How to Share Instagram Live Videos as IGTV

While these days, many people around the world have stayed in their homes to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus,
Actors and celebrities are trying to keep in touch with their audiences with the help of Instagram Live feature and find new followers on this platform.
But one of the drawbacks of Instagram Live is that because they are displayed in the Stories section, they are also removed after 24 hours. Fortunately, from today, you can also save your live videos in the IGTV section; IGTV is the part of Instagram that allows users to save videos longer than a minute.

It is possible to save Instagram Live as IGTV

Thanks to this update, musicians, artists and actors who have performed on Instagram or held Q&A sessions can fully archive the content of these important sessions so that they can be viewed by the audience for a longer period of time than One day is possible. Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, last month announced the imminent launch of the feature to its audience, citing it as part of its efforts to expand and expand the capabilities of streaming live among its various platforms.

Users can upload their Live videos to IGTV

Live Instagram videos are only available for up to 24 hours if saved; But now, after the end of Live, Instagram allows users to save their live video directly to IGTV. All you have to do is click on Share to IGTV. This feature helps IGTV compete with YouTube and have more content and more popularity.Of course, the comments and stickers on the video are not stored on IGTV.


Having a dedicated IGTV upload key is an attractive feature that not only helps users save live videos, but also allows Instagram to have more content for IGTV. Instagram is still determined to develop IGTV.

Instagram also recently introduced the ability to access Instagram DMs on Desktop. Now the experience of users working on different platforms is getting closer to each other.

This social network is constantly updating its programs in various operating systems in an effort to encourage users to use Instagram continuously at any time and in any place. Apparently, Instagram is focusing more on IGTV these days to attract content producers to the app. In fact, in recent days, Instagram has become more of an IGTV and Instagram version.

What do you think of this new Instagram feature? 

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