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grid postThe Post Feature on Instagram is one of its most important parts for users and it can be used to share their images and videos with others; this feature was actually the first feature that Instagram users used! Allow me to explain it more simply; Instagram was a network for sharing photos and videos through Posts and other tools such as the Story Feature were added to it over time. Users are after creating the best, the most attractive and the most engaging Instagram Posts because they want to receive more Likes and Comments. One of the ways that help make Instagram Posts more beautiful is to use the Grid Layout for it! But what is a Grid Post? You may have seen beautiful examples of it on many pages, but you may not be aware of its actual name! In this article, we are going to introduce the Grid Layout on Instagram and how to make use of it in Instagram Posts. Are you ready to make your Instagram Posts look more beautiful and attract the attention of users? Then follow us along with this tutorial.

What is the Instagram Grid Layout?

Before getting into the topic of creating Instagram Posts using the Grid Layout, let’s discuss what the layout actually is! So what is the Grid Layout and what are its uses? This layout allows you to display your Posts in a grid form; it’s interesting to know that this layout isn’t only limited to Instagram Posts and can be used to display the Posts on a Website too. Go to your profile page on Instagram and take a look at the layout of your Posts; all the Posts are arranged neatly next to each other is squares and this is what’s known as the Grid Layout. On some Instagram pages, users display an intended image in more than one Post! If you still haven’t noticed what we’re talking about, then take a look at the image below:

This layout allows users to see your profile and Instagram Posts in a very attractive manner.

Why Should We Use the Grid Layout to Display Instagram Posts?

The reason behind this may be something beyond aesthetics! Instagram has always been a visual platform used for sharing images and videos and the more beautifully you manage to display your Posts to other users, the more Followers you will have and the more interaction your page will receive. Unlike Facebook, if Instagram users see your Posts and something catches their eye, they will visit your Profile Page! In other words, a sense of curiosity exists in users but Facebook users are looking for ready-made content; when users see a Grid Post from your Facebook profile, they will NOT understand what your intention is! But as there are such Posts available on Instagram, they will realize that once they visit your profile page, they will be able to see the complete Post. In fact, this layout allows you to show a complete image in a number of Posts (for instance 9 Instagram Posts). For users to know that a Grid Post has been uploaded onto your profile page, all you need to do is inform them using a Story and a section of the uploaded image. If the Grid image is able to attract the attention of users, they will Follow you in order to see your previous and future Posts.

If you have a number of images that are quite irrelevant to each other and would like to create some sort of connection between them, using the Grid Layout is a suitable approach! All you need to do is select a special theme and put a number of images that are irrelevant next to each other using this theme; in other words, you can put your images in a single theme and turn it into a beautiful Grid Post. See the image below:

The images on the second and third rows of this image are quite irrelevant to each other but the main theme for all these images is the same; the administrator of this page has creatively been able to use the Grid Layout to upload a number of attractive yet professional images onto the profile. DO you have images similar to these? Read the rest of the article and you’ll be able to create a very attractive Instagram Post to share with users. Now that you have decided to share your Posts using the Grid Layout, how about discussing a number of professional tools regarding creating Grid Posts on Instagram? If you’re all in, the follow the upcoming section!

4 Tools to Create Grid Posts on Instagram

You need certain tools to create Grid Posts on Instagram; in this section, we are going to address 4 of the best tools that can be used to create Grid Posts on Instagram so that you can make use of one of them according to your needs:

  1. The Planoly App

The Planoly App is one of the professional tools used for creating Grid Posts on Instagram which is available for users on IOS, Android and desktop versions. However, this tool isn’t just for creating Grid Posts and you can experience a number of other features to help manage your Instagram profile. The user-friendly interface of this App allows you to easily use its many features. This App provides you with numerous features such as Hashtag Management, Instagram Analysis, Scheduling Posts & Stories, etc.

The free version of this App has a number of limitations but it’s still highly practical. For instance, in the free version, you can NOT schedule more than 30 images per month or have access to all sections of the Instagram Analysis Feature! However, the Grid Layout Feature is available and you can use it to create attractive Posts for your Instagram profile. In the Desktop Version of this App, there is also a convenient Calendar that users can use to schedule their Posts.

