Fantastic Instagram School That Every Student Should Know

Inclusion is the most crucial goal that foreign schools can promote via social media. As a result, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform.

International schools can differentiate themselves from competitors by expressing and integrating community and inclusion in their storyboards.

In this post, we will name and describe the most well-known international school profiles that have attracted the attention of the entire world. Follow us to the end.

Fantastic & Famous International Instagram Schools Accounts

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As a school that teaches exceptionally talented sports teams, Nexus can keep fans up to date on all of the recent successes.

During its tweets, the school prioritizes society content and portrays a sense of unity by using terms like “our” and hashtags like “#nexusfamily.” Any student who enrolls in this international school will immediately feel like a part of a truly global community.

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In Malaysia, Garden International School (GIS) seems to be a fascinating experience, with Instagram photographs demonstrating challenge-based learning approaches.

From preschoolers to contemporary inquirers, GIS concentrates both its viewers and students on the theme of discovery.

By daring to attempt new things, this narrative underscores the importance of innovation in today’s global classrooms.

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Zurich International in Switzerland provides all STEM/STEAM programs.

By developing an affinity against educational inequality, this transnational school races forward with tech-savvy teaching materials and strategic group work.

Zurich is a strong contender for parents looking for a forward-thinking school for their children.

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Yokohama Global School in Japan used Instagram to increase parental participation.

evidenced by this post, families play an active role in the school and are even urged to do so.

Effective education outcomes can be achieved by transforming the learning environment into a shared system that includes the student and the parent.

international school on instagram



JIS, set in the beautiful Brunei region, knows how to publicize its open days and enrollment events.

The account tempts its audience with plain language and direct promotion – particularly with the statistics above!

With IB program-related entries and labels that highlight the school’s teaching methods.


Each of these five school profiles takes a similar strategy to promote their experience.

By emphasizing community, inclusivity, and high-quality education, these organizations are more likely to attract student applications.

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