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Instagram is a famous application for sharing photos and videos all around the world. Instagram is a Social Media that you can share your photos and videos with others.

Instagram’s icon is one of the important characteristics of identity. It has different icons that you can use, which one you desire. This successful app logo was like an old camera, and now Instagram changes it to a simple graphic camera model. The new logo is colorful as a rainbow, and the name of it was removed.

The deep connection between a logo and its audience cannot change easily. But sometimes it happens because of the goals’ Evolution process.

The Instagram design team spent nine months on its logo designing. Since the users pay attention to the details of the old logos of Instagram, so they wanted all clerk of the company to draw their mentality about Instagram’s logo in 10 seconds.

instagram icon change

Why Instagram logo changed?

When Instagram started its activity in 2010, the main and important feature was the filters that change the photos to old ones. So the logo like an old camera could be affected Instagram’s popularity.

But now, in 2021, this app has changed, and all the celebrities, artists, young people, and children use Instagram, and maybe the old logo and old feature for photos do not look attractive for them.

In an expert’s ideas, this logo of Instagram has been old and cannot show the purpose of society. With the change of its logo, Instagram wants its audience to let their memories save in digital mode.

On Instagram idea by its development, it is necessary to create a good and attractive appearance for the logo. Generally, Instagram wants to show simplicity by changing its logo.

The logo changing could be a big risk for Instagram. This change was not for Create a novelty, but also they thought that the old logo could not show the creativity more.


The Instagram owner Kevin Systrom answered this change in this way:

Instagram’s logo evolutes through the evolution of Instagram itself. Today Instagram is a successful application with its visual content. So the change is the truth, and everyone should accept it.

The most difficult part of the logo change checked out 300 kinds of logos. Deciding about changing the popular and lovely logo is so difficult, removing or keeping the old elements.

First, they started to check that the users accept the new logo or not. And prepared the video about this process and shared it with the users.

Second, it is the turn of concentration on the Dimensions and scales of the Instagram icon. The logo of an application is an important part of it and should have a good view on the phone and website.

How to changing Instagram Icon?

Before starting, you should update your app in version for Android and version 162.0 for iOS from App Store or Play Store. Follow us in this article.

Change the Instagram icon for Android.

instagram icon on android

One of the interesting abilities of Android is changing the Instagram icon. The Android phone users can install the packs such as Nova Launcher and the other icons from Google Play and use them easily. Android users can change their Instagram icons without using any pack.

Today you have heard that Instagram has new logos, so we want to talk about how you can change the Instagram logo on your Android phone. Instagram gives this chance to everyone to choose among the different logos.

We explain the steps of how you can change your Instagram icon:

  • First, download the PNG file of your desired icon 
  • Second, install the Awesome Icons app
  • Third, find Instagram and click on its icon
  • Forth, Select the colorful icon
  • Fifth, Select the picture part
  • Sixth, Select the PNG file
  • Seventh, Upload the file
  • Eighth, Click the Done then OK bottom
  • Ninth, Now you can use this application with the new icon

Change the Instagram icon for iOS.

instagram icon on ios

After its iPhone 4 model, this popular application went to App Store, and because of its birthday, everyone can use Instagram’s classic icon.

How can you activate Instagram Classic Icon?

Among the Instagram logos, you can choose the logo that is as same as the camera.

  • First, enter the App Store and download the Instagram app or update it if you have
  • Second, enter the app and click the profile icon on down right side
  • Third, click on the three-line bottom on the right top of the page
  • Forth, find the setting section and click on it
  • Fifth, swipe the page down, know you can see the emojis
  • Sixth, now you are in a hidden part of your app and see a row of Instagram icons
  • Seventh, you can select your desired logo, old or new
  • Eighth, the logo changed, and you receive a message, then click OK
  • Ninth, in the end, come back to your home page, and you can see the new logo
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