How to Make Money on Instagram?

Today, Instagram is no longer a simple software and has become a necessity of life. In addition, it is a very inexpensive tool for monetizing and promoting business. What was originally just software for photo sharing has now become one of the best social media in our world and a business valley in less than seven years.

success iconHow can Instagram help your business thrive and generate revenue for your company? You’ve probably heard of famous models, celebrities, and big business winners who have posted or named their products on their Instagram posts. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn millions by wearing beautiful and attractive clothes or sending pictures of yourself drinking?

smart iconSmartphones can bring huge profits to many; It is also used by people who recognize the taste and needs of users with a little capital and prudence, and thus earn money using a simple Instagram page. In today’s world, what is important for starting a successful business is finding a way to reach and connect with the customer, and what is better than a social network that one goes to and checks every day. And it tracks all updates.

Can I Definitely Make Money on Instagram?

This is the question that beginners ask, is it really possible to make money from Instagram? Is it true to earn money from Instagram? Make money from Instagram is a big lie?

Well, the answer is quite clear that earning money from Instagram is completely real and proven. If you’re a beginner, you might be surprised, but over time, you’ll learn more.


How much money do you need to make money from Instagram?

If the first question that came to your mind so far was “how many followers you need to make money on Instagram“, we have to say no, as much as you think!

Of course, the number of followers also depends on various factors. For example:

  • What areas you work in, and how easily you can attract products and companies to promote yourself (eg, beauty, food, fitness, etc.).
  • How much your audience is involved (for example, 100,000 fake audiences have no engagement)
  • How do you want to make money?

And the obvious thing is that the more real followers you have, the better. While big Instagramers earn significant money per post, even those with fewer followers can start making money.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

How to make money from Instagram?

Depending on how unique is your content, and depending on your audience, and the level of commitment they have to you, you can make money from the following methods:

  1. -Collaborate with brands as a sponsor of your posts
  2. – Collaborate with brands and get paid for every sale you make of their products.
  3. – Make and sell products, or even provide services.
  4. – Sell your photos.

The beauty of the job is that if you choose one method, you won’t have to worry about the other way around. Well, let’s start with a little bit about the most popular way to earn money on Instagram. That is, working with brands as an influencer.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

30 Tricks to sell products on Instagram

1. Complete your Lead Magnet by adding a photo or video. For example, if you’re going to sell an e-book, take a screenshot of its cover. Or if you offer an instructional video, share 15 seconds of the interesting part with the users.

2. Create a personal message and ask users to subscribe to you. You can create a 15-second video and fully explain to users why they should subscribe to you.

3. Do you get a response from followers? Allow users to use their responses to further ensure and promote your work. Then take a picture of their best response, as well as their name and website, and share them on Instagram.

4. Write some tricks and uses of your product or service for users. This can act as a promotional teaser and make users more eager to learn more about the product.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Product sales

5. Take a screenshot of the most beautiful part of your subscription form and ask people if they would like to accompany you in describing this photo.

6. Start pre-selling on Instagram: Make a promotional teaser of your product with a photo or video and share it on Instagram. With this trick, you tempt the customer to know what product you are going to introduce. In order to exaggerate a little and make the user’s curiosity more intense, define a hashtag for your product.

7. Create a 15-second promotional video for your product. Keep in mind that in these 15 seconds, you need to introduce the “best features” of your product and the shortened URL of your website.

8. If you have a video of customers thanking you for your products, share it as a video on Instagram to further guarantee the quality of your product.

9. Create a collage and share it on Instagram with photos of customers and users who use your products and send you photos. Also define a hashtag for them.

10. Share your Instagram photos of your customers on an album on your website. Of course, get permission from them first. By doing this, you show potential customers who your customers are, and that helps sell more.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Providing services

11. Turn your Instagram into a customer service profile. This could be by sharing screenshots of your graphic designs, the last wedding you hosted, or a video of a customer reading a satisfied letter. it does not matter. It is important to use your Instagram account as a success document.

12. Follow your customers and review all of their work.

13. Advertise your services. For example, in a 15-second video, you can explain a problem and tell how your product can fix it.

14. Ask your customers to take a picture of their problem using a particular hashtag. Instead, let them know that the winner will receive a free 30-minute consultation. The winner will be your customer and will buy your product. The loser is also eager to know more about you.

