How to Create High-quality and Effective Content on Instagram?

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Using social media to market a business’s services and products is usually an inseparable part of any business!

There may be a minimal number of companies that do not need marketing through social networks, but their number is minimal. 

Generating Content on Instagram is one of the most significant factors in operating hi shared network and needs to be done correctly.

Using content generation on Instagram can help your existing customers become more sustainable and persistent and attract new customers!

Content is significant to users; because users use your content on Instagram and learn things! Or even enjoy your content and laugh for a few seconds.

online-buy-instagram-iconThese are critical issues, and you can only increase your users‘ interaction by generating content on Instagram. This article will discuss the production of content on Instagram and tell you how using engaging content on Instagram can encourage many users to interact with your page. If you’re ready, follow along!

What is Content Generation on Instagram and Why is it Important?

If you use Instagram as a user (and not a business manager!), how many times a day do you visit this social network and how many hours do you spend on it?

Instagram users spend several hours a day on Instagram and use it to fill up their spare time.

So there are many target audiences for your business on Instagram and you should somehow encourage them to follow your page.

What matters most to users is the content of an Instagram page!

The more engaging and professional the content of a page is, the more users interact with it, and when a new user sees and Posts and if they are attracted to them, they will definitely follow your page to see your new content as well.

What is Content Generation on Instagram and Why is it Important

So generating content on Instagram is the first step towards having a successful marketing strategy on Instagram so that you can interact and communicate well with your users and clients.

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In order to have good content and produce proper content on Instagram, you need to consider six things. They are:

1- Provide users with practical and useful content before you start advertising a product!

Rest assured that no user likes to see an advertisement on a page unless the ad is tailored to the content of the page and presented alongside valuable content!

If you visit a page as a user and that page is advertising its products or services but does not have valuable content, you are sure to unfollow.

So the important thing is that you must first create valuable content so that users can interact with you.

The more users can interact with you, the easier it will be for them to trust you and the easier it will be to sell your products or services.

So if you intend on selling more of your products or services, you should first try to increase the user interaction and communication rate.

Branding, increasing user interaction and communication, increasing sales, etc. all depend on your branding and the content of the page so that users can trust you.

Provide users with practical and useful content before you start advertising a product

There is a square or 9 parts rule for generating content on Instagram that can help you create optimal content:

  • Out of every 9 Posts, you must generate 4 valuable and useful Posts for your users in order for them to be able to trust you.
  • Out of every 9 Posts, there should be 2 Posts aimed at connecting with users; for example, you can generate challenging content to get users to interact more with the page.
  • Out of every 9 Posts, you can have 2 Posts that promote or advertise your products or services and help increase your business sales.

By generating content on Instagram following the rules mentioned above, you can build a great relationship with users, increase the amount of interaction with your page and ultimately increase the sales of your products or services.

This will not make customers feel that they don’t only see your products being promoted and advertised and your page is not valuable to them; but by doing so, users will understand that your products or tools are excellent tools that supplement your valuable Posts and your sales will increase by a great extent.

A Note! Companies that provide services or products to users must seek to generate valuable content to gain the trust of their users and customers! Users’ trust is the most important thing on Instagram that can transform your business sales entirely. Look for creative ideas on Instagram and put the rule above into action. You can also create high quality images for your Posts and write attractive captions for them.

2- Plan your valuable Posts!

As we mentioned before, 4 out of every 9 Posts should be valuable; they should convey value to your audience!

For instance, this value could be providing users with a tutorial or talking about one of your services and its importance to users.

So anything that can add to your users’ knowledge is considered to be valuable! In the following sections of the article, we will look at some of the things you can do to generate helpful Posts for your users.

Plan your valuable Posts

  • A) Teach some tips to users!

Users love learning, and that’s why they love people who teach them something new!

If you search through Instagram pages and visit different Posts, you will find that many users interact with educational Posts very well.

In your field of ​​business (if your page is related to your business!), there are thousands of tips that users are keen to learn.

Just create a Post and add the intended topic as a title in the image; then write information about that topic in the caption section and ask users to ask any questions they might have in the comments section.

It is interesting to know that some users are afraid of losing their followers by providing expert and technical advice and information about their business.

This issue can be examined from two perspectives:

The first perspective: You will not be faced with a loss in the number of your followers!

