15 Great and Guaranteed Methods to Increase Sales on Instagram

Instagram has brought many changes in its algorithm recently. Do you know how to increase your followers and get more views and Increase Sales on Instagram in 2020? This article will help you out.  SO, If you do business on Instagram, you must have something to say or provide services or products for sale. So you are definitely looking for ways to increase sales on Instagram. But how do you get more sales on Instagram? What are some ways to increase revenue on Instagram? How to improve sales on Instagram? Are there some ways to increase sales the same as the ways to increase followers? In this article, we will answer all these questions and get acquainted with completely real methods and tricks to increase sales on Instagram. Be with us.

 Increase Sales on Instagram

15 great Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

In this section, we will introduce 15 effective solutions to you to achieve the goal of increasing sales and attracting followers :

1. Show You Are Qualified

Being qualified is a powerful and secret tool to increase sales on Instagram. Consider two sporting goods stores with the same products. One store is run by an ordinary person and the other by a well-known sportsperson, which one do you buy from? Of course, from a store run by a sports expert, the products of the two stores may be the same, but buying sports equipment from a sports specialist is done with more confidence and satisfaction.


So in every field that you offer services or products, show that you are qualified and different from the competitors. For example, if you are selling flowers and vases on Instagram, show that you have been working in this field for many years, provide training and tips to users that show that you are an expert in this field, if in a specialized event in the field of flowers and plants If you participate, be sure to show users with photos and videos that you are present as an expert in this event.


All of this will make it clear to users that you are an expert in this field and have the necessary qualifications, this will make them trust you very easily and quickly, and this means earning money from Instagram.

2. Show You Are Trusted

Who are you buying from, someone you do not know or someone you trust? Definitely the second option, so recognize trust as the second great way to improve sales on Instagram.

In addition to being qualified, you have to prove that you are trustworthy. What does trust mean? What is the difference with qualification? By proving competence, you show that you are strong and expert in your field. Now tell me, Do you really care about your customers or your profits? The answer to this question is Trust.


Users need to trust you and make sure that business profits are not your number one priority. If you guarantee a refund, really do it and show others that you have kept your promise. Show behind the scenes of your business and be honest with your users. If you have satisfied customers, show your Instagram followers that your customers are satisfied with you.

3-  Simplify the Shopping Experience on Instagram

The easier the shopping process from your Instagram page, the more likely it is to succeed, and that means improving sales on Instagram.

What happens when you have a difficult and uncertain buying process? You lose part of your purchases.

  • Instead of forcing users to leave a comment and ask for a price, simply explain the product and its price.
  • Instead of encouraging users to be direct, talk very clearly about the process of buying and ordering goods.

For example, write that to buy, call the number below and announce the product code. Or if you have online payment, tell users to enter the link to order and enter the product code.


So first try to fully describe the buying process and talk very clearly about the product and its price. Secondly, try to have a variety of ways to buy.

4- Be very Responsive

Personally, when I ask a question in the comment and see that my comment is answered within a few minutes, I feel good about that page. I feel this page is active, some people are really responsive, there are people with whom I can communicate whenever I can, people who are really looking for professional activity on Instagram, and I can trust their words.

All these feelings are created only by responding correctly and quickly to the audience, which is very valuable to you. So think about the right and timely response, which is very important. Responding to customers will increase their trust and confidence, and increasing trust and confidence means increasing sales on Instagram.

5- Have a Reasonable Shipping Cost

Studies show that some orders do not reach the final stage just because of the high cost of shipping and postage. In fact, the customer intends to buy, but seeing the high cost of shipping, he changes his mind. For example, if the audience wants to buy 6 beautiful and different socks for $ 30 on Instagram, they will most likely give up after seeing the postage cost of $ 10.


6- Do Product Photography to Look Professional

Each of your posts has something to say, and since we are on Instagram, most of these words will be photographed by you. Not only photos of products but all your photos on Instagram should be high quality and related to the caption. It is better to take photos of your product from different angles and have the right layout.

