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There are many channels on YouTube, each of which produces video content on specific topics; some channels cover general topics such as daily news & others follow specialized news items such as currency analysis.

The most important thing in managing a YouTube channel is that there ought to be an objective for using YouTube; knowing whether we have achieved our goal or not requires a YouTube Channel Analysis.

instagram-grow-iconYouTube channel analysis is done with the help of various tools, but you should first know the important criteria in analyzing a YouTube channel in order to realize how close you are to your goal!

For instance, you need to know how your content affects users and what strategies & actions can help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we are going to assess 7 highly significant criteria that are involved in YouTube channel analysis so that you can measure your success rate in achieving your channel goals.

Are you ready? If so, let’s look through these 7 items.

What is the Importance of YouTube Channel Analysis & How can it be done?

YouTube channel analysis is one of the most critical factors regarding channel management!

If you already have a goal in mind but don’t know how close you are to achieving it, you can NOT plan or have a successful strategy for your future.

Many people think that the number of subscribers is enough to analyze their YouTube channel; others see the number of subscribers & video comments and make decisions for their channel, but you should know that successful channels on YouTube conduct a much more in-depth review.

A more thorough review is possible with YouTube capabilities, but the essential tool for analyzing YouTube channels is to use the feature that Connects YouTube to Google Analytics.

A careful analysis & review of the YouTube channel will help you make the right decisions for your strategies.


If you intend to have a successful YouTube channel, you need to analyze channel traffic throughout your activity.

With the help of YouTube channel analysis, you can find patterns to increase or decrease the traffic of your YouTube channel & thus, make better decisions regarding the future of your channel.

Here are seven critical factors in analyzing a YouTube channel that you can use to analyze your own YouTube channel:

  • The Number of Active YouTube Channel Subscribers

The number of subscribers to the YouTube channel is important, but even more important than that is the number of Active Subscribers; the number of active subscribers includes the number of subscribers who actually watch your videos.

Some videos have a higher view rate & some are viewed less! The higher the number of views for a certain video is, means that more users liked the video & that they were able to interact better with it.

Many people are under the impression that the only thing that matters is merely the number of subscribers to the channel, but if users do not interact with your channel, there will be no benefit in it for you.


The priority for channel management is to generate valuable content for users so that they can interact well with it.

The ratio of Active Subscribers to All Subscribers indicates the level of user satisfaction with you, which is achieved through YouTube channel analysis.

According to issued reports, videos that can attract 20% of users in the first 48 hours will be successful in the future too.

To access the ratio of the number of active subscribers of the channel to all the subscribers of the channel, enter the Creator Studio section & set its filter to 28 days; then compare the number of the visits with the total number of your subscribers so that you’ll be able to identify your Active Subscribers.

  • Finding Content that is Rich in Interaction on a YouTube Channel

Another important criterion in analyzing a YouTube channel is finding content that is very popular with users.

By analyzing the channel, you can find out which videos have been viewed the most & which videos have been more successful!

By identifying popular content, you can develop your content strategy in such a way that allows you to spend most of your time producing popular content for users.

The most important factor in user interaction & engagement is knowing which videos have been able to attract the largest number of users; this is possible with the help of YouTube channel analysis, and the more Likes & Comments a video has, the more users have interacted with it!

These are videos that users interact better with and also share with their friends!


Now that you have identified the popular content with your subscribers, you can plan to generate more such content in the future & thus, enhance the interaction rate on your channel.


To determine the amount of interaction, simply enter the Analytics tab in the Creator Studio section.

Finally, all you have to do is note the number of Likes, Comments, Shares, etc., & easily determine the amount of interaction your channel has had.

  • Natural Visits to Videos

Natural video visits include visits made through your audience, & advertising has NOT increased the number of visits.

If you don’t use Advertising Methods to Increase Your Video Traffic on YouTube & you don’t want to run a YouTube Advertising Campaign, it’s very easy to determine the number of natural visits, but things become a little more difficult if you’re using YouTube advertising.

This factor is very important in determining the ranking of videos on YouTube, but there are other factors in this regard, some of which are more important than others.