Most of the time, you won’t be faced with a decrease in the number of your followers, but there may be less user interaction with such Posts!

Of course, if you have tried different methods to attract fake followers on Instagram, (including unreal followers), you are likely to notice a large decrease in the number of your followers.

If this is the case, then please read the second perspective to know that this is also very valuable.

The second perspective: The users that unfollow you aren’t actually your target audiences!

If you are the administrator of a Business Page on Instagram, your goal is definitely to increase the sales of your product or service!

Have you ever asked yourself who buys your products? The target audience is definitely the right answer.

Target audiences are those people who need or are interested in your field of ​​expertise and are seeking specialized content in that field.

If you are confident about the content of your page but some users unfollow it, then they are definitely not part of your target audience!

Either way, you must be happy – the audience who unfollow you will never be your customer, and the users who stay on the page and interact with you are the potential customers of your products or services.

So the more fake users and non-targeted audiences unfollow your page, the more interactivity your page will have, which will help grow and expand your business.

Teach some tips to users

Generally speaking, when you say something to users, you create the feeling that you are an expert in a professional field!

This being the case, users will trust you and when you offer your product alongside its benefits, users will feel as though they need it and will purchase the product or service they are being offered.

In fact, the most important thing that can motivate a user towards buying a product or service is trust, and you create that trust by giving users unique insights into your professional field of business.

A Suggestion! You can also use questioned addressed by users to provide tips to other users. Fortunately, the Instagram Sticker called Question Sticker gives you the ability to ask users questions. Questions that many users ask you are the best idea for generating useful training Posts. Answer their questions in text or video format and create a sense of satisfaction amongst your users. Especially if you can answer users’ questions in the form of videos, you can easily create the necessary trust and branding of your business in your audience’s’ minds.

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  • B) Make users laugh and generate entertaining Posts for them!

 Another thing you can do to experience a good interaction with your page and increase your Post’s likes is to share fun, entertaining Posts with users!

Put, to increase the number of likes for your Posts, make users laugh; however, bear in mind that your entertaining Posts must be as relevant to your professional field of activity as possible.

For instance, you can post entertaining Posts in the same area of ​​your professional lot of training and make users laugh and feel entertained.

These Posts usually increase the number of likes you receive but may not increase user interaction as much compared to previously mentioned Posts.

This method is very suitable for businesses that are a little dull in which users get tired of boring Posts after some time.

For instance, suppose you have a car towing service, and you intend on attracting new customers through generating Instagram content!

If you always introduce products or discuss their use, users will get tired after a while.

By producing engaging and entertaining content alongside Posts for your business, you can get rid of your Posts’ dullness and make your posts more effective.

  • C) Quote the words of active people in your field of ​​expertise or even the motivational words of great people!

 You’ve probably seen this on many pages that quote the words and sentences of important people!

People are usually fond of hearing such quotes and you can easily publish such Posts on your page.

Motivational talks usually push users forward; in other words, they motivate users to get started on doing something.

For instance, if you are active in the field of education, you can show users some motivational speeches and ask them to use your training Posts to achieve their desires and accomplish what they want with little effort.

There are people who have said good things in every field of activity, for instance in the IT field, the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others have said valuable things that you can share as quotes on your own Instagram page.

Note that you’d better share these words exactly on your Post photo to make the most impact.

It is often seen that on various pages, they have shared a photo of the significant person in question and their valuable words in the caption section.

This method greatly reduces the efficiency of the technique and takes away the chance of increasing user interaction with that page.

An example of these quotes is shown below:

How to Create High quality and Effective Content on Instagram

When a user follows your Instagram page, they definitely need your services! For instance, when you yourself follow a page for shoe shopping, you have probably felt the need and are likely to purchase a pair sooner or later.

Users are just like you, and when they follow your business page, it means that they need your product or service.

But the reason they don’t make purchases is that they fear fraud or doubt your business.

Quality of services and products is the most important thing that users doubt when they are shopping for your business online!

It’s very important that you gain the trust of users and persuade them to buy from you; for instance, you can share your previous customers’ opinions or guarantee the quality of your services or products.

Quoting the words of influential people is usually done when you feel as though your business has grown greatly and further growth is hard to achieve!

In fact, you have created all kinds of content for your Instagram page and you feel as though you have nothing more to produce other than regular content.

Republishing old content or posts can also be dull for your older users, and that’s not desired at all!

