How to Boost E-Commerce Sales With Instagram Live

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The users and customers of any business are the most critical factor in making that business successful, and if a company does not have an audience, it will fail after a while!

Because every business is trying to sell its products or services to users and customers, and the more customers it can attract, the more successful the company will be.

Utilizing different tools helps businesses expand the number of their customers, and increasing the number of customers depends on increasing the number of users.

Instagram is one of the social networks that significantly help many businesses grow their sales; in fact, it allows companies to reach their target audience and then sell their products or provide their services to their customers.

This will ultimately result in users becoming customers and will significantly help expand your business customers.

The Live Videos Feature on Instagram; a Tool to Increase the Number of Customers of Businesses

The Live videos feature on Instagram is one of this social network’s remarkable and unique features that allows you to talk to your users live.

Users are always looking for businesses that provide them with valuable information and products, and if you have useful products as a business, you must also provide users with helpful information!

If this information is transmitted live to users, they will have more confidence in you and can quickly increase your business’s sales.

Using the Live videos feature on Instagram helps you talk to users live, get comments, and answer their questions.

Suppose you seek to expand the number of customers for your business. In that case, this article helps you understand how you can use the Live videos feature on Instagram to grow your business customers!

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Why Do the Live videos Feature on Instagram Help Increase the Number of Business Customers?

When you share a Live video on Instagram, your audience can see it live.

Also, if there are any questions or problems regarding your Live video, users and followers can let you know through the comments section; one of the ideas behind sharing Live videos on Instagram is to answer users’ questions!

Many businesses hold Live videos at least once a week to give their customers the chance to address their questions, thus, increasing their popularity among users and followers.

The difference between the Live videos feature on Instagram and other platforms, such as YouTube, is that you can save your Live videos on Instagram, and users & followers can see them for up to 24 hours.

On other platforms, users will only be able to view the Live stream while it’s being posted live, and then users and followers won’t be able to view it unless you manually record and share it on your channel/profile page.

So Instagram dramatically helps you expand the numbers of your business customers, which is done by creating trust in your users through Live video streams!

Any business that can answer its users’ problems and questions will gain more confidence, and it will be easier to market its products and services to users and customers.

How to Boost E-Commerce-Sales With Instagram Live

It is interesting to know that in the past, instead of categorizing Posts on the Explorer page, Instagram used to display the Live video, of which public pages had a great chance to increase the number of their followers.

This helped different pages to grow their business customers with practically no cost.

Here’s a tutorial on three approaches to improving business customers using the Live videos feature on Instagram.

Live Videos Feature on Instagram

  1. Increase the Live videos’ Appeal on Instagram by Introducing New Products!

The audiences and users of a business are always looking for new products; if your previous products have been fun and appealing to them, then your new products can attract them as well.

Instagram Live videos are not permanent and will remain on your profile page for up to 24 hours (and only if you save the Live video).

So, this is not the ideal approach for a complete product introduction and this purpose; you can use the IGTV on Instagram instead.

But users need something to attract them when viewing live videos; you can briefly introduce your new product and ask them to visit your website or see the IGTV to get more information!

However, you must keep in mind to upload the full product intro video to your website, IGTV, etc.

You can also encourage users and followers to buy the product through your website; because when users see your new product, they become very interested in having it, and this is the best opportunity to sell it.

In any case, you should try to provide users with information about your new product in a Live video on Instagram that will get their interest!

This can quickly help increase your business sales.

Increase the Live videos

For instance, consider a painter who uses Instagram to introduce and sell their paintings; they may not be able to present their product in detail in a live video on Instagram.

But it’s possible to introduce a new image as a product and then ask users to visit the website for more detailed product descriptions or making a purchase!

The painter will significantly increase the number of customers for their business and can quickly increase their income.

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  • Have thousands of real followers who will interact with your profile page.
  1. Introduce an Instagram Competition and Assess its Rules & Regulations

Holding an Instagram Competition is one of the best approaches for expanding your Instagram profile page audience.

Suppose you are the manager of a business that uses Instagram for internet Marketing.

In that case, you can quickly launch an Instagram competition and increase your users’ interaction with your profile page!

But to launch an Instagram Competition, you first have to introduce it and clarify its rules for users and followers; you can easily do this using a Live video on Instagram and make the competition more attractive.

Many Instagram pages use Stories and Live videos to introduce their Instagram Competitions; the reason behind this is that users and followers interact more with Live videos and Stories, and you can quickly increase the number of users who know about the competition and thus increase your Instagram Competition participants through these means.

In the article titled “How to Organize a Successful Instagram Competition for Branding an Internet Business?

You can read about how you can organize a successful Instagram Competition from here.

Since our goal in this article is to increase the number of your business customers, you probably want to know how Instagram Competitions can help business customers grow!

Contests are great for the internet users and make them feel very excited; by using Instagram Competitions, you can easily get a lot of users to interact with your Instagram profile page, and many users will become your business customers.

Of course, being able to increase your page’s audience and followers means that you have a great potential to grow your business customers as well, because if users trust your profile page, they will interact with you more and higher interaction rates greatly help sales for different business pages.

Three Approaches to Increasing User Interaction in Holding Instagram Competitions

There are several ways to increase the interaction rate of your users and followers with your profile page, the most effective of which are:

  • Introducing prizes to users & followers before and during the competition; this will increase the excitement of the competition and cause users to interact more with your profile page in order to win those prizes.
  • Showing exciting pictures of the Competition to other users; take photos during the competition and Post them on your Instagram profile page! Especially if your competition is of the type in which users can participate at any given time, this will greatly encourage other users to participate. The greater the number of contest participants, the easier it is for you to turn them into business customers! In fact, by increasing user interaction during a competition, you can greatly help increase the number of your business customers.
  • Remind users of competition events and rules; keep reminding the competition rules to users and followers (until the end of the competition)! This will encourage users more to participate in the competition and participants will invest more energy in competing.

