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As the largest social sharing platform available, Instagram is very keen on developing its capabilities for marketers! The reason behind this is that marketers are now focusing more on Instagram and thus, Instagram does not want to reduce users’ commercial use of this social network. This has led to the creation of the Creator Account feature on Instagram that allows you to find out more about your profile pages. It was almost early in 2019 that Instagram enabled the Creator Account feature for business pages and now, all users can use this type of account. But what are the benefits to a Creator Account and why should it be utilized? In this article, we are going to take a look at this kind of account on Instagram so that if you need to benefit from its features, you can turn your account into a Creator Account on Instagram.

what is Creator Account

What is a Creator Account on Instagram?

A Creator Account is one of a variety of Instagram trading (business) accounts which Instagram announced late in 2018 that they were investigating and assessing this type of account on Influencers! After almost a few months of investigation, Instagram activated this type of account for users who had over 10,000 followers. Some of the features that make a Creator Account unique are easier account management, detailed page analysis and Instagram direct messages management. The difference between this type of account and a regular Business account is that the Instagram Insights section provides you with very detailed information. On the other hand, you can set filters for your messages to separate the inbound important and business messages from spam messages.

Which Users is the Creator Account Active for?

Initially, Instagram enabled the Creator Account feature for pages with over 10,000 followers, and this act by Instagram can be attributed to two reasons:

  1. Instagram wants to attract more Influencers!

According to many influencers, Instagram is their top priority platform and they make a great amount of money using it. According to reports, 87.1% of influencers believe that Instagram is the best platform for them, it also provides all the features and capabilities needed for Influencers. Instagram also knows that influencers have played a very significant role in the growth and expansion of this social network, and wants to satisfy them further and gain their attention by adding some features to the Creator Account feature.

  1. Instagram’s Aim by doing so is to Separate Influencers from Businesses!

As you may already know, Instagram’s Business Page feature can be activated by any user; in fact, pages with 100,000 followers, or pages with only 10 followers can easily activate this feature. By creating a Creator Account, Instagram wants to separate influencers from business-related business pages to obtain accurate statistics regarding its users. Of course, Instagram is not just thinking about itself and has provided different features for every sort of user! The separation of different users when converting a page into a Creator Account or a Business Account is quite clearly shown in the following image:

creator or business instagram account

In the image above, Instagram has provided a description for the Creator Account, saying that this type of account is suitable for celebrities, content generators, artists and influencers; in fact, Instagram wants to give influencers the chance of having more control over users and the activities and interactions on their page and it has been largely successful in this regard.

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What Advantages does a Creator Account Have over an Ordinary Account or a Business Account?

One of the questions that many users ask is whether it’s worth changing a regular or Business Account into a Creator Account? Definitely YES! The most important thing about managing an Instagram page is that you can analyze the behavior of your followers, and the Creator Account provides you with great capabilities for analyzing your Instagram page. Some of the features that make this account superior to other types of Instagram accounts are:

A. Providing Accurate Statistics on the Amount of Growth Your Page Has Had

An Instagram Creator Account gives you precise statistics of your page growth; in Instagram Business Accounts, you can only see the number of followers or users that have unfollowed you! But in the Influencers Account, you can see the impact of each post on the follow or unfollow rate of users. For instance, if 10 users follow you after seeing a video, that post and the amount of its page growth help will be shown for you.

B. Providing Accurate Statistics Regarding Page Users

In your Instagram Business Account, you can only see the age range of your users & followers! By upgrading your account to a Creator Account, you can view the information of users for each post and know which posts are viewed by which categories of users. These will help you generate valuable and popular content for your page!

business Creator Account instagram

C. The Possibility of Using the Creator Studio Service

After creating the Creator Account on Instagram, Facebook also provided users with a variety of features for Instagram. This section of Facebook, which is called Creator Studio, helps users schedule their posts and IGTVs for free! In our article titled “Scheduling Posts on Instagram Using Creator Studio on Facebook”, we have thoroughly assessed and taught the use of this service and you can read it in order to get rid of the hassle and cost of paying for scheduled Instagram posting services.

The Advantages of a Creator Account on Instagram

Ever since its inception on social networks, Instagram has provided users with many features and capabilities. Different users have high and varying expectations of Instagram, and of course, Instagram meets the demands of its users. Introducing the Creator Account on Instagram has provided influencers with a lot of features which we will address and assess in this section:

A. Get Rid of the Bother of Spam Messages!

Many Influencers receive hundreds of direct messages per day that do not contain any specific content; many of them just want to ask “How are you?”! But there are also many users who need to talk with you; for instance, if your page gets good feedback from users, many companies will want to use your page to promote their own pages. Before the Instagram Creator Account was made available to users, spam and important work-related messages were displayed alongside each other and this caused some problems. You can now separate your important messages from spam messages using the Creator Account! Currently, through using a Creator Account, you have access to 3 separate folders to group your messages:

Creator Account direct message

  • Primary (important) Messages: These types of messages, which are usually work-related and important, fall into the Primary category; the advantage of this category is that the influencer receives notifications and can respond at the appropriate time.
  • General (main) Messages: These kinds of messages are similar to the messages directory in regular accounts! It’s actually a folder that is of no major importance; for instance it includes your friends who want to ask how you’re doing. Responding to these messages is less important than the Primary messages section, and Instagram has disabled notifications for this section. In fact, you do not receive notifications for this folder and can reply to your friends’ messages at any time you see appropriate.
  • Message Requests Section: In regular Instagram accounts, when someone sends you a message but you haven’t followed that person, their message will be moved to the Requests In the Creator Account, you can also have this section and only approve and respond to users who need to be responded to. In this section, you can Decline your spam messages so that they will no longer appear in the Message Request Section.