If you’re using ads, all you have to do is enter the Creator Studio section and identify the source of your inbound user traffic through the Traffic Sources section; which allows you to easily determine the amount of natural user traffic of YouTube videos & merge them into your overall strategy.


In this section, identify your natural inbound user traffic by unchecking the YouTube Ads option in the Traffic Source Checkbox section.

You should also know that you can easily identify the number of visits from each resource & use the information in your content strategy.

  • Assessing the Time Duration of Viewing Channel Videos by Users

The time duration of watching videos on YouTube is one of the most important factors in ranking a YouTube channel!

If this amount is high on your channel, you can easily have the chance of appearing amongst the first results of a YouTube search.

The time duration a user spends watching a video can demonstrate how interested users are in your videos.

To view this data on YouTube, which is very important in analyzing the YouTube channel, simply follow Analytics > Watch Time Reports > Watch Time:


In this section, you can view charts that are related to the time duration of watching videos by users & their total in minutes.

If you observe a growing trend in these charts, it means that there is good content on your channel, but if your growth trend is declining & this decrease is significant, you need to make changes in the video production process for your YouTube channel.


  • Identifying How Much Your Videos Have Been Suggested to Other Users

If you enter the page of a video, a part of the page will be taken up by suggested videos!

This is very important in analyzing a YouTube channel & you should be able to measure & assess it accurately; because the more that your videos are suggested on other video pages, the more interaction your videos will have & the more successful they will be.

To find out how much your videos are suggested to other users, just follow Analytics > Traffic Sources > Suggested Videos & analyze the inbound user traffic:


The more inbound user traffic you have, the more users interact with your videos, & the easier it will be for you to keep up with the current trend of increasing your channel’s ranking.

  • Finding Videos that Have the Highest Amount of Audience Retention

Another very important factor in analyzing a YouTube channel is finding videos that are popular with subscribers; that is, knowing which videos keep your audience the most, & this is very important in increasing the amount of Video Viewing Time.

The longer users stay on a video, the more important it is to your YouTube channel & ultimately helps increase your ranking.

This, similar to the factor we addressed in item number 4, affects the ranking of videos, and you should consider it when analyzing a YouTube channel.

To access this section, follow Analytics > Watch Time Reports > Audience Retention:


In this section, if you need to apply different filters, simply apply them & conduct the analysis you want.

  • Analyzing the Inbound User Traffic Through the YouTube Search Section

The YouTube search section is one of its most useful sections that allow users to access various videos!

It’s interesting to know that YouTube is the second Search Engine in the world after Google, and users make several billion searches each day; the keywords of your videos determine your position in search results; but of course, dozens of other factors also affect your rankings.

If you can be ranked near the top in YouTube search results, you can easily attract a great amount of inbound user traffic through YouTube search, but the important thing is that getting placed near the top in search results is NOT easy!

In the article titled “Increasing YouTube Audience Through Learning 15 Practical Methods!”, we have addressed some practical ways that you can easily use to increase your channel’s ranking.


To analyze YouTube channel & inbound user traffic through the YouTube search section, all you have to do is follow Analytics > Traffic Sources > YouTube Search & analyze your inbound user traffic.

A NOTE! If some of your videos are ranked well among YouTube search results, YouTube probably intends on ranking all your videos well & in general, your channel! So try to produce several other valuable videos on the same topics that you rank well in & thus, help increase your channel’s ranking.


The advantages of having a YouTube channel are some of the most important things that encourage various business managers to be active on YouTube!

YouTube helps you to have a very successful Video Marketing, but you need to identify your goal for being active on YouTube!

Once you’ve identified your goal, you need to analyze your YouTube channel to be able to identify the rate of your success.

In this article, we have addressed some important factors in way of analyzing a YouTube channel that you can use to properly analyze your own channel.

Now You Tell Us! If you are active on YouTube or manage a YouTube channel for your business, what do you think is most important for analyzing & assessing a YouTube channel?

Share your experiences with us & with other users in the Comments section.

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