Increase Your Instagram Visibility and Get More followers

One of the biggest worries that many Instagram page administrators are faced with is that their Posts don’t get seen much or that not many users follow them on Instagram! These pages actually produce very good content and if the same Posts get shared on pages that have many Followers, they will receive a great deal of feedback. If you are also responsible for managing an Instagram page like this, you must know that there’s nothing wrong with the Posts that you generate; the problem is with the way in which the Posts are distributed and that they are not able to encourage users to interact with your page. There are various approaches in way of encouraging users to more interact with your page, but some approaches are more efficient than others.

social iconIn fact, you must do something that would allow users to more interact with your Posts; for instance, sending you Comments or Liking your Posts. These are the most minor things that users can do on your Instagram page but you must be aware that even these minor actions can be highly useful for you Instagram page. If you are the administrator of an Instagram Business Page which sells its products or provides its services through Instagram, you can easily convert your Followers into customers and experience a higher sales rate. In this article, we intend on assessing 5 excellent approaches that will help you be better seen on Instagram. If you are ready, please follow us along as we fully discuss these 5 approaches.

Getting Seen Better on Instagram and Increasing the Number of Page Followers

In order to get seen better on Instagram, you must do things that would attract the attention of users! When you manage to attract the attention of users, they will leave Comments or Like your Posts. The best way to encourage users to Like your Posts or leave Comments is to challenge them! For instance, one of the most effective approaches is holding an exciting Instagram competition that also includes excellent prizes which will undoubtedly encourage users to participate. Of course we do NOT mean giving away costly prizes! Instead, we mean giving away prizes that users will like. For example, you can give away one of your business products or services as a prize. Many users will be delighted to receive one of your products or services free of charge and will undoubtedly participate in your Instagram competition. Therefore, organizing Instagram competitions is one way of getting seen more on Instagram. We will discuss this case in detail below.

Make Use of Hashtags to Get Seen Better on Instagram

1. Make Use of Hashtags to Get Seen Better on Instagram!

Many users don’t pay much attention to Instagram Hashtags and assume that they aren’t useful! The pages that make use of Hashtags obtain some of their Followers and Post visits by this means. Hashtags help users to find their intended Posts with only a single click! In fact, Hashtags help distribute Instagram content and by using them, you can display your Posts to thousands of users; it is true however that in order to get seen more on Instagram, you must make use of favorable Hashtags and thus, more users will view your Posts.

Suggestion: use our powerful tool for find best hashtags: Instagram Free Hashtag Generator

Getting Seen Better on Instagram and Increasing the Number of Page Followers

In order to use Hashtags, you must first find the Hashtags that are relevant to your field of business! After gathering a number of relevant Hashtags, you must then pay close attention to the amount of search done for each of them and users’ attention to each and sort of prioritize the Hashtags you have found. Please note that there is no limitation for the use of Hashtags on Instagram but the optimum number of Hashtags for each Instagram Post is 5 to 12. You must also note that there are only a few most favorable Hashtags for each field of business; so for instance, there may only be about 5 most searched Hashtags in your field of business and the rest may not be so desired.

Another significant issue is that when you are using Hashtags, you are indirectly branding! For instance; if you sell women’s underwear and want users to remember the name of your brand, all you need to do is select Hashtags related to women’s underwear; by doing so, when users see your Posts, they will also see your brand name. Your brand name becomes permanent in the users’ minds alongside your field of business activity and thus your brand will be always remembered by users. Brand making is a very important issue in creating user trust and the more known your brand gets amongst users, they will trust you more easily and your business sales will increase by a great degree.

A NOTE! Always try to use Hashtags that are relevant to that particular Post; because when users are after a certain Hashtag, they will only enter pages will relevant Posts and won’t pay much attention to unrelated Posts. Now if you have a shared a Post on Instagram and used a favorable but irrelevant Hashtag with it, users will see your Post in the page for that particular Hashtag but will NOT interact with it at all. Instagram will gradually decrease the ranking of such Posts in time and your Posts won’t even be seen under that certain Hashtag.

