The Famous & Luxury Watch Brands on Instagram

If you are a watch lover, dream of being one, but still want to have developmentally appropriate watches, Instagram has many suggestions for you.

There are several sites dedicated to your preferences, whether antique, luxury, or budget-friendly.

We have compiled a list of ten of them for your convenience. It is good for you to be happy and learn that there is something for everyone here, whether you prefer traditional labels like Rolex or more unique models. 

Organize to be impressed by some of the most stunning watches ever caught on camera, choosing classic jewel timepieces to sleek wrist clocks straight out of the Jetsons.

To see even more glistening luxury brands, select the image to be brought to the best watch Instagram accounts.

Start voting up an account with the most watches on their hands that you would want to use one day!

The famous watch accounts on Instagram

@Watchfred, 54k followers

brand watches on instagram

Watchfred on instagram

This account is run by Fred Mandelbaum, an Austrian antique timepiece enthusiast.

His Instagram page is linked to Breitling designs, which he loves and is connected with.

He owns a wide range of watches, such as BreitlingNavitimers and SuperOceans. None of the watches he carries are reliable.

@mbandf, 257k followers

brand watches on instagram


Maximilian Büsser founded the high-end watch company MB&F in 2005 after working for Jaeger-LeCoultre and Harry Winston Rare Watchmakers.

MB&F works with industry experts with originally part from architecture to logistics to photography to create stunning watches.

If you want unique and artistic watches to be, keep a sharp eye on this page for new neoprene watches.

@atommoore, 36k followers

brand watches on instagram

atommoore ON INSTAGRAM
Atom Moore is a watch photographer who has learned his craft. He’s also the actual owner of the Red Bar Crew, a New York-based watch lovers’ group.

You can see a series of timepieces on his site, from the most recent models to collectibles.

@hodinkee, 747k followers

brand watches on instagram

hodinkee on instagram

Hodinkee is the best choice if you’d like to use the time management culture.

The Hodinkee team, based in New York, brings you news types of timepieces from all over the world.

This Instagram account is followed by Shawn Mendes, Trever Noah, Jonah Hill, and John Mayer.

@pbandwatches, 77k followers

brand watches on instagram

pbandwatches on instagram

After browsing among the PB and Watch pages, you’ll like to buy a new timepiece.

The photos are usually taken with or without food or a beverage, and they are well lit and written.

You’ll find unusual photos of the special watches, from a Rolex on a cheeseburger to an Omega next to hot milk.

@horoloupe, 122k followers

brand watches on instagram

horoloupe on instagram

Austen Chu is a watch enthusiast, as his Instagram account demonstrates.

He regularly updates the page with new pics of stunning brands by Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet, many of which he has, and he is one of Asia’s most famous owners.

He is also the developer of Wristcheck, a watch web for collectors and lovers based in Hong Kong.

@sjxwatches, 104k followers

brand watches on instagram

sjxwatches on instagram

SJX, a Taiwan watch journalist, updates this page regularly with interesting material from the world of divination, ranging from new launches to rare designs.

Unique watch companies’ timepieces are shown alongside famous brands such as Cartier, Hublot, and Hermes.

@juliekraulis, 25K followers

brand watches on instagram

juliekraulis ON INSTAGRAM

Julie Kraulis is a Canadian graphic designer who designs expensive watches.

Kraulis uses a pencil to bring the watches to life on paper, concentrating on the technical aspects, which change from the typical product pictures.

From beginning to end, she shows flashes of her drawings and some private life events.

@ablogtowatch, 330k

brand watches on instagram

ablogtowatch ON INSTAGRAM

The “home of the world’s most famous watches site since 2007” has an Instagram page.

A Watch blog is a website that includes a wide range of things, from all and fashion items to more attractive opportunities.

Reviews and product buying tips are also included in the posts.

@watchanish, 1M followers

brand watches on instagram

watchanish ON INSTAGRAM

Anish Bhatt, the account’s creator, has over 1.5 million Instagram followers, making him the most well-known watch owner.

You can follow him for the current luxury brand news and be impressed by some stunning watches.

His other posts on motorcycles, behavior methods, and a glimpse at his personal life are added rewards.

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