Different Types of Instagram Hashtags that you Must Know!

Hashtags are an inseparable part of social networking sites and they have many benefits and advantages for users, especially people who are using Instagram for marketing their business. The most important thing about using Hashtags is being familiar with the various types of Hashtags on Instagram! You must know that there are different types of Hashtags on Instagram, some of which are more competitive and others less so.

You must have the right strategy in order to use Instagram Hashtags properly! Having the right strategy requires knowing about the different types of Hashtags in your Instagram account so you can use them correctly in your Posts. In this article, we are going to introduce the various Hashtag types on Instagram! If you agree, follow us along.

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The Hashtag funnel and introducing the various types of Hashtags on Instagram

In order to better introduce the Hashtag types, we are going to talk about a new concept called Hashtags’ Funnel. Have you ever closely looked at the shape of a funnel? A funnel is constructed in such a way that it has a large volume at the top, but at the bottom, it has much less volume. The Hashtag Funnel on Instagram is also the same! Take a look at the following image:

hashtag types instagram

It is indicated in the image above that we have several types of hashtags, each of which has its own value. In this article on Using Instagram Hashtags Properly in order to Increase the Number of Post Views, we have assessed the different types of Hashtags on Instagram for your perusal. The purpose of this article is to examine the importance and competitiveness of each type of Hashtag so that you can properly use them on Instagram.

Always remember these 3 tips about Hashtags:

hashtag types man

  • Hashtags mean free advertising and an increased number of page views.
  • Hashtags help you direct your target audiences to your Business Page.
  • Hashtags are considered to be a connecting bridge towards entering the world of business.

So Hashtags are very important for Business Pages that market their business products or services online and can direct the target audience to the page at no cost. Of course we do not mean that paid Instagram ads aren’t important, but we mean that Hashtags help boost the number of your audience and ultimately your business customers! Note, however, that free methods usually require much more time than paid methods such as advertising and require more time to yield in results.

The various types of Hashtags on Instagram; what is important about each type of Hashtag?

As you can see by now in this article, there is a variety of different types of Hashtags on Instagram, each of which has its own importance. In this section, we intend on examining these various types:

1. Industry Hashtags

Perhaps the meaning of the word “industry” on Instagram is slightly different from its literal meaning! On Instagram, it refers to the different fields of industry; in fact, the art of photography is also considered to be an industry, and its Instagram meaning is slightly different from the literal meaning of the word “industry” commonly used in production. For instance, a car maker and the activity it does is an industrial activity but they do not recognize a photographer as an industrial individual. So, every field of activity on Instagram is considered to be an industry; even if you are a language teacher who shares teaching Posts daily!

Industry hashtags

Industrial Hashtags are the most popular, most sought after, and ultimately the most competitive Instagram Hashtags. These Hashtags are also known as “The Main Hashtag”, which are commonly seen in all Instagram Posts. For instance, the following Hashtags are considered to be main Hashtags (Industrial Hashtags):

  • #photographer
  • #designer
  • #mechanic
  • #web-logger
  • etc…

It’s interesting for you to know that some Industry Hashtags include several millions of Posts and thousands of new posts might be added daily! Therefore, the competition in some Industry Hashtags is very high and newly established pages cannot easily attract users by using these Hashtags. However, these types of Hashtags are always useful to use, and you can easily use 1 or 2 Industry Hashtags related to your field of business. If you use Hashtags correctly, users will interact well with your Posts! The more users interact with Posts on your profile page, the more likely you are to Be Seen on Instagram using the Explorer section.

A Note! As the administrator of an Instagram Business Page, you might say that it’s difficult to compete in Industry Hashtags, and that you should go for other Hashtags like Brand Hashtags! Note that many users aren’t familiar with your Brand Hashtags and may not have heard of your brand name even once. In this case, they will search for Industry Hashtags and if you haven’t used such Hashtags, you will lose the chance of being seen by such users. Do not worry! You can use up to 30 Hashtags in a single Post, so you can easily use various Hashtag types on your Instagram page.

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2. Niche Hashtags

One of the most important Hashtags on Instagram that many users search for is Niche Hashtags. These Hashtags are considered to be a subset of Industry Hashtags, with the exception that they look at a subject a bit finer! For instance, in the previous section, we introduced the hashtag #Photography, but the same Hashtag becomes #Photography_Modeling in the Niche Hashtag section. This Hashtag indicates that the Post is about photography and that the photography for that Post is exclusively related to modeling. Pay attention to the following two examples:

Niche Hashtags

  • Industry Hashtag) #photographer – Niche Hashtag) #photographer_wedding
  • Industry Hashtag) #web-logger – Niche Hashtag) #web-logger_trip

You should also bear in mind that each person is only active in a specific sector of an industry or working field, and users are usually looking for specific Posts in a particular field of activity! So Niche Hashtags help you a lot and are considered to be one of the most important types of Hashtags on Instagram.

