How Brands Can Increase Their Instagram Followers

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Ever since using social networks started to become more common amongst users, administrators of Internet Businesses have started thinking about how they can utilize social networks to make more profit.

course, It is interesting to know that the results of their research were positive!

Nowadays, social networks play a very significant role in the profitability of Internet Businesses.

Currently, Instagram is one of the largest and most commonly used social networks across the globe, which plays a vital role in marketing services for Internet Businesses.

instagram-grow-iconIn order to increase the sales rates of your Internet Business, you should try to convert your Instagram Followers into actual customers!

In fact, you really need to know how to lead users to become customers. In this article, we are going to explore some practical solutions for leading Instagram Followers and turning them into real customers!

If you are the administrator of an Internet Business, follow us along until the end of this article.

By using the strategies that you will learn in this article, you will easily be able to multiply the rate of your business sales.

How to Convert Instagram Users into Internet Business Customers?

The are several ways which you can use to convert many users into actual customers!

Would you like to discuss 6 of the top and most profitable approaches together? So stay with us in this section.

Increase Followers

  1. Adding the Landing Page Link in the Bio Page

The content of your Instagram Bio page is significant! The first thing that users do upon entering your Instagram Page is reading your Bio. If the information you have presented can draw their attention, they will view your Posts and Stories!

So you only have a few seconds to draw their attention; it may take up hours to write interesting Bio content, but it has a significant impact on increasing the number of your Instagram Followers.

First, you must entirely mention the description of your Internet Business, and then set an attractive image for your profile; if your page is related to an Internet Business, set the Business Logo as a profile photo.

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NOTE! The Logo of your Internet Business instills your brand identity in the minds of your users; so use an attractive, yet professional logo.

Your logo should be attractive enough in the first place to draw the attention of users and in the next step, you should remind the user of your brand.

If your logo is attractive but it is NOT possible to figure out the brand name or field of activity by looking at it, then it may NOT be able to have a huge impact on your audience.

After inserting the profile, ask yourself this question: “Why should the user follow me?” Write a logical reason for users!

For instance, if you have an Internet Business that sells clothes and your clothes are cheap and, of course, stylish; say to the users:

Are you looking for stylish and cheap clothes? Then check out our quality products!”

sample-bio-increase your followers

One of the essential features of the Bio section on Instagram is adding a Link to it! You can only include one link in your Instagram Bio.

To have a successful business, you need to have a website, and if you want to convert your Instagram Followers to actual customers, you need to design a Landing Page for it.

The landing page is precisely the page that users read and then decide to buy your product!

grow instagram pageConsider a landing page to introduce your services or products and add its Link to the bio section of your Instagram page.

Add a form to your landing page to obtain customer information; however, securing customer information must be accompanied by awarding a Gift or Discount Code!

For instance, you can get users’ Emails to present them with a discount code; users’ Emails are critical when it comes to Email Marketing. So the Link in the Bio section on Instagram is an excellent resource for leading users from Instagram to your Business Website.

NOTE! Don’t Forget the Call to Action Keys! If users want to contact you for information or support, all they would need to do is click on these keys; of course, if you have set your call settings properly that is! Enter your store’s contact number, Email, and address in the Settings section of your Business Page so users can easily contact you.

  1. Inviting Users to View the Profile Link Using Instagram Posts

If you are amongst the businesses that spend a great deal of time designing Posts, then we must inform you that the chance of you inviting users to view your Instagram profile Link is very high!

You can initiate a great deal of user interaction by designing attractive Posts; now that the interaction between you and the users is good, why don’t you invite them to view your Profile Link?


In the next step, if your Landing Page is excellent and effective, you can probably turn them into your Internet Business customer.

You need to show your Post to more users to invite more of them to visit the link in the Bio, but HOW?

The Story feature on Instagram is a tool that creates a great deal of interaction and allows you to display your Posts to users. Just share the Posts you share on the Instagram feed with users in your Stories.

