Live Video Replays on Instagram (Increase Live Views)

The Live feature on Instagram is a very useful live chat & video tool for users and followers of your profile page. With this tool you can easily talk live to your users and also read their comments. One of the great features of Instagram Live is the possibility to save videos and replay them later! In fact, if you have not saved your Live video, users will no longer be able to see it after it’s over, and given that not all of your followers may be online at the time you’re sharing a live video, then many of your followers will not have the chance to see your Live video.

The Live Saving and replay feature on Instagram helps you to show your Live videos to users and followers for up to 24 hours after it’s finished. Another interesting feature of Instagram is that if you save your Live video, users can reply to it and send feedback just like Instagram Stories. With this feature, all users, whether the ones who have seen the Live video at the time it was being shared, or the ones who see the relay, can send you their comments, questions, and suggestions. In this article, we are going to assess the replay feature of Live Instagram videos and its importance for people who are active in Internet Marketing. If you agree, please follow along.

Who Has Access to Replaying Live Videos on Instagram?

Instagram usually applies its new features to a limited number of user profiles at the beginning of its app development and when new features are first released, but it’s interesting to note that this time, the Live playback feature on Instagram has been activated for all user profiles. So if you are the administrator of a regular account or an Instagram business account, you can easily replay your Live Instagram videos, and your followers or other people (if your page isn’t private) can easily view the videos for up to 24 hours after the end of the Live.

How Can We Replay Our Live Video on Instagram?

You must first share a Live stream in order to be able to replay it later. Once your Live video streaming is done and when you’ve finished talking to your followers on Instagram, click the End option at the top right of the Live, and then click Confirm:

How Can We Replay Our Live Video on Instagram

In the next section, an option called Share is displayed, which will enable your Live video to be saved and played back to users for up to 24 hours. Users and followers can also reply to your Live video the replies for Live videos will be displayed to you just like the replies to Stories in the Instagram Direct section and you can respond to them there.

As a business manager or marketer, in addition to the users and followers who see your Live at the time it is shared, you must also consider those who will see your Live video later! You may want to wait a few minutes for your followers to join your Live video and then start; but I suggest that you give a brief summary of what your Live video will be about right at the beginning. Because those who haven’t seen your Live right from the beginning can see the playback later, but others will think that your Live is inactive and useless and this will greatly reduce the number of followers viewing your Live video. According to reports, the number of users who watch the playback of Live videos on Instagram is inversely related to keeping them waiting; the more you keep your followers waiting, the fewer will stay to watch the rest of your Live video and they will leave the Live.

Try to tell them in the first few minutes of your Live video what it’s going to be about so that the followers who join the Live video after a few minutes won’t miss any crucial content. For instance, you can introduce users to your Live video theme and tell them what the topic will be! Providing an introduction and title may not matter to users and followers who are watching the Live at the moment it’s being shared, but it is very important for users and followers who are going to see the Live playback later on Instagram, because they do not like to be kept waiting and in case they are, they will leave your Live video and this will simply reduce the number of visits to your Live. The important issue is not only the decline in the number of visits, but also that, the decline in the number of visits can cause other problems such as a reduction in conversion rates. You can use the PIN feature for messages to keep them informed about the subject of the Live video:

Replay Our Live Video on Instagram

Just type in the subject of your Live video in a text message and click on it. Click Pin Comment in this section to make it more prominent and visible for all users and followers who are currently viewing the Live video or the ones who will watch it later. In fact, unlike the other messages, the pinned message will remain at the bottom of the screen and will not move; also, a grey border and a pin symbol will accompany the pinned message. The pinned comment will also be displayed on the Live video playback which helps users and followers who will see your Live video at a later time to know what it’s about.