In this case, you can easily use the words of great people and attract new followers.

These types of Posts are also sent by your users to their friends, so you can attract further new users and convert them to your regular customers with the help of a proper marketing strategy.

3- Planning to generate Posts that lead to users’ interaction with you and your page!

 We mentioned earlier that 3 out of every 9 Posts must be aimed at getting in touch with users.

These posts should be designed in such a way that would encourage users to interact with your business, especially your products or services!

These Posts are usually created to build trust and, more importantly, branding; and you need to be able to do that well.

Later on in the article, we are going to review some of these types of Posts:

  • A) Show the culture and manner that rule your company!

 There are certain customs and behavioral guidelines in every company, some of which are considered to be part of the rules of the company!

For instance, some companies provide game rooms for their employees so they can enjoy playing while they rest.

One way of creating Posts on Instagram in order to better get in touch with your users is to show them some behind-the-scenes features of your company.

For instance, take photos of your own company’s game room while your employees are playing exciting games and post them on Instagram.

When users see that you have been able to create an attractive and friendly atmosphere amongst your company employees, they will have more confidence in you and will try to convey their personal feelings towards your company and the atmosphere thereby leaving comments.

instgram content

Also, if your business is of a type that provides user support, just take a photo of your customer service room and share it on Instagram!

This will make it easier for users to trust your company’s support system and they will use your products or services. With these simple techniques, you can easily increase your sales greatly and transform your business revenue.

It’s interesting to know that the more intimate and friendly your company atmosphere is and the more users are aware of your company’s background, the better your business will be able to communicate with its customers and thus, your page interaction will increase.

  • B) Tell stories!

 Humans beings are intrinsically fond of hearing fascinating and interesting stories! Have you ever wondered why we all loved listening to people’s stories all through childhood?

It is precisely because of human nature. Even now, almost all users are very interested in hearing fascinating stories. Businesses can easily help brand their business by telling stories.

You can tell different stories to your users when generating content for your Instagram page. For instance, you can tell the story behind how customers use your products!

That way, you can easily tell your customer’s opinions and thoughts in the form of stories to other users.

You can also easily explain your services or products through stories to users in order to get the best marketing results.

A Suggestion! If you have no ideas on what stories to tell ​​when generating content on Instagram, I suggest introducing your company’s team members through stories.

For instance, to describe someone who manages social networks and spends their free time with video games, you can write:

“He / She manages your social media page and is awaiting the chance to play a video game! He / She surely loves video games!”

Now, if we were to write this very sentence officially and in a formal manner and share it on our Instagram page, users probably wouldn’t have liked it very much and would have quickly skipped it.

But if we write the story in the format above, it will be very easy for users to keep that person’s features in their minds and we can even redirect the user to our website so that they can get more information about the company’s team.

On the website, we can offer a great suggestion to the user and get their contact information such as their email address or contact number.

We can also offer a great discount to the user and increase the sales rate of our business products or services.

4- Plan the Posts aimed at advertising your products or services!

Remember that we said that 2 out of every 9 Posts could promote and advertise your products or services?

Now we are telling you that you need to plan for these two Posts! Why do we say there should only be 2 Posts out of every 9 Posts for advertising?

This is because Instagram is not a platform for selling products; it is a platform for branding businesses, and you should not always advertise your product.

You need to attract and interact with users and potential customers to sell your products or services.

You can review product benefits and customer reviews in the previously mentioned 7 Posts (valuable Posts and Posts aimed at connecting with users) and promote and advertise your products or services in these 2 Posts.

Note that if your previous Posts are related to the product, you should NOT ask users to purchase it!

You only need to tell customers its benefits or opinions of other users about it so that users will not feel that you are directly promoting your products or services.

Plan the Posts aimed at advertising your products or services

If you visit and look at the TruGreen Instagram page, you will find that this business is looking to build connectivity and user interaction with the aim of generating content on Instagram.

After a suitable connection has been established, it increases its services to users so the company can obtain more revenue.

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5- Share professional photos on your Instagram page!

 Now that you have learned the 9 Posts template, you should be after generating content on Instagram!

Your content production should be professional enough to attract the users’ attention.

Having high-quality images is very important and will attract users’ interest! If your field of ​​business is such that you can generate content by photographing different things, I suggest that you definitely do so.

