How to Use Instagram Nametags

If you are an Instagram user, you know that Instagram has a large number of users. In this social network, it is difficult to find users by using their names or even their usernames. For example, if you are going to find a user using his first name and last name, you will probably notice several persons of the same name, only differing in one or more characters. Now suppose you manage a business page to market your products or services, if the user fails to easily find you, increasing your followers will be difficult for you. That is why Instagram added a new and highly functional feature that lets you easily find your concerned user. The Instagram nametag allows you to scan an individual’s username and visit his profile in less than a second. If you are managing a business page and you are to have your users to find it easily, the Instagram Nametag is a good option. In this article, this feature and its importance in the Instagram marketing are thoroughly discussed!

What is Instagram Nametag?

Have you ever used QR codes? The QR codes help you get into a defined field directly after scanning an image. That is a QR code! If the concerned code, for example, is for a website, you will have direct access to the website through scanning the code. This is exactly what the Nametags do. Using the Instagram Nametag, the users are provided with an image, through scanning which they can directly visit your profile.

What is Instagram Nametag

To visit your profile, a user no longer needs to look for your username in the search section! Before adding such an option, the users had to type their concerned person’s name and surname correctly to find him/her; however, if there was an additional dot or character in his/her username, there would be a big challenge for the users, eventually leading to their giving up.

Why is it important to use Instagram Nametag?

In some cases, you have shared your Instagram username on other social networks or websites; however, the users still do not follow you. Many users may find it difficult to find you by your username. For example, we see a lot of websites having their Instagram username on their post images but no user follows the website’s Instagram page. The Nametag lets you easily find other persons through a simple scan! Your business users would also follow you when they have your Nametags, and this would increase your Instagram followers.

Why is it important to use Instagram Nametag

Recommendation! If you are using a website or other social networks for marketing your business, I suggest you to have your Nametags. When users see your Instagram Nametags, they are encouraged to follow you on the Instagram. This is simply done by scanning your Nametags.

How to scan and follow users’ Nametags?

You already got familiar with the significance of Nametags. Now, the question is how to follow others’ Instagram Nametags. There are two techniques to do so:

1) Using the Instagram Nametag

The first technique is to use the Nametags on Instagram. To do this, just sign in to your profile and click on the three lines, as shown in the following image. Then click on the Nametag:

How to scan and follow users Nametags

Then click on ‘Scan a Nametag’ and scan the Instagram Nametag.

2) Using the Instagrm Story

If you are on the Instagram feed page, there is no need to go through the first step! Just open the Instagram story by clicking on camera (top left). Then scan your concerned Nametag using the camera in the story section. This is of great benefit when you are going to have your Instagram Nametag printed on your business card or banners! Users can easily scan your Instagram Nametag and log directly in to your profile.

Using the Instagram Story

After scanning the Nametag using the second technique, you observe a new window having two options! The option ‘Follow’ allows you follow the user without visiting his profile. Moreover, the option ‘View Profile’ allows you to view the user profile. It is worth noting that if you are already following the page, you can only see the option ‘View Profile’!

How to Use Instagram Nametags

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Note: It will be a bit difficult if you already have an Instagram Nametag image in your gallery. In this case, you cannot easily adopt the second technique since it needs the story camera as such you need the Nametag on another cellphone to be scanned. A solution is to go through the option ‘Nametag’ via the Instagram settings and scan the image of your concerned Nametag using your gallery.

How to create our own Instagram Nametag?

All users have access to the Instagram Nametag. To use the Instagram Nametag, just log in to your profile and select Nametag from the Settings. Instagram automatically presents you a default Nametag which can be easily customized if you wish! There are three customization options:

How to create our own Instagram Nametag

1) Change the emoji of the nametag background!

The first option is to change your Nametag background; just click on your Nametag background to display the emoji! In other words, you can change the emoji of your background to have a Nametag as follows:

2) Choose a color for your background!

If you need a formal Nametag, you can use a color instead of your background! You can customize your background color through the option ‘Color’.

3) Add a selfie to your Instagram nametag!

If you want to create a Nametag for a personal page, put your selfie on it! To do this, simply select the camera and take a photo for your Instagram Nametag.

Finally, just click on X to close the Instagram Nametag window and automatically save the settings.

Note! Be a little creative when selecting your Instagram Nametag background. For example, if you are to use a color for your background, choose your logo color to contribute to your branding! Or, for example, if you are using emoji, use emoji reflecting your brand’s features so that users can get connected to it more easily. If you are a photographer, use the emoji ‘camera’. If your page is for fun, put an emoji of laughter on your nametag. Such simple creativity would have a huge impact on your brand as it sticks the brand to the minds of your customers forever.

How to share your Instagram nametag?

After creating the Instagram nametag, sharing is of great importance! If one fails to share his nametag appropriately, the nametag will have little impact on increasing the number of Instagram followers. You still need creativity! With your creativity, you can find great ways to share your Instagram nametag. Here are some ways to use your Instagram nametag creatively:

  1. Show the nametag in your store!

It doesn’t matter whether you manage an online store or a physical store! What is important is to display the Instagram nametag in your store. Now if your store is online, display the image on one section of your website; however, if your store is not online, you can prepare a small banner for the Instagram nametag and share it with your customers. Further, if your products have a manual and you provide all your customers with the manual, you can also print your Instagram nametag on the manual so the users can easily follow you on Instagram! See the image below:

Change the emoji of the nametag background

This is the image of the Chocolate Johnny Store, which could simply print its nametag on the papers it offers to its customers. If the store staff treat the customers well, the customers will definitely like to follow the brand’s Instagram page and easily have access to the store profile using the paper containing the printed nametag. Attracting active users is the most effective factor in increasing sales and branding!