A Note! Note that your audience are not only the ones who see the Live video at the moment it’s being shared and many users or followers will later see the Live. So keep in mind that your Live is for both categories of audience, for instance, if you thank the users who are currently viewing the Live video, you must also remember to thank the users and followers who will see your Live later. This will make the audience feel respected and this will greatly enhance the interaction with your profile page. Also, if you are asking users who are watching the Live video at the moment it’s being share to ask their questions in the Comments section, remember to also ask users and followers who will see the Live later to send you their questions in the Story Reply section. By doing so, you will be able to provide them with answers and also boost your profile page’s interaction rate by a great extent and thus, easily attract more users and followers.

How Can I Save My Live Video on Instagram on My Phone’s Gallery?

To save a Live video on Instagram on your mobile device, you need to follow the steps mentioned above! That is, first share your Live Video, and then click the End option at the top right of your Live page:

How Can I Save My Live Video on Instagram

In this section, click on End Live Video to go to the next step:

Save My Live Video on Instagram on My Phone

In this section you need to enable the share your video for the next 24 hours option in order for the Save option to be displayed to you. Now, by clicking on the Save option at the top right of the Live video page, your Live video is saved, which depends on how fast your internet connection is, as this video clip needs to be downloaded from Instagram and this may take several minutes. This page also displays the number of users and followers who have seen your Live video! Finally, by clicking on Share, your Live video will be saved on your profile page for the next 24 hours and users and followers will be able to view it.

A Note! If you don’t want to save your Live video, just click on share your video for the next 24 hours to disable it! Now tap Discard to exit the Live screen.

A Suggestion! Instead of using the Save Live Replay option on Instagram, you can also use a mobile screen recording app. Of course, if you want to do that, you should open the screen recording app from the beginning of the video and tap the recording option! At the end of the video, you must also click End to obtain the screen recording of your Live video.

Your Live Video Will be Available to Users & Followers for 24 Hours After its Initial Sharing!

Now that you have saved your Live video, users and followers can view it for up to 24 hours via their Instagram Stories section or your profile page. If you look closely at Instagram Stories, you must have noticed the red bar around the Stories you haven’t yet seen! The saved Instagram Live video is also shown with the same red bar in the users’ and followers’ Instagram Stories section, and the only difference is the presence of the Live Icon with the word Live! Now if the user sees your saved Live video, they will see the video playback icon instead of the word Live. In fact, the purpose of Instagram is to separate Live video from usual the Instagram Stories so that users can more easily distinguish them from Stories.

instagram live time

However, users will no longer see the red bar after watching a Live video, and that bar will turn into a gray bar which is still distinct from usual Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories

If the Followings of your intended users haven’t posted a Story that day, only your Live video will be displayed to them. You need to know that the comments that other users and followers have given while viewing the Live video will also be visible to users who later see the Live playback. So if you think that these comments might be problematic, disable the Comments feature at the very beginning of the Live video; but I would suggest not doing so! Because comments help a lot with page interaction and you can handle your followers’ questions and problems through them.

A Few Tips on Increasing the Number of Views for Your Live Video on Instagram and its Use for Users

If you are the administrator of an Instagram profile page that shares Live videos with its users and followers, your strategy is of the utmost importance. In fact, you must try to increase the number of views for your Live videos, as users interact very well with Live videos on Instagram, which greatly increase your business customer base. Some of these very important points are:

  1. Advertise the replay of your Live video through Stories & Posts

Many users or followers think that their presence isn’t important for your business, but in fact the whole value of a business is with its audience and users! If there is no user or audience for businesses, then you will definitely not have any kind of sale or profit, and your products will be deemed worthless no matter how worthy and useful they may actually be. So you need to make sure that users and followers know that they are valuable to you and your business and that they are the true value of your business. If you have shared a Live video and made it available to users for up to 24 hours, advertise its playback. Use Instagram Posts and Stories to promote Live replay on Instagram.

Advertise the replay of your Live video

First, create a Post for your Instagram profile and review your Live video there; don’t forget to include an attractive title that is relevant to your video as well as the key points in your Live video! Now put that Post in your Story and tell users and followers that if they have a question after watching the Live video, they can ask you by putting Comments on that Post. In addition to inviting users to comment in order to get answers to their questions, you have also invited them to watch your Live video.