7- Be Present Regularly

How do you feel about a store that is Open one day closed the next!? A store that is sometimes open for two days from morning to night and sometimes closed for a few days? I personally can not trust them, I feel that at any moment they may leave their job forever.

So try to have a plan to be on Instagram, if you publish content daily, try to maintain this routine, if you post a few posts per week, always try to have a plan for each week.

Personally, I had been out of Instagram for a few weeks due to problems, which caused some of my followers to drop out, and it also took some time for my followers to join me again.

8- Have a Plan to Produce Content

At the beginning of each week or each month, you need to know what content to publish this month. Why do you publish this content? For what purposes are these contents published?

That’s why you need to have a strategy and content plan so that you know exactly what posts and goals you will publish each day. For example, I know that this week I will have two training posts, a post from behind the scenes of my business and a story from the Instagram contest.

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9- Advertise Purposefully

No matter how great your content is, it must be seen to be effective. So in addition to producing quality content, you need to look for a targeted follower.

One of the great ways to increase your real followers and increase sales on Instagram is advertising, which means you can advertise your page and content on other related pages and media. But the point to consider is the choice of advertising location. Does the page have a useful audience for your business? Can the audience of this page be useful to you and become a buyer?

Therefore, in performing advertisements, be sure to pay attention to your advertisements so that you do not waste your expenses to get the wrong audience.

10. Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Credit

Getting satisfied customers is hard work, but even a few satisfied customers can help you grow your business. Also, satisfied customers will become advertisers of your business without you asking them, but you can talk to them, ask for their opinions, and then show their satisfaction to other users.

This is also called social proof, which means that you make your followers know that you are approved by others.

11. Do not Hide Essential Information

As I mentioned a few times ago, do not try to hide essential information from your audience and force them to comment. Which page are you more comfortable with? A page that does not list the price of the products or a page that has enough description and price for all its products. Of course, the more transparent you are with the audience, the better the audience will feel about you and your business.

12. Turn your Followers Into Magnets

Another way to increase your Instagram followers is to get your active audience to bring you, new followers. One of the techniques is to hold a contest, in which the audience must introduce your page to a number of their friends by participating in it.


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Of course, you are not going to act like a cliché contest and simply write “Tag 5 of your friends and win a prize”, but you are supposed to have an interesting scenario so that the audience can tag their friends with more desire and enthusiasm and friends will not be upset when they are tagged.

13. Show Your Business Behind Scenes

At the beginning of the article, I talked about trust, that the more the audience trusts you, the easier it will be for them to buy and the more sales will increase. One of the best ways to gain trust on Instagram is to show the business behind scenes, that seeing the audience behind your business has a clear message to them, “You have nothing to hide from your audience” and that means you are completely transparent with your audience.

14. Treat the Audience like a Human, Not a Robot

You must have seen pages that have posts with duplicate captions. For example, when you look at their last 10 posts, you see several product photos with a series of fixed captions written below them. This model of posting is called robot-like behavior, meaning that the audience feels that a robot is sitting behind the page and doing things like a parrot.


On the other hand, some pages have a specific and attractive conversation with the audience for each of their products. So that you feel like a person is standing in front of you and talking to you.

15. Use Influencer Marketing

Another way to attract a targeted follower, as well as customers, is to use the influencer marketing technique, that’s means to be recommended by a relatively famous person.

Influencer marketing is a separate area of ​​expertise that has a lot to talk about. For more information, I suggest you read this article: What is Influencer Marketing & Its Importance for Online Businesses?

But in general, the person in question must have a relatively large number of followers, to have a high impact on her/his audience, and the field of work of that person and his audience should be related to your business.

For example, if you sell sports equipment, a sports influencer should introduce you to her/his audience.


There are more ways to increase sales on Instagram, of which I mentioned 15 in this article, this article will be updated with the help of your comments and comments, and newer and more methods will be added to them.

Of course, the more methods you use, and the better you use these methods, the more likely you are to experience increased sales on Instagram. Almost all of the above methods do not cost money to improve sales and require more of your time and attention.

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