To do this, just log in to your Instagram page and click on the “Send Icon”:


The first option is Add Post to Your Story”! Clicking on that will share your Post as a Story, and your Followers will be led to that particular Post by clicking on it.

You can use different Stickers in this Story to make it more engaging in increasing the amount of interaction with it!

Also, ask users to click on the profile link to view your website’s, Landing Page.

An Important Note!

 To have a detailed analysis of the number of users on your Instagram page, assign a Landing Page to your Instagram profile!

This means that the only inbound user traffic for this Landing Page is Instagram; thus, you can more accurately control and assess the inbound user traffic coming from your Instagram Page.

Then you can easily monitor the behavior of users who have entered your website via Instagram and identify the Purchase Rate! The Purchase Rate means knowing exactly how many of your users have become actual customers.

  1. Using Call to Action Keys to Lead Users

Users may have any questions or inquiries and will undoubtedly need to get in touch with you!

The way in which users interact with you is different; some tend to call you, some will send you direct messages, and others will get in touch with you via Email; thus, you have to provide them with different ways of communicating with you.

Fortunately, Instagram has a thorough understanding of this and has created a variety of ways that users can use to get in touch with your Instagram account.

Instagram uses Call to Action Buttons (Action Buttons) to help users communicate with you via email, calls, and direct messages.

nike-bio-information call action

All you need to do is enter your contact information, Email address, and phone number in the Contact Information section so that users can contact you by clicking on them.

However, note that although the function of these buttons is clear, many users are NOT familiar with them!

So you need to teach your users how to use These Contact (call) Buttons using tools such as Stories; for instance, tell them in a Story that clicking on the Email button will open their Email application to send an Email to the support team of your business and all they would need to do is write their intended text.

I also suggest that you add this Story to the Highlights section of your profile accompanied by a suitable title (for instance, ways of supporting customers) so that customers would know how to get in touch with you.

instagram-grow-iconThis is a suitable method of providing customer support but is NOT an ideal way of obtaining users’ Email addresses!

Because if users send you Emails, you will have to manually add them to your Email list; if the number of received Emails is high, it will take you a long time to manually edit and compile the Email list.

So try to encourage them to click on the link in the Bio section of your profile and ask them to enter their Email address in the provided form available on the Landing Page.

Not that you have realized the importance of using Call to Action Key (Action Buttons), allow me to mention two tips:

  • Setting a default SMS sending for the contact number section

If you are the administrator of a business page, in the contact number Settings section of your Instagram account, you will be asked to specify the default mode that users can contact you!

If you set the default to Text, when a user clicks on it, they will be led to the SMS sending app on their cell phone, but if you set the default on Call, your phone number will be transferred to their cell phone’s Call app.


If you make use of SMS marketing in your business, by setting the default contact method on Text, you can compile a list of your Internet Business users’ cell phone numbers in time.

  • Use the Third Invitation (call) Button!

Instagram has added another practical feature to its Call to Action Buttons section; the Purchase Button (key)!

By using this button, you can direct users to your website’s shopping page with just one click; for instance, if you have a website that sells tickets, just copy the relevant Link in this section which will allow users to click on it and be directed to the shopping page.

This feature allows you to choose the link you want with the type of service you intend on providing (the service list is provided by Instagram and you are able to choose from it).

This tool makes it very easy to provide and sell services; because users can buy the services you offer with just one simple click and they won’t have to search for these services on the homepage of your Internet Business website.

  1. Sharing the Landing Page Link in a Story

If you own a Business Page and the total number of your followers is more than 10K, a very useful and practical feature is available for you; the feature of being able to add a Links to Stories!

One way of leading users in order to convert them to actual customers is to use Links in Stories.

Users interact more with your Stories, and when you include a Link in your Story, they tend to visit that Link.

If your Landing Page is attractive enough to gain their attention, you will get their information using the form you have provided!

instagram-grow-iconTry to offer tempting and awesome offers to your users; such as asking them to enter their Email address in order to receive an 80% Discount Code to purchase your Internet Business products!