Increase Your Instagram Visibility and Get More followers

Generally speaking, if you are after increasing the number of users that follow your page and want them to interact more with your page, follow the 3 steps below:

First Step) Use Relevant and Favorable Hashtags! Relevant Hashtags will help you aimfully increase the number of your Followers and apply a great deal of Marketing on Instagram for your business.

Second Step) Increasing the Number of Instagram Followers is NOT Your Only Aim, but indeed, you are seeking to increase the sales rate of your business products or services! Thus, you must encourage users to interact with and participate on your Instagram page.

Third Step) Follow the Hashtags that are Used on Your Rival Pages! Whatever field of business you may be active in, you will surely have a number of rivals – some of which act more professionally than you in some cases. One of these cases may be making use of Hashtags! So try to bear in mind the Hashtags that are being used by your rivals so that you can use the best of them in your own Posts.

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By following the three steps above, you can get the best possible feedback from using favorable Hashtags and easily and aimfully increase the number of your page Followers.

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2. Establishing a Relationship & Connection with Users in Way of Becoming Better Seen on Instagram

Social networks have been created in order to establish a connection with users and you must never neglect this significant factor when using social networks. When users realize that as a business page, you are trying to get in touch with them and establish a connection, they feel closer to you and you can gain their confidence more easily. To establish a better connection with your users and Followers, leave effective Comments below their Posts; you must however keep in mind that your Comments must NOT be repetitive or contain any spams! You will only bother and annoy users if this becomes the case but if your Comments are relevant and effective, you will attract the attention of many users and will be able to convert them into your own Followers or even potential customers.

grow iconFind Posts that users like more and plan your content strategy in such a manner that will lead you to sharing more Posts like them. The best method of finding out what Posts are most desired by users is to use the Instagram Insights Tool. This tool will allow you to see the number of Likes, Comments, Saves and most important of all, the Conversion Rate of each Post. You will then be able to include similar Posts to your content strategy.

There are some Followers on every Instagram page that greatly like the shared Posts or even the brand and share Posts relevant to your Instagram page on their private pages. In order to show that users matter to you, all you need to do is Repost the relevant posts that users have shared. You can do this by using applications such as Repost for Instagram and Repost Posts that others have shared on your page.

A NOTE! Bear in mind that you must choose users that are the audiences of your field of business! To find such users, you can make use of the Followers that follow you rival pages and attract them. You can also easily attract your target audience by using Instagram Advertising. You must again select pages to advertise that include target audiences for your own field of business. This will greatly help you become seen more on Instagram and you can easily increase the number of your target audiences.

3. Organizing Thrilling Competitions in Order to Become Seen More on Instagram

Another approach towards becoming better seen on Instagram is organizing Instagram Competitions! Instagram Competitions are usually very exciting and many users pay attention to them; especially if you devote valuable prizes for your winners. Thus, many users will follow your and participate in the competition. Use the allocated Hashtag related to your page’s competition when organizing a competition which will greatly help you with the branding purposes of your business and users will remember your brand name easily.

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4. Sharing the Instagram Page with Your Business Customers

One of the ways of increasing the number of audiences on an Instagram page is sharing the user account with your customers! For instance, if you own a shop, you can print a banner and include your Instagram Business Page URL in it so that your customers will have access to it and then you can ask them to follow it.

The best approach towards aimfully increasing the number of audiences for an Instagram page is to invite current customers to follow you. If you have set up a website for your business, I suggest that you place the icons for Instagram and other social networks on your website in such a manner that would allow users to be directed straight to your Instagram page just by clicking on them. By doing so, you can easily convert the customers on your website to your Instagram Followers and further introduce your products or services to them. You can also share a Post on your Instagram page and in it, share the account information for your other social networks with your Followers! For instance, you can tell them to keep in touch with your Telegram number for customer support and mention your Telegram number in the Bio section of your profile or in your Instagram Posts. By doing so, you can help become much better seen on Instagram and all other social networks that you are active in.