Generally speaking, these Hashtags have three characteristics:

  • There is less competition compared to Industry Hashtags
  • They demonstrate your expertise in a particular field of industry or ​​activity
  • They are two-word Hashtags that reflect your expertise

When writing a caption, you must also enter your Hashtags! When adding a Hashtag, when you are entering the Hashtag keyword, Instagram suggests popular Hashtags that you can use. You can also search for Hashtags and identify how popular a Hashtag is by looking at how many Posts it has received.

3. Brand Hashtags

Another type of Hashtag on Instagram is Hashtags related to brand! In this type of Hashtag, a brand name is commonly used; for instance, the company Nikon uses the Hashtag #NIKON for its page Posts, and users who share images using these cameras use this Hashtag. So these kinds of Hashtags are also very important for well-known brands and you can easily attract users in a very targeted manner. To do this, you must first identify the reputable brands in your field of business! For instance, if you are a photographer, you can target the Sony, Nikon or Canon brands to use as Brand Hashtags.

brand hashtags

It’s interesting to know that Brand Hashtags are usually used along with Tagging the Instagram page for that brand! Consider the following examples:

#WeddingPhotoMag by @weddingphotomag

#OpenMyWorld by @FlightCenter

In the two examples above, the Hashtags in question have been used along with the brand pages to which these Hashtags are related to. Of course, Brand Hashtags usually refer to large, official Instagram Business Pages, and small or newly established pages may not get the desired results from their page’s Brand Hashtag.

There are two methods for using a Brand Hashtag:

  • First Method: Try to grow your page through the Brand Hashtag related to your page! For instance, you can make your Brand Hashtag more prominent among users with the help of an Instagram Contest.
  • Second Method: Search for your Brand Hashtag on Instagram so you can get to users who have posted Posts including your Brand Hashtag. For Instance, you can follow your own Brand Hashtag to see new Posts related to it on your Instagram feed page.

If you are the administrator of a newly established page and aren’t well-known, don’t worry! I sill suggest using a Brand Hashtag. Many users are your real supporters and want to help you. You can easily introduce your Brand Hashtag to them to and ask them to post Posts that fit your Brand Hashtag. In fact, many social media users are seeking to help each other out, and this happens frequently with newly established pages. Finally, try to build your own Brand Hashtag based on your business field and by using Instagram searches to get the best results for your Brand Hashtag, which is one of the most important types of Hashtags on Instagram.

4. Community Hashtags; The most important type of Hashtag for communicating with users

One of the most important types of Hashtags on Instagram that greatly helps people to interact with different Instagram pages is Community Hashtags. By using this type of Hashtag, you can usually find target audiences for a certain field of activity! For instance, you can find travelers to a specific city or region. Take a look at the following Hashtag:

#mytravelgram: This Hashtag is usually used by users who are traveling and who want to share their memories with other users. You can easily find all the users who are traveling and posting photos of their trip. In fact, by using this Hashtag, you can find and interact with groups of travelers on Instagram.

Community hashtags

Competition in these Hashtags are usually less than the previous 3 types of Hashtags and you can easily interact with new users. We don’t mean that you must only use these Hashtags in your Post and expect users to Like your Post! Be active; Like and comment on other users’ Posts that include the Hashtags you use. Instagram is a network for creating new and strong connections! Do not miss out on this opportunity and act in a professional manner.

5. Location Hashtags

Another of the most important type of Hashtags on Instagram are Location Hashtags. You can add the location of your local business or the city you work in to your Hashtags using Location Hashtags! For instance, take a look at the following Hashtag:


Location hashtags

This Hashtag indicates that the person in question is a photographer who works in the city of London. This restriction allows the photographer to attract the target audience from the city of London and allows individuals to order photography only in London. The most important feature of Location Hashtags is the extremely low competition amongst these Hashtags and their ability to attract fully targeted audiences. If you have a store that operates only in one specific city or region, simply include the Hashtag for that city or region in that Post; then the audience looking for Hashtags in a particular area will easily see you and other businesses that have that Hashtag.

A Note! Sometimes there is so little competition in this type of Hashtag that you might think it would be of no use to you, but you should note that although your audience’s entry through this type of Hashtag may be low, but the users who enter your page through this means are exactly the ones who should be there. Therefore, maybe the number of users you attract through this type of Hashtag may be few, but they are high quality users (potential customers).

A Suggestion! If you are the administrator of a business who works in a specific area, we recommend using Industry Hashtags, Location Hashtags, and Niche Hashtags to get the best results! Combining these 3 types of Hashtags will give you the best results. For instance, see the following Hashtag:


This Hashtag shows that the page is about a photographer working in the field of modeling! The Location Hashtag also indicates that the business is located in London. So if you have a local business, you can also use this approach to make your target audience follow you.