Architectural groups, for instance, need to take professional pictures of their designed and implemented buildings and share them on Instagram.

If this is the case for your business too, I suggest that you read the material in the following section carefully and implement it on your Instagram page when you’re generating content:

  • A) Hire professional photographers to take photos for your Instagram page!

 Professional photographers have two main characteristics; the first is having and using professional equipment and the second is having the necessary knowledge and experience for professional photography!

If you plan to share real photos of your business, just hire a part-time or even full-time photographer to get professional photos.

What would users think of you and our business if you claim to be a professional business providing great products or services but the photos you share ae captured using a cell phone?!

This certainly has a negative impact on users, and you wouldn’t be able to create the required trust amongst users.

If you have a professional business, you must also have a good income! By hiring a professional photographer, you can increase your users’ trust in your Instagram page and thus, increase your sales.

The more quality content you generate for your Instagram page, the easier it will be to build trust.

You must know that a photographer knows very well which part of your business is more appealing and the quality of the output work will be much better; this is exactly what you do not know as someone who has not experienced professional photography and therefore receives poor feedback.

  • B) Customize the graphic designs for your content!

 Many Instagram pages use ready-made images when generating content on Instagram.

These images may have been seen by users on dozens of other pages as well! In this case, users will think negatively about you and will NOT trust you.

I recommend that you always use fully customized graphics and images. Design images that users won’t see on other pages or even on different websites.

The Canva Tool is one of the best graphic design tools that help you design your own images in a fully customized manner.

This tool is useful when you don’t want to utilize heavy graphics software such as Photoshop or want to design a graphic image in the least amount of time possible.

The interface of this graphic tool is very convenient and with just a few clicks, you can use the elements available on this website for your image.

Customize the graphic designs for your content!

When you open a new graphics file, just select and edit images designed especially for social networks and Instagram. After designing and editing the layout, just download that file and use it to generate content on your Instagram profile page.

  • C) Use high-quality (Stock) images!

 High-quality images, which are known as Stock images amongst designers, are the same as those created by professionals with professional cameras.

If you do not want to hire a photographer for your work or if your work does not require photography, I suggest using Stock images.

These images can usually be found on various websites, one of which is the website called Pexels.

Use high quality (Stock) images

You can find thousands of free images on this website which you can then easily choose and download.

Use high quality images

A very interesting feature of this website is that you can search for your images by color!

For instance, if you need a blue image, simply select the blue filter in the filters section and select and download one of the hundreds of images displayed.

There are also other sites and networks that you can use; for instance, freepik can also help you with high-quality images.

6- Write a caption that would convert users to business customers!

 One of the most important parts of a Post when generating content on Instagram is the caption for that Post.

In fact, you can write and convey information that you cannot transfer to users in images in the caption section.

In the caption section, you can give users information about your business; for instance, suppose that you want to introduce one of your services to users!

Post a picture on Instagram and share it with your content, which is actually your service description.

There are 3 important notes to bear in mind if you’re intending on writing attractive captions and if you follow them, the conversion rate of your Instagram page will greatly increase!

These 3 notes are:

First Note: Use stories and storytelling!

 Earlier in the article, we discussed the importance of storytelling to users, but the important thing is that you can make proper use of it.

In the captions section, try to tell real stories to users; for instance, you talk about your experiences in the form of stories to users.

There must have been occasions on which you have wanted to share your memories with your friends; have you noticed how much detail you get into when talking about your memories?

On Instagram, you can also tell your stories in detail in the captions section to allow users to communicate better with it.

You must also take into consideration the personality of your users, your business culture, and your services as well when telling stories so that you can experience the highest conversion rates possible for your business.

If you still don’t know how important storytelling is and why it should be used, you probably haven’t read the previous section!

I suggest reading the part about storytelling thoroughly again so you can get the most use out of it.

Second Note: Talk to your users and keep in touch with them!

 If you take a look at news feeds, many of them write about a piece of news in a very formal manner and only care about the overall title and content.

Many users will therefore only react to them in a cold and indifferent manner! If you are the administrator of an internet business page that offers services or products, you should keep in mind that your aim is to increase the number of customers and the number of sales.

So you have to challenge customers and get in touch with them. The best way to increase sales is to build close relationships with users, which means that users can interact with your Posts.

For this purpose, you can create an attractive image and write about it in the caption section.

