How to Use IGTV for Business Branding

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Using Instagram as one of the most popular social networks worldwide has a significant impact on internet businesses.

Instagram is essential to businesses, which has led to the formation of a new type of internet marketing known as Instagram Marketing.

One of the tools available on Instagram is IGTV which allows you to display your business videos to users and Followers at any time.

In this article, we will look at six methods by which IGTV can help transform your business.

What is Instagram Television (IGTV)?

One of the problems that Instagram causes for some users (users who are intending to share videos) is the 1-minute time limit on videos!

In fact, when users want to share a video that is a few minutes long, they must split it into several 1-minute videos and then share it.

Dividing a video into a few 1-minute videos will cause users to have some trouble while they are viewing the video.

Instagram has created a new feature called the IGTV feature to sort out this issue that allows users to share longer videos.

Of course, this feature also has its own limitations, but this restriction does not cause any difficulties for many businesses; ordinary accounts and profiles can share 10-minute long videos and official accounts (accounts that have a blue tick) can upload videos that are up to 60 minutes long.

instagram-grow-icon According to the fact that the videos shared by various businesses are usually less than 10 minutes long, this tool doesn’t create any certain restrictions. In case you’re intending on sharing videos that are longer than 10 minutes, all you need to do is split the video into a few parts and share them instead.  This tool has a great deal of impact on businesses. In this article, we are intending on addressing 6 methods in which IGTV can be used to increase the number of audiences and business sales rates.

Using IGTV for Branding an Internet Business

You must already be aware that using different Instagram tools such as Posts, Stories, Direct Messages, etc. has a huge impact on your business and the relationship you have with users!

Are you also aware of the impact of IGTV on Business Branding and Increasing the Number of Your Audiences?

Video content usually has a greater impact on your audience, which is why the IGTV feature can help you a lot with your internet business.

Follow us along for an overview of 6 professional and practical features for Internet Business Branding using IGTV.

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  1. Attracting New Audiences Using the Videos you have Shared in the Past

Instagram Posts become outdated and fewer users will have access to them after a while; in other words, Instagram Posts have expiry dates, and after posting a few new posts, the chance of users seeing older Posts is almost zero!

Instagram Stories are also no longer available after 24 hours; even though Instagram Stories have a huge impact on Instagram Followers, but the time limit on them means that new users are unable to see older Stories.

  • Bearing all this in mind, how can users benefit from the best content on your Instagram Page?

IGTV is the answer! Instagram is a tool that helps you keep your videos available in the Highlights section forever.

By using this tool, users can also view the videos that have been shared in the past. If you have a YouTube or Aparat channel for your business and want to make it easier for Instagram users to have access to the videos on these channels, just upload your videos to IGTV.

igtv for Instagram Marketing

Based on reports and statistics, the impact of video content on social networks for Business Branding purposes is much more than mere photos and text.

When users watch videos, they pay more attention to them and spend more time doing so.

This very fact helps with Business Branding and you can provide users with more Stories and information!

Note that Instagram videos are vertical, but most recorded videos are horizontal.

If you are intending on sharing a video on IGTV, use editing software to convert your video to a vertical format so that it can be properly displayed to IGTV users.

  1. Using Unique Videos to Attract Targeted Audience

One of the issues that may be observed with businesses is the lack of having unique content!

Most websites have content that has already been shared on other websites; which is why many businesses do not have attractive content to display to their users.

Sharing duplicate content on websites reduces the amount of user engagement and isn’t good for Internet businesses.

There are only two ways with which you can increase user engagement through sharing content:

  • A) The content you share is more comprehensive and detailed compared to what your rival businesses share!

Sometimes the content shared on some websites or Business Pages on social networks is repetitious but more complete and comprehensive than competitors’ content!

A more detailed article helps grow your business a lot and of course, increases the number of users who read it.

  • B) Generate Unique Content!

The best way to increase the number of your audience and enhance a business is to produce unique and professional content!

Unique content is content that has not already been shared on other websites or social pages and users see it first on your page.

The subject of the content is very important too; try to select topics that are of great importance to users and that your competitors have neglected to pay enough attention to!

Such content will generate a lot of inbound user traffic and thus, you can easily experience a high sales rate and growth for your business.

If you’re aiming to create unique content, using the IGTV feature Instagram is a great solution!

By using this tool, you can easily share behind-the-scenes videos from your business; for instance, if you have a flower shop and want to receive online orders from customers, you can easily display the steps from planting a flower until it is ready for sale in a video.

You can also make a video on how you pack and send flowers to customers and show them to users using IGTV.

nstagram-IncreasingAlso, suppose you are arranging a gathering for your users and want to increase the number of participants in the community.

In that case, you can easily share videos of past meetings on IGTV and create a good feeling in your audience.

By following these tips, you can quickly increase the number of participants and turn these graduates into a marketing channel for your business!

For instance, you can show users your products and services regularly and promote your products.

An Excellent Suggestion! There are well-known and influential people in every field of business. How about having detailed interviews with such people? By producing a great video of interviewing the professionals in your field of business, you can easily attract a large number audience. On the other hand, these people may also share their interviews on Instagram or other social media websites and by doing so, they will run an excellent advertising campaign for your business.

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  1. Promoting and Advertising Products in an Educational Format

One approach towards increasing the sales rate of business products or services is to integrate product advertising with educational content!

In fact, successful businesses show a video tutorial to their users, in which a professional or even consumer talks about the features of their products; however, note that your product must be fully relevant to that tutorial video and be able to provide product features based on the tutorials presented in that video.

