How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

If you got an Instagram in-app notification like:

Action Blocked: This action was blocked. Please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

we prepared this article to give you more insights into what Instagram Action Block message is and how to fix it. you are in the right place.

What does Action Blocked Mean?

The action blocked message will appear when you try to follow, like, or comment on Instagram posts. It means that Instagram has decided to punish you for some of your activities and has blocked your account. The action blocked message means that Instagram has blocked you from either following, liking, commenting, or direct messaging people. Instagram blocks users engaging in spam activities for a particular period of time and shows them the “Action Blocked” error message.

NOTE: It is important to avoid liking or commenting on people’s Instagram post immediately after you create a new account. This is usually done by bot accounts. What you need to do after creating a new account is to start posting your own photos. You should post at least ten photos before liking or commenting on other people’s posts. The photos should not be posted within the same hour — you can post two pictures daily for best practices.

How To Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

What are the reasons behind Blocking an Account by Instagram?

The Instagram system doesn’t even inform you before taking this action, and it also doesn’t tell you the reason behind it. Although there a few possible reasons why this may happen:

  • You’ve been messaging too many accounts recently
  • You’ve been ‘mention’ other users too many times
  • You’ve been liking too many pictures in a short space of time
  • You’re using a third-party app to complete certain actions on Instagram
  • You’ve been Use Instagram bots properly
  • You have commented the same thing under too many pictures
  • You are posting copyright content illegally.
  • You’ve been using a bot to automate your liking, following/unfollowing, or commenting
  • You’ve been following or unfollowing too many people
  • You are posting inappropriate content
  • Several user complaints against you
  • Tagging the same account very frequently in your posts or comments

we will discuss this below to discuss how to fix it.

9 Ways To Fix Action Blocked On Instagram

  • A:  change your IP address

When Instagram blocks you, they don’t block your account, they block your IP address. On your mobile device, you have a public IP address. So Try to change your IP address. If you are currently on your WiFi, switch to a mobile network (4G/5G).  If you are using data plan already, select your home WiFi instead. So, if you use data and switch to a different device, your actions would be unblocked because you’re not associated with the blocked IP addresses anymore.

  • B: Delete Third-Party Apps

If you are running any third-party app or bot to automate your Instagram—stop it. The ‘unfollowing non-followers’ apps seem to be a very popular third-party app within the Instagram community. Instagram is aware of the bot activity, which, after many Instagram updates introduced to app algorithm, is easier to detect nowadays. these apps are usually the reason you’re going to get certain actions blocked by Instagram

  • C: Tell Instagram to Unblock You

When you receive the Action Blocked message pop-up on Instagram, you can raise a request to Instagram for unblocking your account. In this method, you would get yourself verified by Instagram, and if Instagram successfully verifies your identity, then it would unblock you. An investigation will be carried out by the support agent and if you’re found innocent, then your account can be unblocked immediately. It is important to read about Instagram guidelines and act accordingly before you take this type of action.

  • D: Link Instagram Account with Facebook

Since Instagram thinks that you’re a bot, you’re going to have to prove to them that you’re a genuine person by linking to another social media account such as your Facebook account. This way, you are showing Instagram more credibility that indeed you are a real person using an account and not a bot If you haven’t done so yet, try to connect your personal or business Instagram account with your or your brand’s Facebook account.

  • E: Take a break from Instagram for at least 48 hours

The chances are that Instagram has blocked you only for a short while to restrict your actions. Since Instagram uses a flagging system that moderates all content, you will have to give it some time to understand that you have behaved all fine during the restricted access period. It might be a good idea to take a break from following, liking, and commenting, in order to avoid seeing the unwelcome Instagram error.We recommend stopping all activities for at least 72 hours although in some cases, the block might last longer, up to 5-7 days.

  • F: Complete your Instagram Profile

In case your profile is incomplete then, complete it by filling up all the profile information as well as by uploading a profile picture in you haven’t uploaded one yet. Go to your Instagram profile then click on Edit Profile and ll in all the blank fields which you’ve not filled up, specially Edit your Instagram Bio. also Upload an image if you don’t have one yet.

Action Blocked

  • G: Delete all hashtags from your recent posts

There are some hashtags that are banned or blocked by Instagram. Such hashtags are usually banned because they seem inappropriate, while others are innocent but have been spammed with photos that are inappropriate. The hashtags that fall in any of the two categories are usually blocked by Instagram either permanently or temporarily.

  • H: Switch devices

If everything above fails and you are still experiencing Instagram action block, as a last resort option you might simply try to change the device you are logging in to your Instagram account.

  • I:Uninstall the Instagram App and Re-Install.

This step should be your last choice when all the above methods fail to resolve your problem. What you can do is uninstall the Instagram application from your device and clean all its previous data and then reinstall the app. Check if everything works fine after reinstalling the application.


We hope this article was helpful and gave you few ideas about the reasons you might be getting blocked on Instagram. we know Having an Instagram action block is like having a car and being unable to drive it. so  with a little of planning and careful selection of activities as well as third-party apps you are going to use, you can enjoy steady and safe growth of your Instagram account.

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