How many of your users do you think would turn down an offer like this? A high percentage of them will probably accept this offer!

All you need to do is tell them in a Story that if they click on the provided link, they will receive an 80% Discount Code as a gift!

In this case, many of the users would click on the link and you will be able to obtain their Email address by means of the form you have provided in advance and compile a list.

This list will ultimately come in very handy for the Email Marketing and introduction of your future products or services.


If the number of your Followers is less than 10Kyou can still invite them to visit your Landing Page!

Instead of adding Links to Stories (which is only available for pages with over 10K Followers), you can ask users to visit the Link available on your profile!

If your suggestion in a Story is attractive and exciting enough, the number of clicks on your Link wouldn’t be very different from when users are directed to your Landing Page via a link provided in a Story.

  1. The Feature of Being Able to Add a Link in IGTV in Order to Increase the Number of Customers

If you are NOT already familiar with the IGTV tool, I strongly suggest that you read the article entitled Using IGTV on Instagram for Branding Internet Businesses!

Using IGTV has a huge impact on leading and attracting users.

By using this tool, you can create and share a unique video; in addition to providing valuable information to your users, you can also share your page Link with users.

Note that IGTV is a tool for viewing videos and users do not pay much attention to the text that may be presented during an IGTV and you have to ask users in the same video; for instance, tell them to click on the link available on the IGTV video in order to get a Discount Code or a gift such as an E-book related to your business after submitting their Email address in the provided form!

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Provide users with useful and valuable information free of charge in your IGTV video; users love businesses that provide them with valuable information for free!

As an Internet Business, why not make users fall in love with you? You can easily attract users’ affection and interest by providing them with valuable information free of charge and thus, increase your sales rates.

  Sharing the IGTV in a Story on Instagram

In part 2, we told you how you can share your Posts in Stories on Instagram! What do you think of the idea of sharing IGTV videos in Instagram Stories?

If you realize that this tool has a great impact on your campaign, you will definitely agree with this idea!

In order to attract and guide users towards your Landing Page using IGTV, follow the steps below:


  • First Step: Produce a video clip that is related to your Landing Page with the intention of sharing it in the IGTV section on Instagram and make sure that the Link for your Landing Page is presented in the IGTV section and its description section.
  • Second Step: Share a Post including a video clip about your IGTV video and let users interact with that Post! In this post, you must ask users to enter the IGTV section and watch the full video regarding that Post.
  • Third Step: Share your IGTV video with users via a Story and ask them to watch your full video! In the IGTV video, don’t forget to ask your users to click on the provided link.
  • Fourth Step: Analyze the inbound user traffic and the number of visits to your Landing Page; if the percentage of users that enter your Landing Page is low, there must be a problem or hindrance. This problem might be with the Post or Story that introduces the IGTV video! Thus, you must make some changes or adjustments in the previous steps and then analyze your campaign again.

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A Note! Instagram has recently added the feature of being able to share a short part of the IGTV video as a teaser; meaning you can share a 1-minute video in a Post or a 15-second video in a Story on Instagram, and at the end of the video, use an Action Button that Instagram automatically displays to users and ask them to click on it to see the full length

video on IGTV.

Using these 4 steps, you can greatly increase the number of users that are directed to your Landing Page and significantly alter the rate of your Internet Business sales rates.


Other social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer the feature of adding Links to Posts, Instagram however does not allow users to add a clickable Link to Posts!

But as one of the most powerful tools available for digital marketers, Instagram has made use of some creative methods to lead its users to intended Links.

One of these methods is the possibility of adding a link in the Bio section, Stories, and IGTVs.

IN this article, we looked at ways of leading users from Instagram to the Landing Page of an intended website that you can apply in way of increasing the number of your customers.

Now You Tell Us About Your Experiences!

As the administrator of an Internet Business, how do you guide users to your intended Landing Page?

Share your experiences and methods with us and with other users.

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