If you own internet business and want to increase sales rates, make educational videos and introduce your product features in a part of that video!

This solution works well if your product doesn’t change very often. If your products or services change often, then your videos must also be updated according to the new features of your products or services.

instagram-grow-iconThe type of business you run doesn’t make any difference! Because the customers of every type of business can be found on Instagram and most of the users and Followers of your page are potential customers of your business.

This means that if your customers are following you, then of course they are also following your tutorial videos as well!

So no matter what field of business you are active in, just make sure to share valuable and useful videos so that users can learn from you.

This solution will increase customer confidence and satisfaction with you and will greatly improve your sales rates.


  1. Establishing a Relationship Between Users and Businesses by Showing Weekly Schedules on IGTV

IGTV is a professional tool on Instagram and can be considered as a modern TV!

As a TV audience, how many weekly or daily programs do you follow regularly? The numbers vary for each user, but almost all users follow at least one regular weekly program!

For instance, if you follow a television series regularly that airs every night, don’t you watch it every night? Surely you do!

IGTV also lets you share regular (for example once a week) programs, interviews, or whatever you may want to show to users on a scheduled basis.

social icon Regular broadcasting on IGTV means repetition, and repetition creates a strong connection between you and your users; they see you, hear your voice, use the content provided, and ultimately, unconsciously communicate with you! Communicating doesn’t merely mean talking to you and may simply mean a boost in users’ trust in your Internet Business.


  • Is it possible to share daily programs too? Such programs are bound to take up a lot of your time and have their own scenario. To produce these programs daily, you have to spend all your time writing, recording, editing, and sharing videos!
  • Aren’t there any other important things to do in your business? Certainly, every business does different things and it cannot spend all its time producing daily videos. On the other hand, your users won’t be able to see your videos every day, and this will reduce the number of visits to your page! So we suggest that you share your videos weekly so that you can handle all of your tasks and users will be able to watch them. An advantage of IGTV is that videos have no expiry dates and users will have access to the videos whenever they want and they can make use of their content.
  1. Answering Customer Questions and Inquiries in the Format of a Video

Users and customers of any business will ask a lot of questions; some of which are more common amongst users and are more frequently asked, these are the best choices for making a video to answer them!

For instance, if the first question was asked by 50 users and the second question by only 5 users, answering which question would be more reasonable given the number of users?

Definitely the first question!

To get users ‘questions, you can utilize the Question Sticker in the Instagram Story section and note the number of users who asked certain questions.

Make a list of all the questions along with the number of users that have asked each certain question and respectively answer them in the format of a video.

igtv for branging6

  • Why is it very important to answer the questions that users ask?

The most important factor for Internet Businesses is the users of that business.

When you value your users, they will certainly trust you more and this will increase the chances of users purchasing your Internet Business products or services.

Answering the questions addressed by users means that users are important to you, and when you answer questions in the format of a video instead of text and images, you can deliver more valuable content in a less amount of time and customers will also be able to remember your face.

At the end of each video, ask users to ask their questions in the next Story or as Comments in the latest Post and reassure them that you will answer them in your following videos.

Upload this video to the IGTV section and users will always have access to it.

  1. Making a Video Based on the Positive Feedback from Users

Nothing is as valuable to your business users as your customers talking about and giving opinions about your business!

Your business users are looking for honest opinions and to potential customers, previous customers are more trustworthy than business employees and managers.

Ask your users at your gatherings or office to tell you in a video if they have a positive opinion about your products or services so you can share it on IGTV for other users.

When users see that your previous customers are satisfied, there is no other reason for them not to purchase your products.

With this highly professional solution, you can greatly increase the number of customers and thus, the sales rate of your Internet Business and brand your business professionally.


The Difference Between IGTV and Instagram!

We are all aware that IGTV is one of the most popular tools on Instagram, so Why did we address this question?

It’s interesting to know that IGTV is actually a separate platform from Instagram that has been implemented onto it.

To better understand the difference between the two, consider the Facebook Website and the Facebook Messenger!

By using Facebook Messenger, you only have access to limited features of Facebook, but if you go to Facebook, all of its features will be available to you.

Just as Facebook is not just for entertainment and has a very high business value, Instagram also provides a high business value!

That’s exactly why Instagram also integrates separate tools such as IGTV to greatly enhance the value and commercial use of Instagram for its users.

IGTV is a professional platform designed separately but now used on Instagram. By using IGTV on Instagram, which has similar functionality to Posts and Stories, you can upload your videos.

The difference that makes it worthwhile is the time length of the videos that you can upload.

By using IGTV you can extend your video time from 15 seconds (the maximum video length in Stories) and 1 minute (the maximum video length in Posts) to 10 minutes.

Of course, if you have an official account on Instagram that has a blue tick, this time limit will increase to 1 hour.

What is the Best Video Length to Make the Most Amount of Impact on Users?

The IGTV feature has recently been activated on Instagram and it’s difficult to say what video length leads to the maximum amount of user interaction!

But if you’ve already uploaded multiple videos to your IGTV on Instagram and your account is a Business type account, you can easily see how the amount of interaction regarding each video.

Each video has a specific time length and amount of interaction that will allow you to focus on producing videos with a similar time length to get the maximum amount of interaction possible.


Utilizing the IGTV Tool is one of the best tools for marketing an Internet Business using Instagram.

This tool helps you upload your lengthy videos to Instagram and make them available to users no matter what the upload date may be.

If you are seeking to attract more audiences or increase the sales rate of your business, you can easily use this tool.

Do you also use the IGTV feature on Instagram to enhance your business?

Tell us all about your invaluable experiences in the Comments section.

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