  1. Display nametags in events, conferences, and even exhibitions!

If you are one of the brands which actively participate in different events, congratulations! You have a great chance to increase the number of your followers through the Instagram nametags. At such events, the users usually pay attention to different brands and you can simply ask them to scan your nametag and follow you. For example, suppose that a business exhibition is held, in which you are taking part! Just print out your Instagram nametag alongside your banner so that the users can follow you in just a few seconds.

Providing such users with the nametag not only increases your Instagram page visitors but also greatly increases your sales providing that you can persuade them to have your products or services. On the other hand, if you fail to convert the users into your Instagram followers or website members, they will forget you for a while and there will be no significant increase in your sales. Look at the following image:

Display nametags in events and conferences

This is the image of a brand participating in an exhibition! This brand easily prints his Instagram nametag and submits it to the users. This would help the users to remember the brand and they would need no manual searching! With a simple scanning, they can view the profile of this brand and follow the page! In recent years, users are less patient and such solutions has a huge impact on the conversion rate and the number of business followers.

Display nametags in events AND even exhibitions

Recommendation! If you are a user attending various events, you are likely to have lots of contacts with users and even want users to follow you on Instagram. I suggest you to keep your Instagram nametag on your phone and ask your concerned users to scan and follow you. This will facilitates reaching the desired users and great achievements in your business. Moreover, if you have presentations at different conferences, you can attract the users’ trust. At the end of the presentation, you can show the users your Instagram nametag and ask them to follow you. Suppose that you attend three conferences per month and you can attract 100 followers in each conference! About 2000 to 3000 followers are annually added to your business, which is of great value.

  1. Post your ads on other weblogs or social pages!

Another technique to increase your Instagram followers is to send your nametag on other pages and social networks. For example, suppose you have an active weblog for your business; you just need to display your Instagram nametag in the corner of your blog so that the users can come to your page and follow you. Furthermore, if you are the active user of the other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc., you can post your nametag on such networks so that your followers on other social networks become your Instagram followers. Look at the image below:

Post your ads on other weblogs or social pages

A user, Amy Boyle, who is an active user on both Instagram and Twitter, had a Twitter post accompanied with her nametag and asked users to follow her on Instagram as well! To do so, you can also be a little creative. For example, if you are on Twitter and post beautiful photos on your Instagram, you can ask users to follow your Instagram to see your beautiful photos. These users can easily have access to your profile and follow you using your nametag.

instagram Post your ads on other weblogs

There are many businesses hosting regular webinars or conferences and using the Instagram nametag! If you are also one of those users who are always holding conferences and webinars, just have a presentation slide with your Instagram nametag. If your presentation is informative, users suppose that they could find useful content on your Instagram page; hence, you can simply increase the number of your followers. You can also ask them to raise their questions in the Instagram Direct. You can even create a Question Sticker after the conference and have users write their questions on the sticker to be answered. Then if the users have questions, they have to follow you and ask their questions! Do you have a better solution for increasing the number of your followers? Your answer is probably negative. Use the Instagram Nametag in one slide of your conference presentations, then you can have a successful Instagram marketing.

How to encourage users to scan their Instagram Nametag?

You may suppose that you share your Nametag; however, a few users may scan it! You’re right! If you merely want to share it, few users will certainly scan it. In this section, as the final section of our article, two great solutions are provided to increase the number of users who scan your Nametag:

1) Teach users how to scan your Instagram Nametag!

Unbelievably, most users do not follow you just because they do not know how to scan the nametag! It is so simple; we can’t use something until we have some information about it. If users do not know how to use it, they don’t care about it or if the user likes you, he/she searches your username. To solve this problem, simply teach users via a post or story. Keep in mind, though, that if you teach it to users using a story, you can use Instagram Highlight to keep it accessible forever.

2) Motivate users!

Many users are not willing to follow you because of their lack of interest; however, if they are motivated, they will follow you soon. While many users are looking for fun on Instagram, there are many users who are learning useful information on Instagram. You can also create high quality and useful posts and have users follow you to see the posts.

How to- encourage users to scan their Instagram Nametag

If you have a product or service for sales, you can ask users to get a discount code through following your page. Certainly, the number of your followers would be greatly increased in this way! In addition, if you produce valuable videos, you can post some of them to other social networks or even your website and ask users to subscribe for other videos on your website.

Anne Buttar, for example, as an Instagram user, promised her followers on other social networks to give them a valuable e-book. After a while, she could greatly increase her followers. This has a great advantage; if your book is relevant to your field of interest, you can increase the number of your followers purposefully, thus enhancing the sales of your product or services.

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Note! You should not use your Instagram nametag anywhere. For example, using the Nametags on pedestrians is a great idea; however, their use on highway billboards would not work at all! Because cars pass the highways at high speeds and have no enough time to scan your nametag; they either have to stop or pass by! No one is willing to stop on the highway for an Instagram page! If this is the case, the better solution would be using your Instagram username for your brand or even the website address! Because users can also find and follow your Instagram page through logging in to your website. Accordingly, be a little rational and then use the Instagram nametag to increase the number of your followers as much as possible.


Using the Instagram page to promote the sales of business products or services seems to be logical as such you should increase your followers to enhance sales. The Instagram Nametag exactly helps you to increase your page followers because users could scan your Nametag within a short time and log in to your Instagram page. In fact, the Nametags are of great benefits for users to follow your page and eventually your brand. As a result, the users can follow you much more easily and the conversion rate increases. In this article, we thoroughly reviewed the Instagram Nametag and its impact on businesses.

You tell us! If you want to use the Instagram Nametag to increase your followers, where is the best place to display the Nametag? In the Comment section, share your experiences or ideas with us and other users.

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