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5. Sharing Posts on Other Social Networks

Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos and has many limitations when it comes to sharing text; for instance, you are only allowed to write 2200 characters (including marks, letters and spaces) and if you intend on writing more than this, you must create a separate Post following your initial Post. You must also keep in mind that only three lines of writing are displayed to users as a Caption and in order for them to read the rest of the text, they must click on See more. All this being said, Instagram is not a very suitable social network for sharing text and writing with users and I suggest that you make use of other social networks as well.

The reason why some users make use of Instagram is that other social networks are extremely limited and restricted in some country and Instagram is the only one which is easily accessible to users! If you take a look at the statistics about these users’ activity on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, you will notice that many users are still active on them and you can easily commence your activity on these social networks too. Our suggestion is that you share your Instagram Posts simultaneously on other social networks too and allow the users that are active on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to take benefit of your Posts too. The more you distribute your Posts, the more users you will attract and your existing users will turn into your lasting business customers too.

A NOTE! Almost all users prefer visual content such as images or video clips to writing and text! Thus, you must be after sharing Posts that include attractive and interesting images or videos on social networks and depend less on text. For instance, Instagram is NOT a suitable platform for sharing textual content and users care more for visual posts. But if you intend on sharing textual content too, I suggest that you design an attractive video clip or image to accompany the text and share its link with users in the Bio section on Instagram. Also, if you intend on sharing short textual content with users, use Twitter instead; on Twitter, all users are after textual content and they care less about visual content. Therefore, each individual social network has its own unique use and this does NOT mean that you must only share your content on a particular social network! For instance, you can generate attractive and interesting images and textual content and simultaneously share them successfully on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network that hosts a large number of audiences.

Some Information on the Limitations of Posts on Various Social Networks

In order for you to be able to make better use of social networks, you must first get to know them well! Knowing the existing limitations of each social network is the best approach needed for effectively using them; in this case, you will know exactly which social network is most suitable for a precise intention and you will greatly help the branding of your business. Some of the limitations related to various social networks are as follows:

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The First Network) Business Weblogs: Business Weblogs make up a part of their website on which useful content may be made available. Usually, long Posts that are accompanied by images or other sorts of content are posted on weblogs to create the most amount of effect as possible on users. These Posts are influenced by the limitations of Google algorithms! For instance, the length of the title is 8 to 12 words which usually includes 70 characters. Also, a number of 1500 words seems suitable, although Google is currently considering comprehensive content (sometimes up to 4000 words) and displays them at the top of the search results. The most ideal text length is considered to be approximately 1500 words which will take the common user about 7 minutes to read and will nor bore him / her.

The Second Network) Facebook: You can generate textual content on Facebook without any limitations and share videos that are 30 to 45 seconds long with users to get the best feedback possible.

The Third Network) Twitter: In the past, we were restricted to writing only 140 characters on Twitter. But currently, including up to 280 characters is permitted! You can also write continuous Comments and share the rest of your text with users; generally speaking, you will have no limitations for writing on Twitter but only 280 characters will be displayed in the first Post and users must follow the rest of the text in the Comments section.

The Fourth Network) Linked In: You can easily write up to 120 characters in the headline section on Linked In. You can also include 2000 characters as the main content in the Posts section and up to 100 characters as a title.

The Fifth Network) Instagram: Instagram, which was the main topic of our discussion also has some limitations! You can only include up to 150 characters in the Bio section and when writing a caption for a Post, you are only permitted to write 2200 characters. You must also bear in mind that only 3 lines of writing are displayed to users on the main page and users must click on See More to see the rest of the text.


There are different approaches towards being better exposure on Instagram – some of which yield in better results than others. Using Instagram Hashtags is the best method that you can apply to display your Posts to users free of charge. There are other methods for being better seen on Instagram too of which 5 excellent approaches have been addressed in this article and you can easily make use of them.

Now You Tell Us! What methods do YOU use to be better seen on Instagram? Share your experiences with us and with other users in the Comments section.

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