  1. Don’t share any new Stories while your Live video is replayed!

One of the most important things that many Instagram page administrators do not keep in mind is that Live videos are shown alongside Instagram Stories! This may be confusing to many users and followers, but if only your Live video is available to users and you haven’t shared any other Stories at that time, you can easily only make this Live video available on Instagram. But if you have previously shared some Stories with users and followers, and your Live video has been saved next to these Stories, share another Story inviting users and followers to see your Live video; in fact, you will invite users to watch Live video playbacks on Instagram and ask them to post their questions or problems (Tip number 1).

  1. Live video playback display is different for users and followers!

If you go to your Instagram profile page, you can easily see your Stories and Live videos one after the other, and by tapping on your phone’s screen, you will see the Live video after the Stories have finished, or vice versa! But when other users and followers visit your page and want to see your Live video or Stories, the situation is a little different. Users are given two options by clicking on your profile photo, which asks them whether they want to view the Stories or the Live video. So users and followers are unable to skip Stories to get to the Live videos and this matter may confuse some users and followers.

Live video playback

  1. Users and Followers can skip a part of the Live video and shuffle it forwards 15 seconds to 3 minutes!

One of the features that Instagram offers to its users is the ability to shuffle forwards while watching a video! In fact, users can easily shuffle Live videos forwards, which depends on the length of the video, for instance, if your Live video is less than 5 minutes long, users and followers can shuffle it forwards by 15 seconds with each click on the playback tab. Also, if your Live video is longer than 30 minute, users and followers can shuffle it forwards by approximately 3 minutes every time they click or tap on the screen. So the overall length of the Live video has an impact on this. Keep in mind that if you think users might skip parts of your video, first introduce the key points and the subjects that will be presented to users and followers at the beginning of the Live so that they will know which parts of the Live video are useful to them.

  1. Analyze your Live video playback!

A very important issue for Instagram profile page administrators is how much inbound user traffic their Instagram profile page has and this is obtained through Instagram Analysis. Instagram has given you a primary and basic analytics tool, and you can easily analyze the number of views for your Live videos on Instagram. Of course, its details (even when using the Instagram Insights tool) are very limited, but you can still know the number of visits and views! To do this, just go into the Stories and Live section on Instagram. At the bottom left of the playback screen you will see a number which is actually the number of views for that Live video!

Analyze your Live video

For instance, if this number shows 54 like the image above, that means that 54 users or followers have seen your Live video playback! Of course, it is possible that these 54 people have either skipped parts of the Live or haven’t seen it completely. This information is not available to users through Instagram’s analytics tool. This number is only available to you, and other users and followers will not be able to see how many times the Live video on your Instagram profile page has been viewed.

Of course you can also know who the 54 people that have seen your Live video are! For this, simply swipe the Live video screen up or click on the number:

By doing so, you will be able to see the profile name and picture of the users and followers who have seen your Live video and also its playback.

A Note! Instagram Stories are added to the archive after 24 hours, and information such as the number of views or the profile names of Story viewers will remain forever, but the Live video replay on Instagram will disappear forever after 24 hours! So if you need this data, take a screenshot or save it in any other way you see fit.


The Live videos feature on Instagram is a great tool to connect with users and followers and answer their questions. This tool is so valuable that it is sometimes used to conduct interviews or present and cover live events! In this article, we taught you the Live replay feature on Instagram so that the users and followers who weren’t online during the initial Live, they can access and see it for up to 24 hours to come. There are also other tips to increase the number or audience for your Live videos on Instagram which we’ve reviewed in this article and you can easily increase the number of users and followers who see your content by following these tips.

Now You Tell Us! What tips do you follow and consider when using the Live videos feature on Instagram, and how effective do you think the playback for up to 24 hours feature it is on the number or people who view it? Please share your experiences and comments with us and other users in the Comments section.

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