How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

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If you received an Instagram in-app notification that looked like this:

This activity has been halted due to a blocked action. Please give it another shot at a later time.

Some information and activities are restricted to safeguard our group. Please let us know if you think we’ve made a mistake.

What does Action Blocked Mean?

When you follow, like, or comment on Instagram posts, the action-banned notification will show.

It indicates Instagram has decided to block your account as a result of certain of your behaviors.

The action-banned notification indicates that Instagram has disabled your ability to follow, like, comment, or message people directly.

Instagram blocks users engaging in spam activities for a particular period and shows them the “Action Blocked” error message.

NOTE: It is important to avoid liking or commenting on people’s Instagram posts immediately after creating a new account. Bot accounts usually do this. 

After you’ve created a new account, you’ll need to start publishing your images. 

You must have at least ten of your own before like or commenting on other people’s posts.

The photos should not be submitted within an hour of each other; for optimal results, post two photos per day.

How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

What are the reasons behind Blocking an Account by Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm does not even notify you before taking this step nor explain why it is taken.

There are a few reasons why this could happen:

  • You’ve been messaging too many accounts recently.
  • You’ve been ‘mention’ other users too many times.
  • You’ve liked far too many photos in such a short period of time.
  • You’re completing specific Instagram tasks with the help of a third-party app.
  • You’ve been Use Instagram bots properly.
  • You’ve said the same thing under a lot of photographs.
  • You are posting copyright content illegally.
  • You’ve been automating your liking, following/unfollowing, and commenting with a bot.
  • You’ve been following or unfollowing too many people.
  • You are posting inappropriate content.
  • Several user complaints against you.
  • Tagging the same account very frequently in your posts or comments.

We will discuss this below to discuss how to fix it.

9 Ways To Fix Action Blocked On Instagram

  • A:  change your IP address

When Instagram disables you, your account is not blocked. They block your IP address.

On your mobile device, you have a public IP address. So Try to change your IP address.

Switch to a mobile network (4G/5G) if you’re currently on Wi-Fi. If you already have a data plan, choose your home Wi-Fi instead.

As a result, if you use data and switch to a different device, your actions will be unblocked because you are no longer connected to the blocked IP addresses.

  • B: Delete Third-Party Apps

Stop using any third-party apps or bots to automate your Instagram posts.

The ‘unfollowing non-followers apps seem to be a very popular third-party app within the Instagram community.

Instagram is aware of the bot activity, which, after many Instagram updates introduced to the app algorithm, is easier to detect nowadays.

These apps are usually the reason you’re going to get certain actions blocked by Instagram.

  • C: Tell Instagram to Unblock You

You can request that Instagram unlock your account if you receive the Action Blocked notice pop-up on Instagram.

You would use this approach to have your Instagram account confirmed, and if Instagram successfully verified your identity, it would unblock you.

The support agent will conduct an inquiry, and if you are determined to be innocent, your account will be unlocked immediately.

Before you do any Action, make sure you read the Instagram standards and follow them.

  • D: Link Instagram Account with Facebook

Because Instagram suspects you of being a bot, you’ll need to authenticate your identity by linking to another social media account, such as your Facebook account.

By doing so, you’re demonstrating to Instagram that you’re a real person, not a bot, who’s running an account.

Try linking your personal or company Instagram account to your or your brand’s Facebook account if you haven’t already.

  • E: Take a break from Instagram for at least 48 hours

Instagram is likely to have barred you for a limited time to limit your actions.

Because Instagram employs a flagging system to filter all content, it will take some time for it to realize that you were perfectly OK throughout the restricted access period.

Take a vacation from following, liking, and commenting on Instagram to avoid seeing the dreaded Instagram emoji.

We recommend that you cease doing anything for at least 72 hours, though the block could last up to 5-7 days in certain cases.

  • F: Complete your Instagram Profile

In case your profile is incomplete, complete it by filling up all the profile information and uploading a profile picture if you haven’t uploaded one yet.

Go to your Instagram profile, then click on Edit Profile and ll in all the blank fields which you’ve not filled up, especially Edit your Instagram Bio. Also, Upload an image if you don’t have one yet.

Action Blocked

  • G: Delete all hashtags from your recent posts

Instagram has banned or prohibited some hashtags. Some hashtags are blocked because they appear inappropriate, while others are harmless but have been flooded with indecent photos.

The hashtags that fall in any two categories are usually blocked by Instagram either permanently or temporarily.

  • H: Devices should be switched

If all of the above fails and you still have an Instagram activity block, try signing into your Instagram account on a separate device as a final resort.

  • I: Uninstall the Instagram App and Re-Install.

When all other options have failed to fix your problem, this should be your last resort.

You can uninstall the Instagram app from your device and delete all its primary data before reinstalling it.

After reinstalling the application, make sure everything is working properly.


We hope this article was informative and given you some insight into why you can be blocked on Instagram.

We understand that having an Instagram action block is similar to owning a car but not being able to drive it.

So, with a little forethought and a cautious selection of activities and third-party apps, you can ensure that your Instagram account grows steadily and safely.

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