6. Event Hashtags

If you look at the Solar calendar or the Gregorian calendar, you will see various events that are good excuses for generating content on Instagram or other social networking websites. Event Hashtags are one of the types of Hashtags on Instagram that help a lot to increase the number of views for your Posts. This type of Hashtag usually has very little competition because many users are unaware of important events and have no time or opportunity to produce related content. For instance, you can generate a Post about a certain event and let users know what is happening on that day, then include the Hashtag of that event (day) in your Post. Because many users will search for the Hashtag of the event on the same day and you have a great chance of users interacting with that Post. One of the most popular Hashtags amongst users is the Blackfriday Hashtag for Black Friday, on which many stores offer good discounts. You can give users a discount on such a day and post a Post on your Instagram Business Page.

EVENT hashtags

Valentine’s Day is also one of the most popular events throughout the year and many users interact with Posts that include the Valentine’s Day Hashtag. You can also have a great chance at this and increase the amount of user interaction on your Business Page.

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7. Celebration Hashtags

Another of the most important types of Hashtags on Instagram are Hashtags for different Celebrations. People usually interact best with Posts that are fun and entertaining. The Celebration Hashtags have also been created to share Posts about different celebrations! For instance, at the beginning of each year, a Hashtag for Christmas will attract a lot of fans and people will include this Hashtag when they are posting Posts related to the new year. This type of Hashtag is usually used once a year, but it is highly competitive. For instance, the celebrations for the start of the new year or Christmas only happen once a year, but in that short span of time, millions of photos including the Hashtag for Christmas are shared on Instagram, which makes competition extremely difficult. For instance, the following Hashtags relate to the celebrations of the year:

Celebration hashtags

#Christmas2019: This Hashtag is related to Christmas 2019 and a large number of Posts were shared that included this Hashtag.

#SummerHolidays2019: This is a summer vacation Hashtag, and many young people share Posts that include this Hashtag.

#NationalPizzaDay: This Hashtag is for people who love pizza! World Pizza Day, which is one of the most fascinating days for foreigners, has a place in the history of the world, with hundreds of pizza photos being shared on this day.

These types of Hashtags are usually self-explanatory and do not require further explanation. These Hashtags usually convey a good feeling to users, and you can interact well with your users and get closer to them at such events.

8. Hashtags that include a large number of Posts and have high competition; High Density

If we want to introduce the toughest Hashtag to rank on Instagram, we have to say that High Density Hashtags are the ones with the most number of Posts, and it’s tough to compete with them. These Hashtags usually have a Post number of over 500K and competition is extremely high! If you’re thinking of getting a good ranking using these Hashtags, we must inform you that this is almost impossible for newly established pages. I suggest that you use other types of Hashtags to help increase the rank of these Hashtags. To get a ranking in these Hashtags, you need to boost your Post interaction in a variety of ways (such as other Hashtags or using advertisements) in order to increase your Post ranking in High Density Hashtags.

9. Hashtags that include a small number of Posts and have low competition; Low Density

Unlike High Density Hashtags, which are one of the most important types of Hashtags on Instagram, there are also Low Density Hashtags. These types of Hashtags usually include a small number of Posts and one can easily get a good ranking in them. These Hashtags usually have very little competition because of the low number of Posts and you can easily increase the ranking of Posts. Note, however, that these Hashtags typically have a smaller user community and CANNOT be used alone in way of increasing the page ranking. If you are the administrator of a business and you intend on marketing your business on Instagram, I suggest using other Hashtag types along with this type of Hashtag. For instance, along with the Low Density Hashtag, you can use Industry Hashtags, Niche Hashtags, Location Hashtags, and so on to obtain the best results.

High Density hashtag

A Note! The best thing to do in order to find suitable Hashtags for your industry or field of work is to go to your competitors’ pages! In any field, there are usually pages that are more successful than other competitors and that their Posts have a very high interaction rate. Just go to these Posts on these pages and see the Hashtags used. By entering the page for each of these Hashtags, you can also see the number of Posts and the most popular Posts and then you can use this information on your own Business Page.

A Suggestion! To use Hashtags in an Instagram Post, I suggest using different types of Hashtags. In this article, we have introduced and explained 9 different types of Hashtags on Instagram; and the best thing to do is to use them all. Don’t worry about the number! Instagram analyzes up to 30 Hashtags for each individual Post, and you can easily use up to 30 Hashtags with each Post.

We’ve thoroughly explored the optimal number for using the different types of Hashtags on Instagram in the article titled Using Instagram Hashtags Correctly in Order to Increase Post Views and I strongly suggest that you read it.

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Using different types of Hashtags on Instagram helps you promote your Post for free. If you are looking to increase the amount of interaction with your page, use the Hashtags reviewed in this article and convert new users to your potential customers. Hashtags help you show your page Posts to thousands of users without having to spend money on ads. You must already know that the more targeted followers you have, the more your sales rates will increase. So I suggest using Hashtags that give you a better targeted audience and that you can easily present your products or services to those targeted users.

Now you tell us! If you make a commercial use of Instagram, which type of Hashtag do you think is the best? And what can be done to combine the different types of Hashtags together? Please share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the Comments section.

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