Talk to your users and keep in touch with them

Write in a manner that makes users feel that you have just written in order to interact with them and for them to interact with that Post; we do not mean for them to just Like the Post, but to comment on it or even ask a question.

You can also ask them a question in the caption section and acquire their answer in the comments section.

Keep in mind that you must speak honestly with users so that you can gain their trust; you should also try to figure out which Posts your users are most interested in by assessing the comments they leave, and then generate such Posts so you can increase the amount of user interaction with your page.

You must pay attention to these delicate notes if you want to be successful with generating content for your Instagram page!

 Third Note: Suggest something to do to users!

 Are you familiar with the action buttons on Instagram? There are buttons on Instagram that have certain functions when clicked on by users!

On the profile page of any user, if you click on the Message button, you will be directed to their private messages directory and you can send them a message there.

This social network has thought of another action button for Instagram Business Pages that you can suggest to users.

For instance, the call button on Instagram is one of the action buttons that you can use to ask users to call you if need be. A caption is NOT complete without asking users to do something!

A good caption is one in which you tell a story to users, interact with them, and finally get them to trust you to do something.

Of course, this should also be easy for the user to do! For instance, ask your users to leave a comment and let you know what their opinion is or ask a question.

You must also respond to their comments so that users can continue to interact with you and ultimately grow your sales rates.

In this case, you do NOT necessarily need to use your Instagram action buttons, but you can easily ask them to do it.

For instance, put a link to your website in the bio section of your profile page and ask users to log in and submit their email addresses in the caption of Posts.

By following these 3 simple notes, you can easily write attractive and targeted captions and ultimately increase the sales of your business products or services.

An increase in the amount of interaction will help boost the ranking of your profile page!

 As you very well know, generating content on Instagram is done in order to increase user interaction and there is no page that can interact with users without content!

So you should try to increase user interaction by producing the right content and captions; the main purpose of increasing user interaction on Instagram is to increase sales rates and of course boost the page ranking on Instagram!

The better your page ranking is, the more users will see you and your page will be seen better in hashtags.

These items greatly help increase the number of followers and ultimately increase the sales rates of your business.

increase in the amount of interaction

To increase the amount of interaction with your page, you can ask and tell users the following:

  • Tag your friends!
  • What’s the name of your city?
  • Like the Post, if you’ve enjoyed it!
  • What about you?

These are just a few simple examples that you can invite users to interact with the content on your page.

If you want to ask more specialized questions in order to invite most of the users to interact, you need to ask more questions!

For instance, tagging other people by users may not yield the best results, but there are some requests that, if made, will result in a great deal of interaction that sometimes requires information from users.

See the following questions:

  • Do you want to know more? Enter the link in the bio to read the full article.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter now and get a discount!
  • Click on the link in the bio to see products or services!

These questions not only encourage users to see your profile in order to see the link but also help you get good information from users and utilize it.

For instance, you can acquire the email addresses of users and increase your website sales by creating discount codes and sending the codes to users via email.

Having users’ email addresses or phone numbers is of great value and is not comparable with them merely being your followers.

These questions actually encourage users to visit your website and then you can showcase your products or services to them.

you can ask and tell instagram users the following

If your products or services are of a nature that you can’t share images directly from, you have to write the caption section very thoroughly.

For instance, if you are a clothing retailer, you can display the image of the clothes you have to offer to users, but if you are a content developer on Instagram, you CANNOT display images directly.

You can use portfolios accompanied by full descriptions of your services and attract users through this method.

The important thing when writing a caption is to be able to challenge users and gain their trust!

The next steps in selling a product or service are much easier than the trust building stage; because if a user has trust in your business, he or she will easily use your products or services.


Generating helpful content on Instagram can be considered as the most critical success factor required for Instagram Marketing!

Even on other social networks, users are looking for good content, and if you can’t meet that demand, you might not be able to sell your products or services well.

In this article, we have discussed the major factors involved with content generation on Instagram so you can boost your Instagram branding and sell your products or services well.

Now you tell us! To generate helpful content on Instagram, what important notes should we keep in mind?

Please share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the comments section.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm a translator and content developer. We attempt to explain everything there is to know about Instagram instructions, tricks, and techniques on this page. You can also read it in its entirety and email us with any questions, or if you have any concerns, contact us and make comments, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Stay in touch with our team by signing up for our email newsletter.
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