The Famous & Popular Brands on Instagram (2021)

What are the best and popular Instagram brands, and how did they arrive?

Fortunately, we have an Instagram tool for data analysis that can tell us which brands are popular, among other things. Instagram has proved to be an effective marketing tool for businesses.

In reality, this photo/video sharing network is used by 60% of the world’s biggest brands for ads, so it’s no surprise that brands seem to want to do everything they can to expand their audience.

Looking at the Fashion, Cosmetics, Athleisure, and other sectors, it’s evident that the fashion industry is the most strong. In terms of Instagram fans.

According to a report, top fashion brands have 35 million followers, followed by Athleisure brands with 21 million followers and Cosmetic brands with 15 million followers.

Now we want to introduce famous brands with the most followers in the popular social media called Instagram.

The Famous & Popular Brands on Instagram (2021)



Teva’s Instagram account is evidence that you can modernize your brand without losing sight of what made it popular in the first place.

Customers’ pictures of their sandals in the wild, as well as trendy product shots showcasing their new models, are featured on their feed. By this time, it has 551 million followers.


Kylie Jenner’s beauty collection (Kylie Cosmetics) is a cosmetics lover’s dream come true.

If you come across Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram account, you’ll undoubtedly spend hours scrolling through their beautiful feed.

The brand’s video content instructs viewers on product usage and makeup guidelines and provides new product releases.

With 25 million followers, Kylie Cosmetics is ranked third in the Cosmetics industry.

instagram famous brands

With over 147 million Instagram followers, Nike is the most popular brand.

I know, so I said that fashion brands are strong, and everyone knows Nike isn’t a fashion brand, but it’s the exception.

The company’s content policy revolves around athletes wearing Nike gear as motivation to get out there and DO IT.

In the last five years, This well-known brand has gained 87 million followers, a remarkable 2,858 percent increase in followers—an average of 43,000 new followers every day!

Although many factors contribute to Consistent Instagram development for the company on Instagram, Nike’s daily ads are responsible for a significant boost in fan growth.

Two promotions that gave the brand a boost in engagement and follower growth were the 2018 #makersofthegame—a salute to athlete Kobe Bryant, who changed the game of sports and culture—and 2017 #Breaking2—centered on athletes who set a goal of finishing a marathon in under two hours.

Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Madison Keys, to name a few, are among their most famous Instagram users.

The brand also uses teasers and videos to generate interest in new product releases on this highly visual site.


With 68 million Instagram followers, Victoria’s Secret is the best fashion industry’s king.

The brand’s use of models dressed in VS clothing helps generate arousal of desire among its fans.

Over the last five years, Victoria’s Secret has seen consistent development on Instagram.

Since 2014, the brand has gained 62 million followers, increasing 1,343 percent, or nearly 32,000 followers every day.

Behind-the-feeling videos from fashion weeks, product advertisements, and new product introductions are also part of the brand’s content strategy, all of which help maximize engagement.


With 48 million fans, Huda Kattan’s beauty empire leads the cosmetic industry in audience size.

Huda is unique among cosmetics brands in that the maker, Huda, is also the brand.

She is the brand’s campaign and beauty tutorials’ face and voice.

Since its inception in 2013, Huda Beauty has seen a stable development on Instagram.

Since 2016, the system has achieved nearly 24 million followers, with 21,000 new followers added every day!

On Instagram, the company has a well-thought-out marketing plan.

Rather than pictures of their goods, Huda invests extensively in instructional videos with beauty tutorials and hints.

Huda Beauty has created a large group that loves its products by posting regularly and producing Instagram stories like a pro.

Louis Vuitton ON INSTAGRAM

Visuals are the best way to convey fashion, and Louis Vuitton is a master at it.

This high-end brand is killing it on Instagram with a well-balanced blend of photos and videos that all look sleek and appealing.

Louis Vuitton is winning social media engagement one heart at a time, with 44 million followers (and counting!).


With 43 million followers, Chanel is the second most popular brand in the fashion industry.

The content of the brand shows luxury and aspiration, and it has a devoted following.

Chanel’s Instagram account developed at a steady timeframe without any significant spikes in development, demonstrating consistency.

The brand has earned an average of 19,500 followers per day over the last four years.

Like other fashion brands, they embrace the trend of posting product-related photos and videos, celebrity commendations, and behind-the-scenes clips from fashion shows as part of their content strategy.

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Gucci is the quintessential example of skillful Italian work. This high-end brand has 44 million followers (just a hair behind Chanel) and has gained nearly 4 million in the last six months.

A brand, like Chanel, uses aspirational photos and videos from fashion shows, new product beginnings, and celebrity commendations to promote its products.

