What will be the Future of Instagram Advertising

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If we want to mention the most popular social network globally, Instagram is probably the network you expect to hear from us!

Instagram has a lot of followers and fans all over the world. This issue has caused many businesses to use Instagram as one of the marketing platforms in the world!

It is interesting to know that many businesses only work on Instagram, and according to their managers, they do not need another platform such as the site.

Instagram advertising is one of the ways to market the products or services of different businesses!

After Facebook bought the social network Instagram, we saw many changes in it, the most important changes of which were mostly commercial, in recent years.

In this article, we will review the future of Instagram advertising to know what changes you will see in the coming years!

If you agree, stay tuned for a full review of the future of Instagram advertising.

Instagram Ads, from the Past to the Future!

In the last year (2020), Instagram made two very fundamental changes to its platform:

  • The first change was the addition of the ability to buy through Instagram.
  • The second change was making extensive changes to the Instagram story section.

Instagram Ads

Almost everything has changed since Facebook bought Instagram, and more changes will follow.

In 2018, the founders of this social network resigned due to a request for more control by Facebook.

Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) has announced that in the future, the story may replace Feed or the main part of Instagram, and if that happens, the network as a whole will change.

Instagram is also trying to increase the interaction of pages with the help of the IGTV Instagram service.

It also seeks to commercialize the IGTV segment and focus more on advertising.

But what do these changes mean for Instagram marketers, and what changes are ahead for them in the coming years?

Knowing this information will help marketers to prepare for new changes and have successful marketing right now.


Facebook’s overall goal in making such changes to Instagram is to integrate the three networks of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to have the best potential for commercializing its activities.

They have the future of Instagram ads, they are:

1-To Integrate Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messages

As we said, Facebook has bought two social networks, Instagram and WhatsApp, and is now looking to integrate these three social networks.

The first thing Facebook announces is major changes to all three messaging!

The first thing that seems to be the merging of the messages of these three networks!

This means that the user can respond to the messages of his other social networks through each of these three networks; For example, if you use Facebook Messenger a lot, you can also reply to Instagram and WhatsApp messages using the same Facebook Messenger.

This is great for brands! The reason is that they can have their audience on all three social networks.

On the other hand, if you meet a user on Facebook, you can chat with him on WhatsApp, which will help make communication easier!


The second possible thing is that Instagram and WhatsApp messaging environments, such as Facebook Messenger, take advertising form.

You will see promotional messages in the Facebook Messenger section, but no ads have been seen on Instagram Direct and the WhatsApp messaging section!

Of course, you should note that this case, as the first case, is quite possible.

Of course, given that Facebook is more about commercialization, it is unlikely that this possibility will become a reality and cover part of the future of Instagram advertising.


If that happened then, we would all be in for a treat. Marketers are increasingly looking to use the advertising platforms that most users are dealing with.

They now focus more on the Instagram story, and sometimes users are bombarded with ads in the story.

Of course, we still say that Facebook has not yet fully implemented its advertising ideas on Instagram, and you will encounter fewer ads!

But if Facebook implements its advertising ideas, you will probably encounter several advertising messages every day.


Suppose you are marketing your business on Instagram by integrating Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram Messenger soon.

In that case, you can run your advertising campaigns in the messaging section of these three networks and get great feedback!

Put, unifying and integrating Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram environments can go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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2-Instagram is moving towards Commercialization!

Do you remember Instagram in the last few years? There was no advertising on it!

Almost since Facebook acquired Instagram, it has become more commercial.

According to one of the available reports, it is predicted that by 2021, more than 70% of Facebook’s revenue will come from Instagram!

Instagram is a very attractive environment for advertisers and digital marketers, and due to the high user interaction, it also has a very good return for businesses.

The future of Instagram advertising is in the hands of Facebook! This means that if you, the users, want to advertise on Instagram, you must do so with the help of Facebook tools and services.

Of course, Facebook services are also excellent and provide you with great features!


The IGTV section of Instagram also has many fans, and Facebook is not unaware of this section!

According to experts, by 2021, IGTV will make up about 40% of Instagram ads.

The growth rate of this part of Instagram is very high, and the ads in this part will have a lot of fans.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the resignation of the founders of Instagram last year!

Facebook is trying to use all sections of Instagram as advertising sections to increase its company revenue.

The founders of Facebook believe that this section can harm the user experience! In other words, the social network may be very popular.


Of course, Facebook has always been thinking about different businesses, and we saw this in the ability to activate the shopping tag on Instagram.

Of course, this feature is only active in some countries, and Facebook is expected to enable it to develop users’ businesses for people worldwide.

Facebook can expand users’ purchases! Now, if you click on the purchase tag of a site, it will enter the site of that business!

It is unlikely that Facebook will be able to make in-app purchases in the not-too-distant future.

This means that there is no need to visit the business site anymore, and users complete their purchases on Instagram.

By activating this feature, the sales of many businesses will be greatly increased, and you can present your products to users without any hassle.


As we said, Instagram plans to run direct advertising and messaging campaigns in the future!

If you visit Facebook, you will see a lot of ads on it.

This is in the interest of Facebook users, and they see fewer advertising messages, but Instagram users may be a little annoyed!

So the future of Instagram advertising is very different from the current situation, and of course, the changes are entire for the benefit of businesses and digital marketers.