In order to apply the Grid Layout to your images, enter the App and click on the plus (+) and then select your intended image:

All you need to do then is click on the Grid-Making Icon that can be seen in the image below:

In the next step, the App is going to ask you Which Layout you would like to use for the Grid? Select your desired type for a Preview to be displayed for you:

If you want to Delete any of the images, all you need to do is click on the cross (x) on the Top Right of each image and that single image will be removed from the Grid. Finally, you will need to click on the Upload tab to enter the section used for sharing the image on Instagram. You can even use the Scheduled Option to upload the image in a pre-arranged time.

A Suggestion! Sometimes, the quality of your image may be low or the angle of the shot may not be suitable for creating a Grid! I recommend that you first share the Grid image on another account before sharing it on your main account; if you are satisfied with the uploaded Grid image, then you can share it on your main account as an Instagram Post.

  1. The Preview App

The Preview App is yet another extremely practical tool for managing your Instagram Posts, and you can use it to create Grid Layout Posts. This tool is available both in free and paid versions. The paid version gives you more features that allow you to analyze your Instagram profile. In the free version, you can upload an unlimited number of images to edit, personalize and convert into Grid Posts but you will NOT have full access to your Instagram account analysis; in the free version you will only have access to Basic Account Analysis features. If your only intention is creating Grid Layout images, then there is no need to purchase the paid version.

In order to use this App, you must first download and install it from the Google Play or the App Store sources. You will notice the App’s extremely user-friendly and professional interface once you run it. By clicking the plus (+) icon at the top of the screen, you can select your intended image to start editing it:

Once you have chosen an image, you can click on the icon shown in the image below in order to enter the image editing platform:

Choose an intended image here and apply a filter to it; you can change the intensity of the filter by clicking on it twice. You may now enter the Share Post on Instagram section by clicking on the Comment Icon:

In this section, you can write a desired Caption and also add your intended Hashtags. If you need to schedule your Posts on Instagram, all you will need to do is enter your desired time and date in the Scheduled section:

If you return to the App’s main page, a Calendar Icon is visible and you can view your scheduled Posts in this section:

You can use this App to edit your images and share your images on a certain scheduled time automatically.

  1. The UNUM App

The UNUM App is yet another practical tool for editing Instagram Posts! You can also use this App to edit your intended images and create Grid Layout images. Also, if you intend on adding Text to your Posts, this tool also provides you with the means for doing so! You will be able to upload up to 500 images each month using this tool and are permitted to convert 18 of your images into Grid Layout images. Do you need any further features? This App also provides you with dozens of other features, so Download and Install it right now so we can start assessing it. After running the App, all you’ll need to do is to select your intended image and click on the (+) icon:

If you need to edit your images, click on the icon indicated in the image:

Also, if you want to change the location and placement of two images, simply select the two intended images and click on the Icon shown below and they will switch places:

And if you need to schedule the time and date that your Posts are shared, simply select the images you want and click on the Hourglass icon:

Now indicate the time and date that your Instagram Post is to be shared and click on the Save tab. If you need to add a Caption to share on Instagram, click on the Feather Icon:

Add your Caption and Save it.

  1. The Plann App

This App is very similar to the Planoly App in terms of user interface and its features are almost similar. This tool allows you to upload up to 30 images per month and if you purchase the paid version of this App, you will be able to enjoy its full Analytics Capabilities on your Instagram account, Post Sharing Strategy, and more. This App provides you with great features for only $4 a month; for instance, your account analysis tells you the best time to share Posts so you can get the most amount of interaction from users.

In order to use this App, you must first Download and Install it onto your IOS or Android device. After running the App, a plus (+) icon can be seen on top of the screen. You can select your intended images by clicking on this icon.

You will enter a new page after you have selected your images and here on this page, you will be able to change the images to Grid Layout Images. Simply click on each image and add an appropriate Caption for it!

In order to set a reminder to share to Post, simply click on the icon above and choose your intended time.


The main Pattern and Theme of Instagram Posts is of great importance; in fact, when you share images with a certain theme, your Instagram profile’s pattern will be remembered by users. If you profile page is related to a Business, I suggest that you definitely pick a main theme for all your Instagram Posts in way of Branding your business. For instance, is your business is active in the field of selling Swimming and Scuba Diving equipment, you may want to use images of beaches or swimmers as the background of your Instagram Posts. Synchronizing the Posts on a profile page gives users a good feeling and will ultimately have a positive effect on your business! You can also choose an attractive and relevant theme for your Stories in the Story section in way of increasing user interaction.

Now It’s Your Turn! If you are the administrator of an Instagram page, do you have the experience of ever sharing Grid Layout Images or using a Certain Theme for your Instagram Posts? Share you experiences with us in the Comments section,

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