Since 2014, Gucci has steadily increased its fan base; she has accumulated 33 million followers in the last five years, with 17,000 new followers added every day.

Gucci has several Instagram campaigns that get a lot of attention. #24hourace, a movement that included videos of the brand’s high-tops brought to life by visual creators from all over the world, performed exceptionally well.


Zara’s visual storytelling on Instagram is the ideal medium for her to reach out to her fans.

Zara on this forum reigns supreme with 43 million followers, captivating photos, videos, and Influencer marketing that works.

Zara has built a reputation for imitating the marketing of more luxurious, high-end brands, and their Instagram feed is no exception.

Their account has skilled editorial shots of their men’s and women’s designs, and it looks like it belongs in a high-fashion magazine.


Another high-end label that is doing well on Instagram is Dior.

The brand’s Instagram account is full of seductive photos of women dressed in Dior, and it has 35 million followers thanks to some iconic campaigns.

Mercedes Benz ON INSTAGRAM

This German automaker is famous for its visually appealing Instagram material.

The brand’s Instagram feed is full of smart cars photographed in various locations by network influencers such as photographers, car bloggers, and racers.

Mercedes also uses Instagram to execute creative campaigns.

Their #pride campaign, which featured one luxury vehicle for each color of the rainbow, sent a clear message of consistency to their 32 million followers and received a lot of interaction.

Lamborghini  ON INSTAGRAM

On Lamborghini’s Instagram account, the opportunity of seeing comments like “Yeah no, I don’t like the look of this car” is as slim as it gets they come.

More graphic and more visuals this is how this brand tells its story through Instagram.

The Campaign to Tour China, which celebrated Lamborghini’s tenth anniversary in China, received a lot of attention on Instagram.

The company shared photos of stylish drivers and passengers visiting China’s countryside.

To keep their 29 million followers interested, the company launched ambitious promotions and generated hype about their latest designs, gaining 4 million followers in the last six months.


The demon may wear Prada, but Prada, like a fashion item, is worn by the devil.

Like most luxury houses, Prada has welcomed the modern age by maintaining a strong social media presence.

The luxury designer brand’s Instagram feed has 26 million followers who want to get their hands on the new items.


Any audience will enjoy Adidas’ Instagram visual material.

Adidas’ 25 million fans are left nothing short of motivated and enthused to purchase their goods, thanks to photographs of sports stars adorning the brand’s label and motivational promotions.

instagram brands

Dolce &Gabbana is the king of Instagram, with thousands of interactions per second thanks to its enticing product photos and videos.

The luxury brand’s visual storytelling awes and excites its 25 million fans to get their hands on the brand’s goods.


Opulent and audacious, that’s how I’d describe the Instagram handle of the luxury brand Versace.

Versace’s Instagram account is a view to behold.

With just one glance at the models on the label, you’ll be wanting to get your hands on the brand’s merchandise.

The brand has amassed 23 million people thanks to its mastery of telling a story by images.


MAC Cosmetics’ quality assurance extends beyond its products to include its social media policy.

In its feed, the brand also seamlessly combines its employees and work-related content.

With 3 million followers, this beauty brand stands out in the Cosmetics industry with beautiful images and captivating videos.


With 30 million Instagram followers, BMW has risen to the top of the car industry.

It uses Instagram to show off its new creations and concept cars, generating interest and questions about what the company offers.


Calvin Klein has 21 million Instagram followers who adore the brand’s high-fashion offerings.

Previously, the company ran several extremely well-received ads by their target audience.

#MyCalvin was one such company that went viral on the internet.

Celebrities were asked to use the hashtag #MyCalvin to post pictures of themselves wearing Calvin Klein.

This campaign featured celebrities such as Justin Beiber, Kendrick Lamar, and Kendall Jenner, to name a few, and garnered a lot of attention for the brand.

Anastasia Beverly Hills ON INSTAGRAM

This cosmetics business is one of the industry’s most successful and engaging.

Anastasia Beverly Hills knows how to use user-generated content to build a strong community.

Responding to your followers directly and creating relationships is the best way to demonstrate your dedication to serving as a brand.

And Anastasia Beverly Hills does just that with its 19 million Instagram followers.


Starbucks is, without a doubt, the company that makes coffee look unstoppable.

On Instagram, the company has amassed an avid following of 18 million coffee lovers.

Starbucks often shares images of its products in unusual and stunning settings, capturing the feeling of Instagram’s visual storytelling focus.


The New Balance brand has grown in popularity on Instagram, and it now ranks second among the top 30 fitness brands.

It is a global company with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a company that sells athletic clothing.

In addition, New Balance was established in 1906, but one of the key reasons for its popularity is its Instagram visual.

Now it has 6 million followers on Instagram.

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