new Instagram logo,” says Rice. I like minimalism.

The white shape that forms the main skeleton of the new design is very beautiful apart from the colors behind it. “I think this plan can last a long time without the need for change.”

Rice states that Robert Padbury, one of the creators of the new icon, is one of his friends. Padbury has been a member of major design projects such as Uber and Apple in iOS7.

Rice believes that if anyone can do this update, it is Robert. Rice’s old design dates back to when the app was almost new.

Systrom and Mike Krieger officially launched Instagram on the App Store.

“I helped two friends and a colleague who started a photo-sharing service,” says Rice.

I think these two are the smartest people in the world. “As a photographer, I was really excited about the emergence of an app like Instagram.”

success iconIn October., When the app was ready to launch, Apple wanted to put Instagram in the featured section.

But there was an important problem:

the original logo, designed by Systrom itself and a modified version of a real OneStep Polaroid camera, used a brand design, and this was unacceptable.

So the logo had to be changed. Systrom contacted Rice, and Rice designed a camera-like icon for the app.

“Citron called me and explained that the current icon could not be used because of the trademark rules,” Rice said. He asked, “Can we buy you an icon you designed in the past?” “It referred to an icon I had inspired by the ’50s Bell & Howell 8mm camera.”

Instagram Rainbow Logo

After the unveiling of the colorful logo, Instagram did not receive any positive feedback from users. Probably no one liked this logo earlier.

If you pay attention, you will see different colors in the Instagram logo. It took about 9 months to fix the colors in this design.

Instagram Rainbow Logo


Instagram logo from 2010 to 2020

You can download different types of Instagram logos with good quality, both old and new.

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

instagram-logo- png

how to draw Old Instagram Logo?

in this video, you can learn to draw Instagram Logo

What you’ll need for the Instagram Logo: Pencil Eraser Ruler Compass Brown Marker Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Marker Grey Marker Light Grey Marker Navy Blue Marker Black Fine Tip Marker Good luck with the Instagram Logo!

How to Draw the New Instagram Logo

in this video, you can learn drawing  New Instagram Logo with color pencils easily, step by step.


In this article, we have prepared various types of Instagram logos for download from 2010 to 2020 and talked about the history of Instagram logos. Old, black, and white color logo of Instagram!

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