By applying these 3 approaches, you can easily increase the interaction rate of users with your Instagram Competition.

Increasing User Interaction in Holding Instagram

By using Live videos on Instagram, you can guide users and followers on your Instagram Competition and thus, quickly increase user interaction.

Your competition rules are probably such that some users may not participate; your governments will raise many questions for users and followers, and you will have to answer their questions.

By using the Live video feature on Instagram, you can answer users’ questions and give them more trust about your competition.

A Note! For you to have an effective and highly viewed Live video, I suggest informing users and followers about it a few hours or even a day before you launch your Live stream. This allows you to quickly notify users and followers about the time of your Live stream and thus, increase the number of views your Live video receives. The more viewers your Live video has, the easier it is for you to increase the number of customers your business has because it is possible to introduce products or services in Live videos, and the more users and followers view your Live stream, the easier it will be to increase your customer base.

  1. Gathering Users’ Email Addresses in Order to Increase Business Customers

Another critical issue in internet marketing for businesses is the gathering of emails from users and followers!

Some users still have not purchased any of your products or services and so are not your customers.

In that case, you probably don’t even have their emails; the Live videos feature on Instagram is a great, professional solution that allows you to provide users with submission forms and get their email addresses!

For instance, you can create a form on your website and obtain users’ email addresses in return for a valuable file.

Now, submit a link to this form and provide it to your users to enter their email address on this page; but note that the link to that page must be short, so you can easily share it with users!

For instance, you can use a link shortener (such as the Bitly website).

Gathering Users Email Addresses

Once you’ve collected a list of emails from users, you can send an email to them in the future and tell them when your next Live event is scheduled for.

This will also increase the number of views your Live video receives to help you grow your business customers.

These emails increase your chances of increasing their conversion rates from mere users and followers to actual customers, which is very important for businesses.

Five Important Tips for Increasing the Number of Audience for a Live Video on Instagram

If you are intending on using the Live videos feature on Instagram to increase your business sales, there are 5 important tips that by applying them, you will easily be able to increase the conversion rate of your profile page.

These 5 tips are:

  • A) Inform Users & Followers of the Time of Your Live Video!

Many users are keen to see your Live videos but are not aware of them! This will keep the number of views low despite the popularity of your content and may not give you enough satisfaction.

Inform your users and followers before your Live event; for instance, if you go live on Instagram at 8 pm the next day, share a Story right now with a message saying “Live Video on Instagram at 8 pm tomorrow”!

This will allow your users and followers to plan to see your Live video when they see your Story and not make any other plans for that time.

Even if they are not busy at that time, you still have reminded them, and they will see your Live video when it is streamed.

  • B) Use Relevant Hashtags to Inform Users about Live Videos on Instagram!

Be sure to use Stories for your Live videos! To increase its effectiveness and attract more audience, it is essential to use relevant hashtags when informing users and followers about Live videos.

Of course, to do this, your profile page must be public because if your page is private, Posts or Stories will not appear in the hashtag section, and they will practically be infective.

  • C) Check the Quality of the Sound & Image Before You Start Your Live Streaming!

On many occasions, users start Live streaming, but they see users leaving the Live video; this happens when the content provided is excellent, but the sound or image quality is poor!

If your audio or image is faulty, users will not grasp what’s going on, and they will leave your Live video.

To create a short Story in the Stories section, but don’t share it, check the audio and video quality in the Stories edit section and fix the issue if there are problems.

The low image quality may be because of your internet connection speed, but your microphone or hands-free set usually causes good pain.

Instagram Live increase view

  • D) Generate Valuable & Interesting Content!

Content can attract users’ attention that, in addition to being attractive, can teach users something useful!

If your Live is appealing, but users don’t learn anything from it, they are practically wasting their time, and fewer users will be willing to see your Live videos.

On the other hand, if your Lives videos’ content is good but not particularly appealing or attractive to users, they will still leave your Live video! , share Live videos that are valuable, engaging, and soulful to attract more users and followers.

If you feel that you have provided valuable content that you would also later like to share with users and followers, ask your friends to save the video clip using mobile screen recording apps and send it to you later.

This provides you with the video file, and you can easily use it again in the future.

  • E) Streaming Live Instagram Videos at a Time that has a High User-Traffic Rate!

Although you can show a live video to users and followers for up to 24 hours after the end of the streaming, its most significant impact is at the time it’s being shared live.

To find the hour at which most of your users and followers are online using the Instagram Insights tool, and then stream your Live video at that hour!

This will help you attract more viewers and help expand the number of your business customers.

A Note! If you intend on making a Live video with the help of a colleague or a friend, you can have a double Live video; just read the article on Double Live Videos on Instagram!


Using the Live videos on Instagram tool greatly helps increase user interaction with a profile page, and you can increase the number of customers your business has.

In this article, we’ve looked at a few ways to help increase internet business customers with the help of the Live videos feature on Instagram, and if you are the manager of a business, I suggest you apply these methods to manage your Instagram profile page better.

Now you Tell Us! What tips do you apply to increase the number of customers for your business when you’re sharing a Live stream?

Please share your comments and experiences with other users in the Comments section below and us.


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