Copy Instagram Caption Without Any App

How to copy Instagram caption by a click?

Find A Link

Find a Post link you want to copy profile caption.

Copy the post link

Copy post link of a page from your browser or app.

Paste and Copy

At last just paste the link above and Copy the caption.

Have you ever wanted to Copy Instagram Caption but couldn't? This is due to the limitations of Instagram; you may see a post that has very cool, attractive or interesting caption and you would like to copy that caption but you will not be able do it. This is because the Instagram app does not allow you to copy a post’s caption directly and you cannot copy captions of Instagram through this app. Honestly, typing Instagram captions manually, especially if it's too long, would be very tedious.

So Special tricks must be used to copy the caption of each post. However, before you get too disappointed is should say: For this purpose, we have great solution! The new tool on our site, Aloinstagram caption saver, help you to copy the desired post’s caption. Aloinstagram caption saver is one of the easiest ways to copy Instagram caption. Copy attractive caption and get more likes and followers on Instagram! All you have to do is following a simple procedure as below. So, let's get started!

Copy Method Step By Step

With following steps, you can copy Instagram caption with your all devices like pc, computer, mac, phone, iPhone or Android.

Congratulations, you have successfully copied the post's caption..