One thing to bear in mind is that you can move messages between the different folders; for instance, you can place your work-related messages and the messages from your close friends in one folder and keep other messages that may not be so important in the General folder.

B. Tags/Stickers Related to More activity Fields are Available to you!

If you have decided to use the Creator Account feature, let me mention another great advantage! If you have used an Instagram Business Account, you must know that you can put a Tag/Sticker related to your field of activity; for instance, if you are active in the field of photography, you can add a Photographer Tag/Sticker to the profile section of your account! Take note of the following image:

Creator Account profile

As we mentioned earlier, the Creator Account is intended for influencers and usually people with many areas of activity are influencers. For this reason, Instagram has added more Tags/Stickers to the Creator Account compared to Business Accounts, making it appropriate for different people to use. This helps a lot with your personal branding, and you can have a uniquely tagged page.

C. The Ability to Disable the Call Button display and Stickers/Tags

In Instagram Business Accounts, you have the ability to add contact information so that users can contact you more easily; but the important thing is that in Business Pages, you should delete your contact information to avoid displaying it! Instagram has created a feature for Creator Accounts that enables you to disable displaying your contact information without having to deleting it. In simple words, your information stays in the call settings section, but you can disable displaying It with the Display Category and Contact info button. Also in this section, you can see the preview of the call buttons and how they are displayed in the Instagram profile section.

analyze instagram account

D. Analyze Your Page Professionally!

It’s interesting to know that the analytics tool in the Creator Account has more features which allows you to have a detailed and professional analysis of your page. If you are using other tools for analyzing your page, then converting a Business Account to a Creator Account may NOT be a good idea because the current Instagram API does not allow for the development of Creator Account analytics tools, but there are Business Account tools available. So if you are using other tools, I recommend that you do NOT convert your account type until you have updated your Instagram API so that your Instagram analytics tools can analyze the Creator Account. But if you use Instagram’s built-in analytics tool, there’s no doubt about converting your account type to an Influencer Account and you must upgrade your page as quickly as possible to take full advantage of its unique features. Of course, if your issue is only using Instagram post scheduling tools, the Creator Studio service on Facebook will help you and there’s no need to worry! Just read the Instagram Post Scheduling article.

How to Activate a Creator Account on Instagram?

If you need a more detailed analysis of your users and followers or want to group your messages, you need to enable this type of account! To activate a Creator Account, first make sure that your page is not private; as this type of account can only be activated on public pages. Of course, if your page is already a Business Account, it is definitely not a private page! Enter your Instagram settings page first; to do so, log in to your profile page and then click on the three dots that are are top of the page:

How to create a creator account step1

At the bottom of the page, there is a tab for the settings section. Simply click on this tab:

How to create a creator instagram account step2

In the Settings section, you need to enter the Account section to see the settings for this section:

How to create a creator instagram account step3

At the end of this section, there’s the option that says Switch to Professional Account! You can convert your regular or Business Account into a Creator Account by clicking on this option:

what is switch professional account

There are two types of accounts in this section, the Creator option is intended to convert to a Creator Account, and you should click on it:

which best describes you

In the next section, you must select a Label for your field of ​​business. You can also link a Facebook account to your page in the next step or skip this step by clicking on Skip. Next, you can enter your contact information and display it to users and followers on the screen. Of course, this information can also be edited later:

profile edit with instagram creator account

You now have a Creator Account and can enjoy the new features available for you. How about we assess some of the features that are available after you switch to a Developer Account?

If you are willing to find out, follow along.

First Capability) The Instagram Insights Section

As mentioned above, the capabilities of the Insights section of Instagram are more for pages that are of a Creator Account type! In the following image, you can see some good graphs that are not available in a Business Account:

instagram creator account statistics

In the graph above, the increase or decrease in the number of page followers is indicative of the impact your content or activity has on the growth in the number of users. There are 3 tabs in this section that each show specific information. Of course, some of this information is also available in a Business Account:

  • The Content Section: This section contains information about the content of your page. For instance, you can see the number of Posts in the past few days and the amount of interaction that users and followers have had with the Posts. This will help you determine your high-profile content and help grow your page by generating content similar to that.
  • The Activity Section: IN this section, you can see how active your users and followers are; for instance, how many users have visited your page in a given period of time. One of the advantages of this section is that you can see the number of Clicks on the call buttons to see if the number is high but the number of your received calls are low, and then figuring out what the problem is; this means losing potential customers and ultimately earning less money.
  • The Audience Section: Another important part of Instagram analysis, which also includes the Creator Account capabilities, is this section. In this section, you can view graphs that are only available for this type of account.

Second Capability) Categorizing Direct Messages

As we mentioned above, another great feature is the ability to put messages into categories! To see the result, just go to the Instagram Feed Page (home page) and open your direct messages:

Creator Account direct message

As you can see, in the image above, there are two sections called Primary and General into which you can move your messages.


Using the new Instagram tools and features are usually useful! You can also experience new features with a Creator Account. In this article, we have taught you how to activate this type of account and explore its capabilities so you can make the right decision regarding upgrading your account to a Creator Account!

Now You Tell Us! What advantages do you think converting a Business Account into a Creator Account will have for your business? You can share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the Comments section.

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