Everything about Instagram Secrets?

This article will review all your questions about Instagram secrets: what an Instagram story is and what it does for you. Let’s explore the tricks of this possibility. We also need to know what the features of Instagram Story are. Find all the questions you have in mind in this article.

What is an Instagram story?

One of the attractive features that were added to the Instagram social network is an Instagram Story. A feature that quickly becomes very popular among users around the world. So you can use this ability of Instagram to tell stories, life stories, work, and discoveries easily. Also, note that Instagram stories can have a huge effect on sales and income from Instagram. If you do not know how this happens, read the free tutorial on making money from Instagram.

Why is an Instagram Story so popular?

  • This feature is that you can tell a story of travel, experiences, successes of your business and share with others. Survey your audience and share your feelings with them.
  • Like other social networks, Instagram has features; for example, you can use different gifs or stickers on the photos or videos that you share in the story. Like other photo editing programs, such as Snapchat, it has its effects on the face. It applies to you and makes you look more beautiful or fancy.
  • Even you can write texts and writings in different colors or shapes to attract more users. Different questions can be asked from friends or users with almost new features added to the Instagram story Polls.
  • You can tell an interesting story from any part of your life or work in a short time.

This application is trying to maintain this popularity by increasing its capabilities.

instagram secrets

Different features of Instagram Story 

Features include different models and formats. When your camera is active in the story section, you have access to these options at the bottom of the page, and you can select them by moving your finger. When using a photo in a story, you can give different colors to your photo or movie by swiping your finger in different directions.

Standard feature:

It is a normal photo taking or video mode. In this mode, tap the button to capture the photo and hold it for up to 15 seconds to record the video.

Boomerang feature:

It is a GIF-style video, an interesting way to capture special moments in your life.

Hands-free feature:

It is only for video, and you do not need to hold down the camera button while recording. You only tap once and then press it again whenever you want to stop recording.

Live feature:

In this method, your video will be shown live to your audience. This means you can connect with your contacts instantly and live.

Before publishing a story and selecting a photo or video for a story, you can apply your desired color filters to your content by moving your finger on the content.

Also, through the menu at the top of the story page, you can use special tools such as:

  • Pen: It helps you to add lines to your photo or point to something special.
  • Sticker: It used to attract your photo
  • Writing text: It is for writing something for your photo.
  • Coloring: You can change your story’s color
  • Tagging people: You can invite the person you want to see your story.
  • Different effects: You can give different features to your photo to become more attractive

Advantages of putting a link in a story

  • Attract quality traffic to the site and have an amazing effect on SEO (Social Traffic)
  • Putting information in the links and attract the audience to them. Everyone can’t put a link in the story, and it has its conditions and the most important of them are those who were able to get 10k (10k) followers, and another condition is that they must turn their profile into a business profile.

If you have the above conditions, we will show you how to put the link in the story with photos and videos.

  1. You need to update your Instagram to the latest version, and you can download it from your Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.
  2. In the home section, click on the camera photo at the top left of the page next to the Instagram logo.
  3. Choose your desired photo.
  4. Click on the link icon at the top of the page.
  5. When the page opens, click on the URL and type the desired link, and then click the word done at the top right of the page to save the settings.
  6. A white circle will appear around the link when you checked, and then your story will be shared by clicking on your story.
  7. As you can see at the bottom of the page, see more option has been added so that users can see your site by clicking on that option. (This option is what influencers say pull up)


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