Important Tips About Instagram That Every One Should Know

Instagram is one of the powerful Social Media for interaction with your audience.

Activity and content creating have special rules that everyone who has Instagram should know about them.

At first, everyone thinks that the most important thing is increasing the followers on Instagram, but it is not enough, the interaction with the audience is more important than everything.

Content create should attract your audience to be with you and introduce you to others.

In this article, we talk about some tips that by using them without any advertising you can grow your Instagram.

If you want to start your Instagram, so read this article.

Important Tips About Instagram

Instagram page name

instagram name

At first, your page’s username should be related to your activity. By this, your followers can find you easily on Instagram.

Also, it causes that other users can find you accidentally in the future.

Especially the business and success pages that have lots of followers choose a related name for their pages.

choose the keyword in the Instagram page name

instagram keyword

Use the keyword in the page name helps you to be seen well. Try to use related keywords.

For example, if your activity is branding, use it in your page name.

Image of the Instagram page

instagram image

The image of your Instagram page represents the identity of your business and activity.

Try to use attractive, Clear, and captivating photos that the audience always remember.

If your page is about your business, try to use the image of this business.

The hashtag in Instagram Bio

instagram bio

This tip is used more for exclusive brands and campaigns. It is because users directly find their desired content.

You can use the related hashtags in your Instagram bio, and it causes the increasing your followers.

But we shouldn’t use more number hashtags.

What to write in the Bio of Instagram?

In Bio, explain your activity summarily.

For example, write: 

learn how to earn money from Instagram.

Highlight on Instagram

instagram highlight


The worth content and posts are seen more in Highlight. By this trick, the old posts can be seen every time.

Be careful that use a suitable cover for the Highlight, and if you do have not good content, do not Highlight them.

The same covers in posts

instagram cover

All the posts should have the same cover on your page. 

For example, if you publish the three posts in a week, try to have the same covers in the content base.

It causes the audience to understand the topic of content. It causes the audience to understand the topic of content and attract more followers.

Occasional posts

instagram occasional post

It is not necessary to publish a post on every occasion!

If the condolences and congratulations posts do not relate to your business, do not publish them.

If the events do not relate and are not important, it is not important to share with your audience.

But if it is good for your business and can grow your page, use it differently from other pages.

Note: never use the other pages’ occasional posts.

Tone in Instagram

instagram speak tone

The speaking tone in Instagram is so important. If you want to have an intimate tone, try to use it in all your posts, or if you want to have a formal tone, use it in all posts.

It applies to both stories, posts, captions, and lives.

Note: the spoken tone of your activity is important and has a direct effect on attracting your audience.

Write a caption for posts

instagram caption

For more communication, you should focus on writing useful captions.

For this reason, you can check the others captions. Try to use attractive and creative emojis.

Note: Be careful that the caption is related to your post content.

Call to action in Instagram posts

instagram call to action

For followers’ more interaction, you should use attractive Calls to Action in your posts.

You can request to your followers leave the comment for your posts or answer to your questions.

You can use the Call to Actions in your story or comments such as questions, polls, and quiz for more interactions.

Reply to comments on Instagram

instagram comment

Always and under any circumstances reply to comments and do not leave any comment without reply, and never use just emojis.

Try to use intimate in your comment sentence.

Note: call to action is one of the most important acts that attract the audience.

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