If you are an Instagram user, in 2021, you should see many changes in the future of Instagram advertising!

Facebook’s policy is to create creative platforms to create advertising campaigns and ultimately commercialize all of its services.

Currently, it is predicted that the next sections of Instagram that will be more promotional will be stories and IGTV, which are two very popular sections on Instagram.

3- Story ‌ is the Main Goal of the Future of Instagram Advertising!

In 2020, Story became the top feature of Instagram; Even Instagram posts that used to be popular from the beginning are now less popular than posts.

According to Instagram reports, the growth rate of stories is 15 times faster than Instagram posts. Facebook knows this well, and in the future, Instagram ads intend to focus on stories!

Instagram Story currently has more than 500 million active users per day.

Of course, this was also predicted by Facebook; According to Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), the Instagram story was expected to overtake posts by 2021 and become the most popular Instagram tool.


There are many reasons for the growth of Instagram stories; From its excellent capabilities to entertaining users!

Of course, Instagram updates are more related to Instagram stories and we saw fewer changes in the Instagram posts section!

These cases caused Facebook to receive positive feedback from users; The release of some features such as the Question sticker increased user interaction in the story section.

Facebook itself has stated that among the various sections of Instagram, the story is very important and it makes sense to receive more updates.

That’s why Facebook is expected to focus on stories first, and the future of Instagram advertising will have a greater impact on stories.

Currently, users only use the post when they want to stay forever! If they want to make a temporary post, they use the story and IGTV for their long videos.

A suggestion: Given the popularity of Instagram, using stories will help your business a lot.

So if you do not have a good strategy for an Instagram story on your business page, I suggest you develop a good strategy for the story section of your business page as soon as possible.

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3- IGTV is one of the Commercial goals of Instagram!

You may know that IGTV was released in early 2018 and was a separate app from Instagram!

At first, the number of downloads of this application was not promising, and many people considered it a failed project until Instagram decided to launch IGTV along with Instagram!

This means that Instagram users can access it without having an IGTV application.

This made IGTV Instagram popular, and many users used it. With a project almost failing, it is now a major part of many Instagram content strategies.

According to experts, one in four businesses operating on Instagram has included the use of IGTV in their strategy list.


Using this platform helps a lot in business growth because it is not very competitive, but it is very popular among users.

According to reports, approximately 72% of businesses do not intend to use IGTV in 2019.

If you are planning to use it as a business, define your goal first! For example, instead of producing unique content, they share some of their YouTube channel content on IGTV.

Of course, this is not necessarily a bad thing; Many IGTV channels on Instagram have millions of views in the same way, but if you produce unique and valuable content, it will have a much greater impact on your business.

If you want to succeed in Instagram advertising in the future, be sure to have a solid strategy for producing IGTV Instagram content!

In this channel, you can easily do your video marketing and help brand your business.

This is because many businesses that may be your competitors still do not use this platform, and you can easily do video marketing and branding your business!

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Instagram is growing day by day and is now a very interactive network.

In the future, Instagram advertising will probably be one of the sectors from which the network benefits commercially; Because this section has a lot of interaction and many users use it.

Therefore, businesses must use this section as a part of marketing their business!

4- Finally, What will be the Future of Instagram Advertising?

We see a few ads on Instagram right now, but this is not a good reason to think it will stay that way forever!

The reason for this is Facebook activities from the past to the present; Because Facebook is a completely commercial company and uses every part of it commercially; Of course, the services that Facebook provides to marketers and even ordinary users can not be ignored.

Instagram will be very attractive in the coming years for people who do their business marketing through Instagram.

Many users think that due to the growth of Instagram advertising, this network is losing its growth, and users are not willing to work in it!

We have to say that Instagram is not just developing its advertising section, and it will probably add very attractive features to different sections, especially the story section.

It is also very likely that it will add Facebook and WhatsApp features to Instagram; Facebook wants to integrate all its products into one collection, but it does not want to do it too fast!

So it is not unreasonable to expect that it will introduce a new product that includes Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp in the next few years, and there will be no more network called Instagram.

Of course, this is just a weak prediction, but considering the purpose of Facebook, it is not far from expectation!


Despite all this, there are still many secrets that we do not know about Facebook and Instagram!

There is no guarantee at all that IGTV Instagram will exist in the next few years.

Many users refer to this platform as YouTube number two and it may have great potential for the next few years and will hold a large part of the future of Instagram advertising.

So there is no definite future for Instagram IGTV at all and we have to see what policies and actions Facebook takes on it!

The only thing you can do intelligently as an Instagram marketer is to go ahead with a positive probability and plan your Instagram page for IGTV.

If this platform grows in the next few years, our business will grow very well.

Of course, there is a possibility of its failure, but even if this network fails, you can still benefit from IGTV!

Because this platform is still very popular among users; Especially since users were able to share IGTV in their posts as well.



From the past until now, the future of social networks has never been clear!

The future of Instagram advertising also depends entirely on this social network, and we have to wait and see what the end is waiting for it!

In this article, we examined the future of Instagram advertising so that you can plan for your Instagram strategy with a clearer vision.

Of course, we still say that all these cases are possibilities that experts in this field have talked about!

We hope you can have a successful business using Instagram and market your products or services well.

Now you tell! What do you think is the future of Instagram advertising, and what activities are you currently doing for Instagram advertising?

In the comments section, please share your experiences with other users and us.

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