15. Take photos of customer appreciation letters and share them on Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Book advertising and sales

16. Take a photo of the reviews and comments of the critics who have given the book 5 stars, and share it with the followers, along with a part of the text of the book. This allows you to define your book or product in the language of others.

17. Take a photo of the interesting writings of the book or illustrate the writings of it and share it on Instagram. This encourages the reader to buy more books.

18. Prepare visual questions from the text of the book that can only be answered if you read the text of the book. To help the user, you can specify the page from which the question was extracted to make the user happy.

19. Take photos of your specialty stores and discounts and share them on Instagram.

20. If you are a book author, read part of the book yourself and share it on Instagram in the form of a 15-second video.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Hold webinar

21. Create a 15-second promotional video for your webinar. If this video is from the main program, it is much better to be able to show the enthusiasm of the audience as well.

22. Send reminder graphics about the webinar date. Also, create and share graphics to show the webinar live.

23. If you received good, positive feedback from your previous webinar, take a photo of it and share it with users.

24. Take photos of things that only participants in the webinar get for free and share them on Instagram.

25. If you have more than one speaker on the webinar (like Google Plus Hangout), take a picture of all of them and share them as a collage on Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

Increase relationship sales

26. Show your true interest in buying products that are mediated with multiple photos and videos to stimulate followers to have that product.

27. Post a photo or video of the result or application of the product purchased on Instagram. Users are welcome to comment on a person who has previously used their product and seen good results.

28. Make a 15-second video so that the user is eager to go to the link you want and get more research and information about the product you are promoting.

29. If followers are users who want to make money online, share screenshots of other agents who are a subset of your relationship cycle and the second sales representative after you to further engage them.

30. Reward people who buy through the sale of your relationship. Take 15-second videos of the awards and share with users.


Today, influencer marketing is one of the most important choices for companies, and becoming an influencer is one of the new and exciting ways to earn money!

Collaborate with brands as a sponsor of your posts

These days we hear a lot about Influencer names. Influencer is someone who has somehow made a name for himself in the online space by doing something special or sharing unique content. Influencers are a leader for their audience, or an expert whose opinions are respected in a particular field.

That’s why many brands go to Influencers and work with them to make their brand or product stand out. But you should know that what brands want is not the number of followers and visits to your posts, but they are looking at how much your audience trusts you and is involved with the content you produce.

As an influencer, it’s hard to keep your income well and balanced, and to create perfectly flawless content. But if you don’t rely on your Instagram page to make money, you can choose the brands you want to work with; Just as brands can choose the Influencers  they want.


How do you decide how much money to get as an influencer?

This amount varies depending on what kind of content you create, such as a photo , video or a story; And sometimes even if you allow the use of that content on your page or website.

You can bargain for all of these trades, whether it’s a post or a campaign. Instead of money, you can get a free product, get a service, get a gift, or get some of each.

Remember that when you are negotiating, you are not only going to produce content, but you are also providing your own contacts and followers.

In a foreign poll conducted among 5,000 influencers, about 42% said they would receive between $ 200 and $ 400 per post. Of course, we only announced this number so that you have a basis for negotiating with brands.

Also, as an influencer, it’s important to know your audience. What triggers engagement in your followers? If you already have complete information and statistics about your page and your contacts, it will be much easier to negotiate.


What you do as a hobby or to make others laugh, funny photos you take with your dog, or photos of attractive food that you eat and share on Instagram, give you a chance to make money from them.

Some Suggestions to Expand Your Instagram Revenue

If you are really looking to expand your Instagram revenue, here are some suggestions

  • Identify your subject and purpose thoroughly and accurately
  • Just work on your topic
  • Create a challenge, surprise followers
  • Don’t advertise too much and first think about the satisfaction of the follower
  • Choose a good and great name for your brand or page
  • Create and advertise your page on other virtual networks (such as Telegram and YouTube)
  • Be sure to create a site for your page and topic (learn the basics well)
  • Be professional and creative, don’t just repeat the work of others
  • Put the appropriate hashtag under your posts and put the watermark (brand name) on your photos
  • Share ads with other people’s channels
  • Be sure to use Instagram Story and Live

Important NOTE:

It is also very important to remember that making money from Instagram is not an overnight process! If you really want to reach a steady monthly, you have to spend at least 3 to 12 months seriously and you will not have any income from the first months.


Are you an Influencer and have experience with this? Have you ever worked with Instagram? Please share your comments and experiences with us and other users.

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